Governing authority definition

Governing authority means the local legislative authority
Governing authority means a governing board or joint administrator.
Governing authority means the body which exercises the legislative functions of a political subdivision.

Examples of Governing authority in a sentence

  • LOCAL GOVERNMENT: The Governing authority of a parish or local governmental unit as referenced in the Louisiana Constitution of 1974.

  • PBS should increase awareness and training of the appropriate uses of all RLP models, including the combined Simplified RLP and Small RLP model when it is finalized.Through the training, PBS should address any regional concerns related to the perceptions of the Simplified RLP’s protections.Conclusion PBS has taken a number of steps to reduce its use of extensions and holdovers and encourage the use of more economical long-term lease agreements.

  • Relief factors should include known use of vacation, sick leave, OIL, weekends, vacancies, and suspensions.

  • Governing authority shall prepare an annual review and program evaluation which should include, but not be limited to the following, and should be available upon request to the licensing agency: • Review and reevaluation of the program objectives.

  • Supply/ Deployment/ Engagement of Drivers and Conductors shall be regulated in terms of Indian Contract Act, 1872 read with the and any other rules framed by the appropriate/controlling /Governing authority under the Act.

More Definitions of Governing authority

Governing authority means a council, board, or other body governing the affairs of the
Governing authority means the (A) the Board of Directors; or (B) if the organization does not have a Board of Directors, the highest-level governing body of the organization.
Governing authority means the local legislative authority of a city or a county having jurisdiction over the property for which an exemption may be applied for under this chapter.
Governing authority means the quorum court of a county or the governing body of a municipality;
Governing authority means boards of supervisors, governing boards of all school districts, all boards of directors of public water supply districts, boards of directors of master public water supply districts, municipal public utility commissions, governing authorities of all municipalities, port authorities, Mississippi State Port Authority, commissioners, and boards of trustees of any public hospitals, boards of trustees of public library systems, district attorneys, school attendance officers and any political subdivision of the state supported wholly or in part by public funds of the state or political subdivision thereof, including commissions, boards, and agencies created or operated under the authority of any county or municipality of this state. The term “governing authority” shall not include economic development authorities supported in part by private funds, or commissions appointed to hold title to and oversee the development and management of lands and buildings which are donated by private individuals to the public for the use and benefit of the community and which are supported in part by private funds. The term “governing authority” also shall not include the governing board of a charter school.
Governing authority means the Caddo Parish Commission.
Governing authority means the City Council of the City of Shreveport, State of Louisiana.