To Lessee Sample Clauses

To Lessee. (x) If any Indemnitee actually shall realize a Tax benefit (whether by way of deduction, credit, allocation or apportionment or otherwise) with respect to an Imposition not indemnifiable hereunder which would not have been realized but for any Imposition with respect to which Lessee has reimbursed or indemnified such Indemnitee pursuant to the Operative Documents, which benefit was not previously taken into account in determining the amount of Lessee’s payment to such Indemnitee, such Indemnitee shall pay to Lessee an amount equal to the amount of such Tax benefit on a Grossed-Up Basis; provided, however, that no payment shall be made as long as Lease Event of Default is continuing; provided further, however, that no Indemnitee shall be required to pay to Lessee any Tax benefit to the extent such payment would be greater than the amount of the Impositions in respect of which the reimbursement or indemnification was paid by Lessee, reduced by all prior payments by such Indemnitee under this Section 11.2(c)(ii)(x) in respect of such amount; any payment to Lessee which is so limited shall, to the extent of such unpaid excess, be carried over and shall be available to offset any future obligations of Lessee under this Section 11.2. If such repaid Tax benefit is thereafter lost, the additional Tax payable in respect of such lost Tax benefit shall be treated as an Imposition indemnifiable hereunder without regard to the exclusions set forth in clauses (i), (ii), (iv), (v), (vi), (vii), (viii), (ix), (x) of the definition of Impositions.
To Lessee. Any such notice or demand to be served upon Lessee shall be in writing and in duplicate, and shall be served either personally to the attention of the Legal Department at 000 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000-0000, or by deposit in the United States mail, registered or certified, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, addressed to Lessee attention of Legal Department, at X.X. Xxx 00000, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000-0000, or any other address that Lessee may designate in writing.
To Lessee. This Lease shall secure not only existing indebtedness and other obligations, but also such Future Advances, with interest or Holder Yield thereon, whether such advances are obligatory or to be made at the option of the Financing Parties, or otherwise, as are made within twenty (20) years from the Initial Closing Date, to the same extent as if such Future Advances were made on the Initial Closing Date. The total amount of indebtedness and other obligations secured hereby may decrease or increase from time to time, but the total unpaid balance so secured at any one time shall not exceed $30,000,000.00, plus interest and Holder Yield thereon, and any disbursements made for the payment of taxes, levies or insurance on the Properties, with interest on such disbursements.
To Lessee. At the time Lessee has made all payments due under the Payment Schedule, the Escrow Agent shall deliver the Escrow Items to Lessee within five (5) business days.
To Lessee. Centennial HealthCare Investment Corporation ..... 000
To Lessee. The Claims Notice shall describe the Asserted Liability in reasonable detail and shall indicate the amount (estimated, if necessary and to the extent feasible) of the Loss that has been or may be suffered by an Indemnified Party. Lessee may elect within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Claims Notice to compromise or defend, at its own expense and by its own counsel, any Asserted Liability if Lessee acknowledges to such Indemnified Party Lessee's obligation to fully indemnify such party with respect to such Asserted Liabi lity, PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that a condition to any settlement by Lessee shall be a complete and unconditional release of the Indemnified Party with respect to such claim. If Lessee elects to compromise or defend such Asserted Liability as provided in this Para graph 23.04., the Indemnified Party shall cooperate, at the expense of Lessee, in the compromise or defense of such Asserted Liability. The Indemnified Party may select its own legal counsel to participate in such compromise or defense, at Lessee's expense, to the extent such Indemnified Party, or its counsel, reasonably believes that a conflict of interest exists between Lessee and such Indemnified Party. Lessee will be reimbursed reasonable attorneys' fees incurred by Lessee in a court-sought resolution if the Company or any other Indemnified Party is found to be Grossly Negligent or guilty of Wilful Misconduct. If Lessee elects not to compromise or defend the Asserted Liability, fails to notify the Indemnified Party of its election as herein provided or contests its obligation to indem nify under this Agreement, the Indemnified Party may pay, compromise or defend such Asserted Liability; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that such payment, compromise or defense shall in no way relieve Lessee of its indemnification responsibilities pursuant to this Lease.
To Lessee. Lxxxxx agrees to hold the Lxxxxx’s security deposit in escrow until transfer of said licenses to Lessee.
To Lessee. Ashford Prime TRS Corporation (or its specified designee set forth in an Addendum) 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: Chief Financial Officer Fax: (000) 000-0000 With a copy to: Ashford Hospitality Prime Limited Partnership 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: General Counsel Fax: (000) 000-0000 To Manager: Remington Lodging & Hospitality, LLC 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Fax: (000) 000-0000 With a copy to: Remington Lodging & Hospitality, LLC 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: Legal Department Fax: (000) 000-0000 To the Landlords: c/o Ashford Hospitality Prime Limited Partnership 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: General Counsel Fax: (000) 000-0000 All notices given pursuant to this Article XXII shall be deemed to have been given (i) if delivered by hand on the date of delivery or on the date that delivery was refused by the addressee, or (ii) if delivered by certified mail or by overnight courier, on the date of delivery as established by the return receipt or courier service confirmation (or the date on which the return receipt or courier service confirms that acceptance of delivery was refused by the addressee).
To Lessee. Any notice or demand to be served upon Lessee shall be in writing, and shall be served either personally to the attention of James S. Vaccaro, Chairman and CEO, or by deposit in the United Statxx xxxx, xxxxxxxred or certified, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, or sent by recognized national overnight courier (such as FedEx, Airborne or UPS) providing receipts for delivery, addressed to Lessee, or any other address that Lessee may designate in writing. Additionally, a copy of any such notice or demand to be served upon Lessee prior to the commencement of the term of this Lease shall also be mailed concurrently therewith to Lessee's counsel as follows: James T. Sabaitis, Esq., 301 Morris Avenue, Spring Lake, New Jersey 00000.

Related to To Lessee

  • Lessee The related Lessee is a Person other than MBFS USA, any Affiliate thereof or a Governmental Authority and, at the time of origination of the 201[__]-[__] Lease, based on information provided by the Lessee, the Lessee is located in and has a billing address within a State.

  • Lessor It is important that the full name of the Entity leasing the commercial space is reported as the Lessor. (3)

  • Access to Leased Premises Landlord may enter the Leased Premises after business hours, upon twenty-four (24) hour notice to Tenant (and at any time and without notice in case of emergency), for the purposes of (a) inspect the Leased Premises, (b) exhibiting the Leased Premises to prospective purchasers, lenders or, within one hundred eighty (180) days of the end of the Term, prospective, (c) determining whether Tenant is complying with all of its obligations hereunder, (d) supplying janitorial service and any other services to be provided by Landlord to Tenant hereunder, (e) post notices of non-responsibility, and (f) make repairs required of Landlord under the terms hereof or repairs to any adjoining space or utility services or make repairs, alterations or improvements to any other portion of the Building. For such purposes, Landlord shall at all times have and retain a key with which to unlock all of the doors in, on or about the Leased Premises (excluding Tenant’s vaults, safes, storage facilities for sensitive materials, confidential patient files and similar areas designated in writing by Tenant in advance); and Landlord shall have the right to use any and all means which Landlord may deem proper to open said doors in any emergency in order to obtain entry to the Leased Premises. If, as a result of any such inspection or for any reason, Landlord reasonably determines that Tenant has failed to meet its obligations under Section 5.2 hereof, Landlord shall so notify Tenant and Tenant shall immediately commence to cure any such failure. In the event Tenant refuses or neglects to commence and complete such cure within a reasonable time, Landlord may make or cause to be made such repairs. In such event, Landlord’s cost to make such repairs shall constitute an Advance.

  • By Lessee Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor, the Lessor’s Representative, and their Board members, directors, officers, employees, agents and authorized volunteers (the “Lessor Indemnitees”) against and will hold and save them and each of them harmless from any and all actions, claims, damages to persons or property, penalties, obligations or liabilities that may be asserted or claimed by any person, firm entity, corporation, political subdivision or other organization (collectively “Losses”) arising out of or in connection with the installation, operation or activities of Lessee, its agents, employees, subcontractors or invitees, provided for herein, whether or not there is concurrent passive or active negligence on the part of the Lessor Indemnitees for injury to or death of persons, including, but not limited to, employees of Lessee or Lessor, and damage or destruction of property, including, but not limited to, property of Lessee, any utility company or Lessor, or other loss or damage incurred by Lessor, but only to the extent caused by (A) the negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of Lessee, its agents, officers, directors, employees or contractors on or at the Premises or the Sites in connection with this Agreement or (B) the material breach by Lessee of any of its obligations under this Agreement, but excluding such actions, claims, damages to persons or property penalties, obligations or liabilities arising from the sole established negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of the Lessor, the Lessor’s Representative, or those who are directly responsible to them. In connection therewith: (a) Lessee will defend any action or actions filed in connection with any of said claims, damages, penalties, obligations or liabilities and will pay all costs and expenses, including attorney's fees incurred in connection therewith; and (b) Lessee will promptly pay any judgment rendered against Lessee, and/or the Lessor Indemnitees covering such claims, damages, penalties, obligations and liabilities arising out of or in connection with such installation, operations, or activities of Lessee hereunder and Lessee agrees to save and hold the Lessor Indemnitees harmless therefore.

  • Right to Lease Landlord reserves the absolute right to effect such other tenancies in the Project as Landlord in the exercise of its sole business judgment shall determine to best promote the interests of the Building or Project. Tenant does not rely on the fact, nor does Landlord represent, that any specific tenant or type or number of tenants shall, during the Lease Term, occupy any space in the Building or Project.

  • Landlord’s Title Landlord’s title is and always shall be paramount to the title of Tenant. Nothing herein contained shall empower Tenant to do any act which can, shall or may encumber the title of Landlord.

  • Tenant Except as set forth in Section 10.2 below, Tenant shall keep and maintain the Premises and every part thereof, including, but not limited to, floors and floor coverings, interior plumbing, interior walls and ceilings, including electrical wiring, appliances and devices using or containing refrigerants, fixtures and equipment in good repair and in a clean and safe condition, and repair and/or replace any and all of the foregoing in a good and workmanlike manner. Without limiting the foregoing, but subject to the provisions of Section 14 below, Tenant shall, at Tenant's sole expense, repair any area of the Premises damaged by Tenant or any Tenant Party or by any other cause. If Tenant, in the reasonable judgment of Landlord, fails to maintain the Premises in accordance with the terms of this Lease and correct such failure within ten (10) days following Tenant's receipt of written notice from Landlord stating the nature of the failure, Landlord shall have the right to enter the Premises and perform such maintenance, repairs or replacements at Tenant's sole cost and expense (including a sum for overhead to Landlord equal to ten percent (10%) of the cost of the maintenance, repairs or replacements). Tenant shall maintain written records of maintenance and repairs, as required by any Applicable Law, and shall use certified technicians to perform such maintenance and repairs, as so required. Landlord shall have the right to approve all service maintenance contractors hired by Tenant which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Upon Landlord's request, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord full and complete copies of all service or maintenance contracts entered into by Tenant for the Premises within one hundred twenty (120) days after the Commencement Date and, thereafter, within ten (10) days after entering into any new or materially amending any existing service or maintenance contract.

  • LANDLORD The covenants and obligations contained in this Lease on the part of Landlord are binding on Landlord, its successors, and assigns only during their respective period of ownership of an interest in the Building. In the event of any transfer or transfers of such title to the Building, Landlord (and, in the case of any subsequent transfers or conveyances, the then grantor) shall be concurrently freed and relieved from and after the date of such transfer or conveyance, without any further instrument or agreement, of all liability with respect to the performance of any covenants or obligations on the part of Landlord contained in this Lease thereafter to be performed.