Returned Check Sample Clauses

Returned Check. For any returned or bounced checks, Landlord may charge Tenant the cost of the returned check fee, as well as an additional reasonable fee, together with Rent late fees, as applicable.
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Returned Check. A $50.00 service charge will be levied on all checks returned due to insufficient funds or for any other reason. Returned checks will not be deposited. Licensee must cover the returned check with cash, money order or certified check.
Returned Check. Any check returned to the University by the bank upon which it was drawn constitutes nonpayment and a $20 University returned check charge will be assessed, as well as a late payment fee if applicable.
Returned Check. If a check is returned for any reason at all, Client will pay an additional charge of $50.00 per returned check. If a check is returned, then, for the purposes of calculating late charges or Events of Default, it will be as if payment represented by the check had never been made.
Returned Check. If a check for payment is returned to Lender for any reason, Lender will charge an additional fee of $15.00.
Returned Check. In the event that any check is returned by the financial institution, Client must arrange for alternate payment within forty-eight (48) hours of notification.
Returned Check. Services will be disconnected for a returned check if: ❖ Check is written on a closed account ❖ Non-sufficient funds check is written on a delinquent account or meter deposit ❖ Check and fees are not paid after notification To restore services the amount of the check plus a returned check fee of $40.00 must be paid to the City of Seaford. If the check was written on a delinquent account other fees and additional deposits may apply. (Adopted 4/1/2002) City of Seaford Residential Utility Service Agreement Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxx 0000, 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 (302) 629-9173 Customer Spouse/Other Occupant Name Social Security # Birthdate Phone Number Driver’s License/ID Number Email Address Employer Name Employer Address Employer Phone Number Years of Employment Emergency Contact Name Phone # Emergency Contact’s Address Emergency Contact’s Relationship to Customer Utility Service Address_ Mailing Address for Xxxx (if different from above) E-Xxxx Rather Than Mailed Xxxx? YES or NO (Primary or Secondary Email) Landlord’s Name and Contact Number Effective Utility Service Date Account Number Customer’s Signature Spouse/Other Occupant’s Signature ***The following boxes are optional, please initial for each member on agreement*** I consent to receive marketing emails from the City of Seaford. I give consent for my name to be placed in the Registered Book of Voters for the City of Seaford Municipal Elections.
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Returned Check. There will be a $25.00 fee for any returned check.
Returned Check. 4. If any check given to Lessor by Tenant or other person on Tenant’s behalf is returned uncollected by a bank for any reason, Tenant agrees to pay a returned check charge in the amount specified.
Returned Check. Renter agrees to pay $35.00 processing fee for any check of Renter that may be returned by the financial institution.
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