The Balance Sample Clauses

The Balance. Finally, to the Members in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that at any time when there is a Subsequent Capital Loan, Capital Call Loan, Pier Loan or Guaranty Loan outstanding, * of all distributions and Proturo Fees to be paid to Proturo shall be applied toward principal and interest outstanding on the loan or loans. Such amounts shall be paid * to Commodore and * to Viejas.
The Balance. 100% balance of the rent is due at time of booking The Property: One self-contained cottage known as THE HOVEL AT HOUSEDEAN The Rent: £105-160 per night depending on season (dates as defined on website) The Term: the number of nights agreed on booking, minimum 5 nights (July and august 2020) / 3 nights from September 2020. Arrival from 4pm and departure by 10am

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  • Payment of the balance The payment of the balance reimburses or covers the remaining part of the eligible costs incurred by the beneficiaries for the implementation of the project. The NA determines the amount due as the balance by deducting the total amount of pre-financing already made from the final amount of the grant determined in accordance with Article II.25. If the total amount of earlier payments is greater than the final amount of the grant determined in accordance with Article II.25, the payment of the balance takes form of a recovery as provided for by Article II.26. If the total amount of earlier payments is lower than the final amount of the grant determined in accordance with Article II.25, the NA must pay the balance within 60 calendar days from when it receives the documents referred to in Article I.4.4, except if Article II.24.1 or II.24.2 apply. Payment is subject to the approval of the request for payment of the balance and of the accompanying documents. Their approval does not imply recognition of the compliance, authenticity, completeness or correctness of their content. The amount to be paid may, however, be offset, without the coordinator’s consent, against any other amount owed by the coordinator to the NA, up to the maximum contribution indicated for that coordinator, in the estimated budget in Annex II.

  • Remaining Balance In the event the Grantee does not submit invoices requesting all of the funds encumbered under this Grant Agreement, any remaining funds revert to the State. The State will notify the Grantee stating that the Project file is closed and any remaining balance will be disencumbered and unavailable for further use under this Grant Agreement.

  • BALANCE Balance of funds owed for the reservation is due 60 days prior to arrival date and may include a refundable damage deposit. The balance is due on _BalanceDueDate_. Payment of the balance may be made by traveler's checks or certified check or major credit card. Personal checks will be accepted upon approval but must be cleared by the due date. If funds are not credited by the due date then the reservation will be cancelled and no refund of the deposit will be made. DAMAGE DEPOSIT Damage deposit will be refunded so long as there is no damage within 7 -10 days of checkout pending inspection by cleaning firm or our inspectors. CANCELLATION POLICY In the event that you must cancel your reservation, please be aware that cancellations must be in writing and must occur at least 60 days prior to arrival date. If cancellation occurs 60 days or more prior to arrival date all monies will be refunded with the exception of a $250.00 administrative fee. GUESTS THAT DO NOT CANCEL MORE THAN 60 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CHECK IN DATE WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL RENTAL AMOUNT (INCLUDING ALL FEES). There will be no refund for early departure for any reason. It is highly recommended that Tenant purchases Trip Insurance, we provide multiple opportunities for Tenant to purchase Standard Trip Insurance and Cancel For Any Reason Insurance. Refunds are NOT given for inclement weather, hurricane evacuations (whether mandatory or otherwise), travel bans or restrictions, military deployments, restricted access to resort or barrier islands or the general municipality, earthquakes, road or airport closings or late arrivals, pandemics (whether declared or not) ("Events"). We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance and by proceeding with the reservation without buying insurance you specifically acknowledge that this is a rental home and it is not a hotel and that further you agree to pay all rental amounts due in the event of such an Event occurring. HAZARDOUS PRACTICES No barbeque grills of any kind are permitted on balconies or in the unit. No open flames (i.e., candle burning) are permitted on balconies or in the unit. Do not dismantle smoke detectors as they are there for your protection. Use the overhead stove fan when cooking to avoid accidental, activation of smoke detector alarm. The guest will be charged a $200 repair and inspection fee for tampering with or deactivating a smoke alarm. ABSOLUTELY NO PETS Unless the rented property is advertised as pet friendly and Tenant contacted the Agent about a pet in advance of the arrival date, then absolutely no pets are allowed. If evidence of a pet(s) is found in the unit or on the premises, then Tenant and all guests will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of rent or damage deposit. Pets on the property subject the Tenant to a $500 fine (pre-approved service dogs are excepted). If the property is advertised as pet friendly then the following provisions apply: We allow one small/medium sized DOG up to 40 lbs each for free subject to the medical and damage provisions of this agreement. Additional DOGS may be allowed in Agent's sole discretion, there is a $75 dog fee for each additional dog allowed including all dogs over 40 lbs. All pets must be up to date on rabies and other vaccinations. (documentation from an accredited veterinarian must be provided by Guest upon request). All pets must be treated with a flea and tick repellent three days prior to arrival. Guests are responsible for cleaning up all pet waste and disposing of it in a proper trash bin Pets must not be allowed on to furniture or in bedrooms at any time Pets must not make excessive noise Pets must be crated when left in the property and must not be left un-attended for any undue length of time Guest must observe all local rules, regulations and ordinances regarding pets at all time Agent reserves the right to not permit any dog at any time The guest will be charged a $200 clean up fee for the removal of any dog waste in the home or the yard. If your dog/s cause any damage, or the property requires additional cleaning the guest will be charged the cost of any repairs or clean up. If a security deposit has been paid it will be deducted. If there is no security deposit then the guest authorizes their credit card to be charged directly for the repair or clean up cost. Homeowner and Agent assume no responsibility for any illness or injury that may occur to pets or humans while on the premises. Prohibited Breeds of Dogs include any mix of: - Akita; - Boxer; - Bull Terrier; - Bullmastiff; - Chow Chow; - Doberman Pinscher; - German Shepherd; - Giant Schnauzer - Mastiff; - Ovtcharka; - Presa Canario; - Pit Bull; - Rhodesian Ridgeback; - Rottweiler; - Neapolitan Mastiff;

  • Account Balance The Servicer must never allow any Custodial T&I Account to become overdrawn as to any individual related Borrower. If there are insufficient funds in the account, the Servicer must advance its own funds to cure the overdraft.

  • Minimum Balance Merchant agrees to maintain a minimum balance of funds in the Settlement Account as Bank may specify to Merchant in writing from time to time.

  • Cash Balance Purchaser shall pay the balance of the Purchase Price, subject to the prorations described in Section 5 below, in cash (the "Cash Balance") by wire transfer of immediately available United States of America funds to the Title Company for payment to Seller, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement no later than 11:00 am C.S.T. on the Closing Date.

  • Cash Account Except as otherwise provided in Instructions acceptable to Bank, all cash held in the Cash Account shall be deposited during the period it is credited to the Account in one or more deposit accounts at Bank or at Bank's London Branch. Any cash so deposited with Bank's London Branch shall be payable exclusively by Bank's London Branch in the applicable currency, subject to compliance with any Applicable Law, including, without limitation, any restrictions on transactions in the applicable currency imposed by the country of the applicable currency.

  • PREMIUM ACCOUNTING A. If reinsurance premiums are not paid by the REMITTANCE DATE, interest in accordance with Article III, paragraph F will be assessed from the REMITTANCE DATE.

  • Minimum Cash Balance Licensee shall fund the Facility Checking Account --------------------- with an initial amount equal to $25,000.00 and thereafter Licensee shall provide the working capital required by Section I(H) of this Agreement

  • Unused Escrow Funds In the event that a Closing does not occur when required under the Contract, or in the event that the Closing does occur but Escrow Funds remain in an account with Escrow Agent, the Escrow Agent shall notify OPWC in writing promptly thereafter. After receipt of such notice, OPWC shall deliver written instructions to Escrow Agent directing Escrow Agent’s release of the Escrow Funds. Immediately upon Escrow Agent’s receipt of such notice from OPWC, Escrow Agent shall release the Escrow Funds, or balance thereof, in accordance with OPWC’s written instructions.