Submission of the Sample Clauses

Submission of the. Intent to Perform as a Subcontractor form for each M/WBE shall constitute a representation by the Contractor to the Airport Board that it believes such M/WBE to be certified as an M/WBE to perform the work as designated, the M/WBE has a place of business in the Airport Board’s relevant market area and the M/WBE is not affiliated with the Contractor as defined herein. It shall also represent a commitment by the Contractor that if it is awarded the Contract, it will enter into a subcontract with such M/WBE for the work described at the approximate price and percentage set forth in the Intent to Perform as a Subcontractor form.
Submission of the. Opt In Package for Filed Claims (i) is irrevocable; (ii) binds the Claimant submitting the forms to the terms and conditions of this Agreement; and (iii) constitutes affirmative acceptance of the jurisdiction of the Special Master and the MDL Court (or of the applicable state court should the MDL Court lack subject matter jurisdiction) for all matters and decisions relative to this Agreement.
Submission of the doctoral thesis as a summary of publications The doctoral candidate has the possibility to present the doctoral thesis in the form of a summary of published research. In this case, the doctoral candidate must present a manuscript including, at least, the following sections:

Related to Submission of the

  • SUBMISSION OF TENDERS Without prejudice to any variants, the tenderer may only submit one tender per public contract. The tenderer submits his tender as follows: The duly completed and signed tender shall be submitted only by e-mail; xxx_xxx_xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xx and only as attachments and not via a link to a platform. The files shall be clearly named and structured and submitted in a compressed zip folder. The tenderer is solely responsible for the accessibility and legibility of files. The tenderer shall not submit at the last minute. Untimely submission, incomplete submission or indirect submission of documents that are inaccessible or illegible may lead to the rejection of the tender. The tenderer shall submit the administrative, technical and financial proposals as separate email attachments. The subject of the e-mail shall clearly mention the procurement reference number and the contract title, as stated on the cover page of the tender specifications, as well as the name of tenderer. The tender shall be received by the Contracting Authority on 30th June, 2023, 02:00 pm, Kampala time. Tenders that arrive late will not be accepted. (Article 83 of the Royal Decree on Awarding)

  • Notification of Breach / Compliance Reports The Adviser shall notify the Trust immediately upon detection of (i) any material failure to manage any Fund in accordance with its investment objectives and policies or any applicable law; or (ii) any material breach of any of the Funds’ or the Adviser’s policies, guidelines or procedures. In addition, the Adviser shall provide a quarterly report regarding each Fund’s compliance with its investment objectives and policies, applicable law, including, but not limited to the 1940 Act and Subchapter M of the Code, as applicable, and the Fund’s policies, guidelines or procedures as applicable to the Adviser’s obligations under this Agreement. The Adviser agrees to correct any such failure promptly and to take any action that the Board may reasonably request in connection with any such breach. Upon request, the Adviser shall also provide the officers of the Trust with supporting certifications in connection with such certifications of Fund financial statements and disclosure controls pursuant to the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act. The Adviser will promptly notify the Trust in the event (i) the Adviser is served or otherwise receives notice of any action, suit, proceeding, inquiry or investigation, at law or in equity, before or by any court, public board, or body, involving the affairs of the Trust (excluding class action suits in which a Fund is a member of the plaintiff class by reason of the Fund’s ownership of shares in the defendant) or the compliance by the Adviser with the federal or state securities laws or (ii) an actual change in control of the Adviser resulting in an “assignment” (as defined in the 0000 Xxx) has occurred or is otherwise proposed to occur.