Termination of A Sample Clauses

Termination of A greement.
Termination of A temporary Employee as a result of Employees returning to the bargaining unit under (a) or (b) above will be as outlined in Article 25.01.
Termination of A greements.
Termination of A greement. Subject to any rights herein which survive termination, this Agreement will earlier terminate in its entirety:
Termination of A greement. The Representative may terminate this Agreement, by notice to the Company, at any time at or prior to the Closing Time (i) if there has been, in the judgment of the Representative, since the time of execution of this Agreement or since the respective dates as of which information is given in the Registration Statement, the General Disclosure Package or the Prospectus, any Material Adverse Effect, whether or not arising in the ordinary course of business, or (ii) if there has occurred any material adverse change in the financial markets in the United States or the international financial markets, any outbreak of hostilities or escalation thereof or other calamity or crisis or any change or development involving a prospective change in national or international political, financial or economic conditions, in each case the effect of which is such as to make it, in the judgment of the Representative, impracticable or inadvisable to market the Securities or to enforce contracts for the sale of the Securities, or (iii) if trading in any equity securities of the Company has been suspended or materially limited by the Commission or the Nasdaq Global Market, or (iv) if trading generally in the Nasdaq Stock Market or on the New York Stock Exchange or NYSE American or has been suspended or materially limited, or minimum or maximum prices for trading have been fixed, or maximum ranges for prices have been required, by any of said exchanges or by order of the Commission, FINRA or any other governmental authority, or (v) a material disruption has occurred in commercial banking or securities settlement or clearance services in the United States or with respect to Clearstream or Euroclear systems in Europe, or (vi) if a banking moratorium has been declared by either federal or state authorities.
Termination of A greement. If this Agreement is terminated by the Underwriter in accordance with the provisions of Section 5, Section 9(a)(i) or Section 10 hereof, the Company and the Selling Stockholder shall reimburse the Underwriter for all of its out-of-pocket expenses, (including the reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel for the Underwriter) actually incurred in connection with the proposed purchase and the public offering and sale of the Securities.
Termination of A. Purchase Order by either Party whether for default or for convenience shall not affect continuing performance by the Parties of their respective obligations under a different Purchase Order, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Parties.
Termination of A greement 67 ARTICLE VII