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For Construction. WSDOT recommends agencies estimate when construction will be completed and add three years to determine theProject Agreement End Date”.
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For Construction. 1. Steel shuttering __________________ sqm.
For Construction. During any period of construction, repair, restoration, renovation or replacement of Improvements, Borrowers shall cause any general contractor or construction manager to maintain commercial general liability insurance, including coverage for products and completed operations, with limits of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) in the aggregate. Borrowers shall also cause the general contractor or construction manager to require any and all of its subcontractors of any tier to provide a certificate of insurance evidencing commercial general liability insurance (including products and completed operations), with a limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence, and upon demand by Administrative Agent, provide evidence that is reasonably satisfactory to Administrative Agent that Borrowers have complied with this requirement. Borrowers shall cause the general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors to include Borrowers, Administrative Agent and Lender as additional insureds on all of their insurance policies required pursuant to this Agreement.
For Construction. Supervision The amount in local currency referred under SC 6.2.2 against Construction Supervision shall be paid to the Consultants for the Services to be completed within a period specified in Part-II under SC 2.4.1. b) Payment shall be made according to the following schedule: Floating of Tenders, evaluation and award is Pak Rs.400,000/= Preparation of its detailed construction drawings, is Pak Rs.1,000,000/- Inspection by specialist / senior personnel for the construction work (Per Visit) is Pak Rs.5,000/- Supervision of the construction work (on monthly basis) is Pak Rs.310,000/- as per appendix-E (Part-II B). Maintenance period (on monthly basis) is Pak Rs.100,000/- The Consultants shall submit their invoice to the Client as per payment schedule refer 6.3.2(b). The Client shall pass on the bill within a week of receipt thereof. The Sponsor shall make the payment of the bill of the Consultant within 15 days of receipt of the invoice.
For Construction a. Assist Water Agency by providing engineering and related services after the receipt of construction bids as requested by Water Agency.

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  • General Construction 20.2.1. Binding Nature.............................................. 20.2.2. Entire Agreement............................................ 20.2.3. Governing Law............................................... 20.2.4. Indulgences Not Waivers..................................... 20.2.5. Titles Not to Affect Interpretation......................... 20.2.6.

  • Initial Construction Attached hereto are plans showing proposed modifications to Premises. Within 20 days of execution of the Lease, Landlord will prepare construction drawings and specifications for such modifications containing such details as dimensions, partition plans, dimensioned electrical and telephone outlet plans, modified reflected ceiling plans, room finish schedule, including wall, carpet, floor tile, and VCT colors, and other necessary construction details and specifications for the completion of such work, all in a manner reasonably acceptable to Tenant. Space planning, construction drawings, and specifications shall be provided by Landlord to Tenant a no cost to Tenant. All construction of modifications to Tenant's Premises will be accomplished by Tenant's contractor, which contractor shall furnish to Landlord evidence of insurance as follows: General Liability and Property Damage - $2,000,000 Aggregate, $2,000,000 per Occurrence; Workmens Compensation, and an Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Policy in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the owner and The Gutixxxxx Xxxpany as insureds. In addition, in Tenant's construction contract, Tenant shall insure that the contract holds Landlord and The Gutixxxxx Xxxpany harmless, and that Landlord and The Gutixxxxx Xxxpany are additional named insureds on all of Tenant's insurance policies. It shall be Tenant's contractor's responsibility to obtain the building permit for said modifications to Premises. It shall be Tenant's responsibility to insure that all Tenant's general contractors subcontractors and materialmen are paid in full, and if a lien is placed upon the Building by any such contractor, subcontractor, materialmen, or other, to promptly remove such lien or provide a bond reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and Landlord's mortgagee to insure that such lien will be paid in full while contesting such lien. Landlord shall permit Tenant and Tenant's contractor access for construction of modifications to Tenant's premises promptly after execution hereof. All changes and additions shall be part of the Building, except such items as by writing at the time of approval the parties agree either shall be removed by Tenant on termination of this Lease, or shall be removed or left at Tenant's election.

  • Neutral Construction The parties to this Agreement agree that this Agreement was negotiated fairly between them at arm's length and that the final terms of this Agreement are the product of the parties' negotiations. Each party represents and warrants that it has sought and received legal counsel of its own choosing with regard to the contents of this Agreement and the rights and obligations affected hereby. The parties agree that this Agreement shall be deemed to have been jointly and equally drafting by them, and that the provisions of this Agreement therefore should not be construed against a party or parties on the grounds that such party or parties drafted or was more responsible for the drafting of any such provision(s).

  • Legal Construction If one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall for any reason be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability shall not affect any other provisions and this Agreement shall be construed as if it did not contain the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision.

  • Specific Shall Not Limit General; Construction No specific provision contained in this Note shall limit or modify any more general provision contained herein. This Note shall be deemed to be jointly drafted by the Company and the Holder and shall not be construed against any person as the drafter hereof.

  • Governing Law; Construction This Agreement and any claim, counterclaim or dispute of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of or in any way relating to this Agreement (“Claim”), directly or indirectly, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of New York. The section headings in this Agreement have been inserted as a matter of convenience of reference and are not a part of this Agreement.

  • Language Construction The language of this Agreement shall be construed in accordance with its fair meaning and not for or against any party. The parties acknowledge that each party and its counsel have reviewed and had the opportunity to participate in the drafting of this Agreement and, accordingly, that the rule of construction that would resolve ambiguities in favor of non-drafting parties shall not apply to the interpretation of this Agreement.

  • Commencement of Construction Construction of the Project will start within thirty (30) days after notification to the Developer by the Owner, or as soon thereafter as weather and ground conditions permit.

  • Completion of Construction (a) For the purposes of this Agreement, the terms "

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