Domain Names Sample Clauses

Domain Names. 5.2 Any decision made by an arbitration panel duly appointed by a dispute resolution service provider shall be final and binding on the Registrant and the Registrant shall abide by such decision.
Domain Names. Schedule 2.1(s) hereto sets forth a complete list of all Domain Names registered by the Company in the conduct of the Business. No officer, director or employee of the Company, the Seller or any of their Affiliates or Associates has any ownership or other interest in the Domain Names. None of the Domain Names infringes any trademarks, trademark rights, trade names, trade name rights or service marks of others. To the Company’s knowledge, the Company has not obtained rights to any Domain Name in violations of any Laws, including, without limitation, the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.
Domain Names. The Company is the sole owner of the Domain Names, and all such Domain Names are currently registered by the Company, as sole owner, with an ICANN accredited registrar, and the registration fees are paid through the date(s) listed on Section 5.13(g) of the Company Disclosure Schedule. To the Company's Knowledge and except as may be provided on any such internet site or in any terms of use or other policy governing the use of or access to any such internet site, the Company is the owner or has sufficient rights to display all content displayed on the Internet site associated with each of the Domain Names (collectively, the "Content"), and, except pursuant to Contracts listed on Section 5.4(c) of the Company Disclosure Schedule, no consent, license or approval from any third party is required in connection with the sale or transfer of the ownership of the Domain Names and the continued use of the Content by the Surviving Company.
Domain Names
Domain Names. Reseller agrees and acknowledges that it may not use or register or attempt to register the name "Malwarebytes" or any of Malwarebytes's other Marks, or any derivative thereof, for any Internet domain name, without Malwarebytes's express prior written consent, which Malwarebytes may withhold in its sole and absolute discretion. Reseller further agrees not to: (i) register a domain name or URL that contains any of the Malwarebytes Marks (for example,, Xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx or; or (ii) register a domain name or URL that contains a misspelled version of any of any Malwarebytes Marks, or a domain name that is confusingly similar to any of Malwarebytes's Marks (e.g., To the extent Reseller has registered, or in the future registers, a domain name or URL which contains any Malwarebytes Marks, or any term that is confusingly similar to any Malwarebytes Marks, Reseller agrees to assign and hereby assigns and transfers all rights in, and title to, such domain name to Malwarebytes without further consideration, and, upon request by Malwarebytes, Reseller shall cease its use of such domain name. In such event, Reseller shall cooperate, at its cost, to effect such assignment and transfer to Malwarebytes
Domain Names. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx xxxxx....
Domain Names. The domain names (the “Domain Names”) listed on Exhibit 1(e) together with all the related website content, to the extent that the same is not owned by the franchisor of the Hotel;