Payment Date Sample Clauses

Payment Date. An amount calculated as being due in respect of any Early Termination Date under Section 6(e) will be payable on the day that notice of the amount payable is effective (in the case of an Early Termination Date which is designated or occurs as a result of an Event of Default) and on the day which is two Local Business Days after the day on which notice of the amount payable is effective (in the case of an Early Termination Date which is designated as a result of a Termination Event). Such amount will be paid together with (to the extent permitted under applicable law) interest thereon (before as well as after judgment) in the Termination Currency, from (and including) the relevant Early Termination Date to (but excluding) the date such amount is paid, at the Applicable Rate. Such interest will be calculated on the basis of daily compounding and the actual number of days elapsed.
Payment Date. Subject to clause 7(b), you will be paid for your milk supplied to DFMC in a Month on the fifteenth day of the following Month.
Payment Date. Any Cash Amount to be paid to an Exchanging Partner shall be paid on the Specified Exchange Date; provided, however, that the Operating Partnership may elect to cause the Specified Exchange Date to be delayed for up to an additional 180 days to the extent required for the Company to cause additional REIT Shares to be issued to provide financing to be used to make such payment of the Cash Amount by the Operating Partnership.
Payment Date. The Employer shall pay the employee the vacation pay accrued during the employee's anniversary year, either prior to taking the vacation or on the employee's anniversary date. The payment of an employee's vacation pay shall be by separate check or computed at same tax rate schedules as the computation of regular wages per week.
Payment Date if in relation to any Series of Notes any such resignation which would otherwise take effect less than 30 days before or after the maturity date or other date for redemption of such Series or any interest or other payment date in relation to any such Series it shall not take effect, in relation to such Series only, until the thirtieth day following such date; and
Payment Date. The 15th of each month or, if the 15th is not a Business Day, the next Business Day.
Payment Date. Within 15 business days following (i) each Vesting Date, or (ii) if, prior to any Vesting Date, the Grantee’s termination of employment with the Partnership or its Subsidiaries or Parents under circumstances described in Section 3(a) or (b), the date of such termination of employment, the Partnership will deliver to the Grantee the cash payment underlying the Phantom Units and Distribution Equivalent Rights (if any) that become vested pursuant to Section 2 or 3 of this Agreement.
Payment Date. Buyer shall pay Seller for the SRECs on or before five (5) Business Days after the Trade Date (“Payment Date”). Buyer shall pay the Payment Amount stated above, which is the sum of the Contract Price multiplied by the Contract Quantity over all Vintages, on or before the Payment Date, by electronic funds transfer to the following account: Bank Name: ABA: Account: Account Name: Reference Text: Solar REC – Invoice # Delivery Date: Seller shall deliver the SRECs no later than three (3) Business Days after the Payment Date.