By Contractor Sample Clauses

By Contractor. Should the Contractor be liable for any payments to the State hereunder, interest, late payment charges and collection fee charges will be determined and assessed pursuant to Section 18 of the State Finance Law.
By Contractor. Except where SBCAG withholds payment pursuant to other terms of this Agreement, should SBCAG fail to pay CONTRACTOR all or any part of the payment set forth in Exhibit B, CONTRACTOR may, at CONTRACTOR's option, terminate this agreement, if such failure is not remedied by SBCAG within thirty (30) days of written notice to SBCAG of such late payment.
By Contractor. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 3 with respect to the depth to be drilled, in the event Operator shall become insolvent, or be adjudicated a bankrupt, or file, by way of petition or answer, a debtor’s petition or other pleading seeking adjustment of Operator’s debts, under any bankruptcy or debtor’s relief laws now or hereafter prevailing, or if any such be filed against Operator, or in case a receiver be appointed of Operator or Operator’s property, or any part thereof, or Operator’s affairs be placed in the hands of a Creditor’s Committee, or, following three business days prior written notice to Operator if Operator does not pay Contractor within the time specified in Subparagraph 5.2 all undisputed items due and owing, Contractor may, at its option, (1) elect to terminate further performance of any work under this Contract and Contractor’s right to compensation shall be as set forth in Subparagraph 6.4 hereof, or (2) suspend operations until payment is made by Operator in which event the standby time rate contained in Subparagraph 4.6 shall apply until payment is made by Operator and operations are resumed. In addition to Contractor’s rights to suspend operations or terminate performance under this Paragraph, Operator hereby expressly agrees to protect, defend and indemnify Contractor from and against any claims, demands and causes of action, including all costs of defense, in favor of Operator, Operator’s co-venturers, co-lessees and joint owners, or any other parties arising out of any drilling commitments or obligations contained in any lease, farmout agreement or other agreement, which may be affected by such suspension of operations or termination of performance hereunder.
By Contractor. Contractors may commence the Contract Dispute Resolution Process upon conclusion of the Claims process set forth in Section 4.2 above. Contractor shall submit a written Statement of Contract Dispute (as set forth below) to City within thirty (30) Days after conclusion of the meet and confer process or mediation, as applicable, set forth in Section
By Contractor. Should the Contractor be liable for any payments to the State hereunder, interest, late payment charges and collection fee charges will be determined and assessed pursuant to Section 18 of the State Finance Law. The Federal Prompt Payment Law (or any other law governing payment terms incorporated in the Master Contract) does not apply to the Piggyback Contract regardless of customer.
By Contractor. The Contractor may terminate this Contract by giving the Department written notice of such termination. No such termination shall be effective until sixty (60) days after the Department has received the Contractor’s written notice of termination, or until such later date as established by the Contractor in the Contractor’s written notice of termination. Contractor shall mail or deliver the Contractor’s written notice of termination to the Contracts Administrator. If the Contractor terminates the Contract, the Department shall be liable only for payment in accordance with the terms of this Contract for services rendered prior to the effective date of termination.
By Contractor. Contractor shall have the right at all reasonable times to enter upon the Project Site(s) to construct the Project pursuant to this Master Facilities Lease. Following the acceptance of the Project by District, Contractor may enter the Project at reasonable times with advance notice and arrangement with District for purposes of making any repairs required to be made by Contractor.
By Contractor. The Chairman shall be designated by EGPC and shall also be a Managing Director. CONTRACTOR shall designate the General Manager who shall also be a Managing Director.
By Contractor. Contractor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Owner and its employees, agents, partners, Affiliates, shareholders, members, directors, officers, managers and permitted assigns (each, an “Owner Indemnitee”), from and against the following:
By Contractor. Upon the occurrence of any of the following events, this Agreement may be terminated by the Contractor by written notice to Company: