Calendar Month definition

Calendar Month means calendar month according to the Gregorian calendar.
Calendar Month means any of the twelve (12) months of the Calendar Year.
Calendar Month means the period of time beginning on the numeric day in question in a calendar month and for Calendar Months thereafter, beginning on the earlier of (i) the same numeric day of the next calendar month or (ii) the last day of the next calendar month. Each Calendar Month shall end on the day immediately preceding the beginning of the next succeeding Calendar Month.

Examples of Calendar Month in a sentence

  • The net amount due shall be paid by the owing Party via electronic funds transfer of said amount by the last Joint Banking Day of the Calendar Month following the Billing Month.

More Definitions of Calendar Month

Calendar Month or “Month” means in respect of any month in a Calendar Year, a period commencing on the first day of such month and ending on the last day of the same month.
Calendar Month means a period starting at the beginning of any day of one of the 12 named months and ending —
Calendar Month means each of the twelve (12) calendar months of the year.
Calendar Month means a period commencing at the beginning of a day of one of the 12 months of the year and ending immediately before the beginning of the corresponding day of the next month or, if there is no such corresponding day, ending at the expiration of the next month;
Calendar Month means a month reckoned in terms of 1 (one) day in a particular month until the corresponding day of the next month, it need not necessarily run from the beginning of a month;
Calendar Month means one of the 12 named months of the year from the first to the last day of such month;
Calendar Month means the period beginning on and including the first of each calendar month and ending on and including the last day of such calendar month.