Final Report Sample Clauses

Final Report. The goal of this subtask is to prepare a comprehensive Final Report that describes the original purpose, approach, results, and conclusions of the work performed under this Agreement. The CAM will review the Final Report, which will be due at least two months before the Agreement end date. When creating the Final Report Outline and the Final Report, the Recipient must use the Style Manual provided by the CAM.
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Final Report. CONTRACTOR shall complete and submit to ADMINISTRATOR a final report within sixty (60) days after the termination of this Agreement, which shall summarize the activities and services provided by CONTRACTOR during the term of this Agreement. CONTRACTOR and ADMINISTRATOR may mutually agree to modify the date upon which the final report must be submitted. Any agreement must be in writing.
Final Report. In the event of any resignation or removal of the Custodian, the Custodian shall provide to the Company a complete final report or data file transfer of any Confidential Information as of the date of such resignation or removal.
Final Report. A final Federal Financial Report within 90 days of the end of the period of performance for the Public Assistance grant.
Final Report. The goal of the Final Report is to assess the project’s success in achieving the Agreement’s goals and objectives, advancing science and technology, and providing energy-related and other benefits to California. The objectives of the Final Report are to clearly and completely describe the project’s purpose, approach, activities performed, results, and advancements in science and technology; to present a public assessment of the success of the project as measured by the degree to which goals and objectives were achieved; to make insightful observations based on results obtained; to draw conclusions; and to make recommendations for further projects and improvements to the FTD project management processes. The Final Report shall be a public document. If the Recipient has obtained confidential status from the CEC and will be preparing a confidential version of the Final Report as well, the Recipient shall perform the following activities for both the public and confidential versions of the Final Report. The Recipient shall: • Prepare an Outline of the Final Report, if requested by the CAM. • Prepare a Final Report following the latest version of the Final Report guidelines which will be provided by the CAM. The CAM shall provide written comments on the Draft Final Report within fifteen (15) working days of receipt. The Final Report must be completed at least 60 days before the end of the Agreement Term. • Submit one bound copy of the Final Report with the final invoice. Products: • Outline of the Final Report, if requested • Draft Final Report • Final Report
Final Report. For the purposes of this Agreement, Final Report means a document to be completed by you, on a template provided by us.
Final Report. A final performance report within 90 days of the end of the period of performance for the Public Assistance grant. L. Access to Records (44 C.F.R. § 13.36(i)(10)) In addition to all other provisions regarding records in this Agreement, Contractor agrees to comply with the following:
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Final Report. 1. The panel shall present a final report to the disputing Parties, including any separate opinions on matters not unanimously agreed, within 30 days of presentation of the initial report, unless the disputing Parties otherwise agree. The disputing Parties shall release the final report to the public within 15 days thereafter, subject to the protection of confidential information.
Final Report. (NOTE: The Final Report is included in the last Payable Milestone for the completed Agreement.)
Final Report. 1. The arbitral panel shall present a final report to the parties to the dispute, within thirty (30) days of presentation of the interim report.
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