The Instrument Sample Clauses

The Instrument. At any time on or after the Closing Date, the Depositor shall have the right to deposit into the Trust Fund, solely for the benefit of the Holder of the Class C Certificates, a derivative contract or comparable instrument. Any such instrument shall constitute a fully prepaid agreement. All collections, proceeds and other amounts in respect of such an instrument shall be distributed to the Class C Certificates on the Distribution Date following receipt thereof by the Trustee. In no event shall such an instrument constitute a part of any REMIC created hereunder. In addition, in the event any such instrument is deposited, the Trust Fund shall be deemed to be divided into two separate and discrete sub-Trusts. The assets of one such sub-Trust shall consist of all the assets of the Trust other than the instrument and the assets of the other sub-Trust shall consist solely of such instrument.
The Instrument. The instrument is in two parts. One part (made up of 4 Performance Standards) is for lesson observation and the other part (made up of 8 Performance Standards) is related to aspects for evaluation that fall outside of the classroom.
The Instrument. Section 2.1 The parties to this Agreement agree to be bound by all the provisions of the Instrument attached hereto as Exhibit D and incorporated into this Participation Agreement by this reference.
The Instrument. The Parties agree to be also bound by the terms and conditions of the Instrument. The Instrument shall be an integral part of this Agreement.

Related to The Instrument

  • Documents, Instruments, and Chattel Paper The Borrower represents and warrants to the Agent and the Lenders that (a) all documents, instruments, and chattel paper describing, evidencing, or constituting Collateral, and all signatures and endorsements thereon, are and will be complete, valid, and genuine, and (b) all goods evidenced by such documents, instruments, and chattel paper are and will be owned by the Borrower, free and clear of all Liens other than Permitted Liens.

  • Recorded Instruments Within thirty (60) days of Closing, Escrow Agent shall furnish to OPWC copies of the Settlement Statement, recorded Conveyance Instrument and recorded Deed Restrictions.

  • Security Agreement The security interest granted pursuant to this Copyright Security Agreement is granted in conjunction with the security interest granted to the Collateral Agent pursuant to the Security Agreement and Pledgors hereby acknowledge and affirm that the rights and remedies of the Collateral Agent with respect to the security interest in the Copyrights made and granted hereby are more fully set forth in the Security Agreement, the terms and provisions of which are incorporated by reference herein as if fully set forth herein. In the event that any provision of this Copyright Security Agreement is deemed to conflict with the Security Agreement, the provisions of the Security Agreement shall control unless the Collateral Agent shall otherwise determine.

  • Security Instruments (i) The Administrative Agent shall fail to have an Acceptable Security Interest in any portion of the Collateral or (ii) any Security Instrument shall at any time and for any reason cease to create the Lien on the Property purported to be subject to such agreement in accordance with the terms of such agreement, or cease to be in full force and effect, or shall be contested by the Borrower, any Guarantor or any of their respective Subsidiaries;