Supervisory personnel definition

Supervisory personnel means any employee whose duty includes the administrative supervision of others and who is not covered by this Agreement.
Supervisory personnel for the purpose of licensure means superintendents, principals, and professional employees who devote 50 percent or more of their time to administrative or supervisory duties over other personnel, and includes athletic coaches.
Supervisory personnel means a person or persons certified under the provisions of KRS Chapter 351 to assist in the supervision of a portion or the whole of the mine or of the persons employed therein;

Examples of Supervisory personnel in a sentence

  • Subject to the approval of the appropriate supervisor, representatives of the employees shall be granted necessary leave of absence with pay during working hours for the purpose of meeting with the Supervisory Personnel of the Board, for the purpose of investigation, consideration, and adjustment of grievances, or any other business pertaining to this Collective Agreement.

More Definitions of Supervisory personnel

Supervisory personnel means a person certified under the provisions of this chapter to assist in the supervision of a portion or the whole of the mine or of the persons employed therein;
Supervisory personnel means the employee’s immediate supervisor or a person at a higher supervisory level within the employee’s chain of management within the Agency.
Supervisory personnel means any officer with the rank of sergeant, detective, or above or civilian equivalent to include persons temporarily assigned to those positions.
Supervisory personnel means the principal of any school and/or the county superintendent of schools of the respective counties of the State of Illinois.
Supervisory personnel means one or more Registry Agent Personnel who perform supervisory, administrative, oversight and training functions in the implementation and performance of the Services; and
Supervisory personnel means those employees of the County with the authority to assign and review work of other employees and to appoint, promote, discipline, evaluate or otherwise change the status of other employees.
Supervisory personnel means generally employees who direct and control the work of other employees and whose duties can still be distinguished as either relating to mining or processing.