Termination of a Sample Clauses

Termination of a temporary Employee as a result of Employees returning to the bargaining unit under (a) or (b) above will be as outlined in Article 25.01.
Termination of a. Client Assignment does not terminate your Agreement. An Assignment may be terminated by you on the same terms as we ourselves can lawfully terminate the relevant Client contract.
Termination of a teaching contract of a bargaining unit member, outside the five (5) year provision found in this Article, shall be according to Sections 3319.16 and 3319.161 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Termination of a repeat hire agreement The hire agreement can be terminate by either party by giving one month’s notice and the committee reserve the right to terminate the hire agreement with immediate effect for a serious breach of these terms and conditions.
Termination of a. Participation Agreement does not affect any rights and obligations under or in connection with the Participation Agreement and these Allocation Rules which arose prior to that termination unless otherwise specified in this Article. Accordingly, any Registered Participant whose Participation Agreement is terminated will remain liable, subject to and in accordance with the Allocation Rules, in respect of all such rights and liabilities. This paragraph shall apply without prejudice to other remedies available to the Allocation Platform under these Allocation Rules.
Termination of a. Pig Circle Contract in the event of Undesirable Infection with SPF Diseases in the Buyer's herd If Undesirable Infection is ascertained, pursuant to SPF-Xxxx'x registration, in the Buyer's herd but not simultaneously in the Seller's herd, the Buyer shall be entitled to cull his herd in order to obtain the same Health Status as the Seller's herd so as to maintain the Pig Circle Contract unchanged. SPF shall be notified of the start and completion dates for herd culling with the periods of notice stipulated in Clause Terms of Purchase Terms of Sale Common Terms clause 4.2.b). During the culling period, the Seller shall be entitled to claim compensation from the Buyer for any loss in price incurred in selling the pigs to an alternative recipient.
Termination of a. In the event dues from the participating the SGEU LTD bargaining units as a whole cease for any reason, Plan entitlements payable to totally disabled members shall be limited to the then existing assets of the SGEU LTD Plan until contributions recommence.
Termination of a teacher’s contract shall be in accordance with 3319.16 of the Ohio Revised Code as amended and related sections all of which are herein incorporated by reference.
Termination of a. Job Share Either participant in a job share agreement apply to terminate the agreement prior to its expiry upon not less than three (3) months' written notice. The Job Share shall a to the Board regarding the application and the Board shall consider extenuating circumstances in determining whether to approve the application. Any approval shall address the return of the participants to their full-time positions. If a Job Share agreement is early for any reason except pursuant to paragraph and if one Participant so requests, the Job Share Committee shall assist the Participant to locate another member who may be interested in participating in a Job Share. The Job Share Committee shall continue to provide assistance to such member for a period of no less than days. While the Job Share Committee is providing assistance to the member, the provisions of the Job Share agreement continue to apply to that member. If a Job Share partner is not found through the procedures set out in paragraph above, the Job Share will be terminated, subject to paragraphs and In the event that more than one participating is without a partner, only the job share arrangement of the member with greater service shall continue. The member with less service shall receive thirty (30) days notice that his or her Job Share will be terminated and, if qualified, shall also be offered the opportunity to job share with the senior member instead of returning to time employment. For purposes of clarity, the meaning of service shall be in accordance with Article of the Working Agreement.