Interest on Sample Clauses

Interest on each Swingline Loan shall be payable on the Interest Payment Date with respect thereto.
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Interest on the Loans shall be paid (in an amount set forth in a statement delivered by the Agent to the Borrower, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the failure of the Agent to deliver such statement shall not limit or otherwise affect the obligations of the Borrower hereunder) in immediately available funds to the Agent at its Principal Office for the account of the applicable Lending Office of each Bank as follows:
Interest on. The Senior Notes; Payment Of Interest.......................... 9 Section 1.3........... Execution, Authentication And Delivery Of Securities...................... 10
Interest on. Libor Loans shall accrue from day to day, both before and after default, demand, maturity and judgment, shall be calculated on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed and on the basis of a year of 360 days, and shall accrue and be payable to the Lender in U.S. dollars in arrears on the last day of the relevant Interest Period.
Interest on a Cash Deposit shall accrue and be applied or refunded in accordance with the terms in the appropriate AT&T-22STATE Tariff. AT&T-22STATE will not pay interest on a Letter of Credit or a Surety Bond.
Interest on. Disputed Amounts shall accrue at the Base Lending Rate of Lloyds Bank Plc (or its successor) in London for sterling applicable from time to time plus 2% compounded annually from a date forty-two (42) days after the Due Date for such payment until the date when the same is paid. For the avoidance of doubt:
Interest on an Advance shall accrue daily, shall be calculated on the outstanding daily balance of the Advance on the basis of actual days elapsed and a 360 day year and shall, subject to Clause 17, be payable by the Issuer to the Liquidity Facility Provider in arrear on each Interest Payment Date when the Advance has during the immediately preceding Interest Period been outstanding.
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Interest on. Delayed Payments SC.
Interest on. ADVANCE IF NO NOTICE IS GIVEN OF SELECTION OF INTEREST ------------------------------------------------------------------ RATE OPTION. If the Company fails to give the Administrative Agent timely notice ----------- of its election to have any Advance bear interest at a rate based on LIBOR or the Interest Period applicable thereto, such Advance shall automatically bear interest at the Base Rate.
Interest on all Loans shall be calculated on the basis of a 360 day year for the actual number of days elapsed except that interest on ABR Advances to the extent based on the BNY Rate, interest on Core Currency Euro Advances in Sterling Pounds and interest on Individual Currency Loans designated in Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Italian Lira and New Taiwan Dollars shall be calculated on the basis of a 365 or 366-day year (as the case may be). Any change in the interest rate on the Loans resulting from a change in the Alternate Base Rate or the Federal Funds Rate shall become effective as of the opening of business on the day on which such change shall become effective. The Administrative Agent shall, as soon as practicable, notify the Parent (on behalf of all Borrowers) and the Lenders of the effective date and the amount of each change in the BNY Rate, but any failure so to notify shall not in any manner affect the obligation of the Borrowers to pay interest on the Loans in the amounts and on the dates required. Each determination of (i) the Alternate Base Rate, a Eurodollar Rate or a Core Currency Euro Rate by the Administrative Agent, (ii) an Individual Currency Rate by the applicable Lender, and (iii) an all-in cost of funds rate or any rate based thereon by the Administrative Agent or the Reference Lender, or such applicable Lender, as the case may be, in each case pursuant to this Agreement shall be conclusive and binding on all parties hereto absent manifest error. The Borrowers acknowledge that to the extent interest payable on ABR Advances is based on the BNY Rate, such Rate is only one of the bases for computing interest on loans made by the Lenders, and by basing interest payable on ABR Advances on the BNY Rate, the Lenders have not committed to charge, and the Borrowers have not in any way bargained for, interest based on a lower or the lowest rate at which the Lenders may now or in the future make loans to other borrowers.
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