Advice and Guidance Sample Clauses

Advice and Guidance. AEPC™ shall provide guidance and support in connection with Scheduled Maintenance and Unscheduled Maintenance covered by this Agreement, cost-management or cost-containment advice, and, as needed, general information re- xxxxxxx reputable sellers of aircraft components or accessories, aircraft and engine re- pair facilities, and aircraft storage facilities throughout the United States and abroad.
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Advice and Guidance. We will furnish you with such reasonable operating assistance as we determine from time to time to be necessary for the operation of the Store. Operating assistance will include advice and guidance regarding:
Advice and Guidance. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Head of Service Healthy Child Pathway Head of Early Help Service Children & Family Services Children Services Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust Leeds City Council Xxxxxxxxx Health Centre 10th Floor Acre Close Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx XX00 0XX 000 Xxxxxxx Xxx Tel: 0000 0000000 Xxxxx XX0 8DR Xxxx Xxxx Patient Services Manager Children and Family Services NHS Leeds Community Healthcare Child Health Xx Xxxx'x Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx XX00 0XX Tel: 0000 00 00000 Xxxxxxx Birmingham Information Governance Team Information Governance - Records Manager Children Services Xxxxxxxxx House Leeds City Council 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx 10th Floor Headingley Business Park Merrion House Victoria Road 000 Xxxxxxx Xxx Xxxxx XX0 0XX Xxxxx XX0 0XX Tel: 0000 00 00000 Tel 0000 0000000
Advice and Guidance. We provide reasonable operating assistance and guidance as we determine to be necessary for the operation of the Franchised Business, including new developments and improvements in our Operating System and business methods. We do not guarantee or warrant any specific level of success from any particular advice or assistance. We reserve the right to limit advice and guidance if you operate our software on unapproved hardware or you fail to purchase and use any required software.
Advice and Guidance. V2K may, but is not obligated to, from time to time advise or offer guidance to Franchisee relative to prices for the services and products and supplies offered for sale by the franchised business that in V2K's judgment constitute good business practice. Franchisee shall not be obligated to accept any such advice or guidance. Franchisee shall have the sole right to determine the prices to be charged from time to time by the franchised business, and no such advice or guidance shall be deemed or construed to impose upon Franchisee any obligation to charge any fixed, minimum or maximum prices for any service or supply offered for sale by the franchise business.
Advice and Guidance. On-going provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance through telephone or electronic communication and video conferencing.
Advice and Guidance. Specific actions for prospective students include: The provision of financial information, with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and illustrations of the cost of study for students on different types of courses, through a dedicated and interactive section of the University College website and a named financial adviser with particular responsibility for provision of fee information relating to variable fees, state support, bursaries and scholarships Incorporation of financial and fees advice as an integral part of information provided for prospective students through open days, the website, the prospectus and other publications Inclusion of information about finance in ‘Preparation for HE’ taster days which form part of the University College’s range of outreach activity Information sent to all full and part-time students receiving offers of places on programmes, directing them to the dedicated space on the website for fees and financial support A communications campaign developed by the Marketing and Communications Office
Advice and Guidance. Provide guidance documents for governing bodies on a variety of topics and new initiatives to support their role • Provide specialist advice on governance procedures and responsibilitiesAccess to NGA Learning Link – online training modules Organisation • Provide a clerking service to the governing board for up to Five full governing board meetings per year • Provide a named officer from the Governor Clerking Service team to support the governing board and the minute clerk • Provide the governing board with a trained, regular, named minute clerk to attend every full governing board meeting, where possible and provide a stand-in when necessary • Provide regular briefings to ensure minute clerks are kept up-to-date with education issues • Act promptly and appropriately to concerns raised by the governing board regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of the service • Provide a selection of templates for agenda and minutes • Maintain up to date lists of committee membership and governor responsibilities and link roles • On request, provide copies of previous approved minutes for Ofsted purposes • Vacancy management of governor posts (promoting and encouraging) • Have access to produce up to date reports of governing board membership Service packages Options for buying a package of services tailored to your needs. Constitutional support • Ensure that pre-appointment clearance procedures are completed for new and re- appointed governors to comply with the requirements of the Regulations and safeguarding • Assist the Governing Board in establishing efficient, effective and legal committee structures • Reviewing a committee structure which ensures compliance with legal requirements • Advise the governing board, Headteacher and, where appropriate, the appointing bodies of expiry of the term of office at least two months before the term expires so elections or appointments can be organised in a timely manner • Inform appointing bodies of vacant governorships to which they should appoint, receive written notice of subsequent appointments and inform the governing board • Production of the School’s Instrument of Government • Provide specialist advice on governing board constitution • Maintain records of attendance by governors at full governing board meetings and take appropriate action on disqualification for nonattendance • Maintain a database of the governing board records which includes details of membership, terms of office, dates of meetings, attendance and ...
Advice and Guidance. The General Data Protection Regulation can be accessed via the Information Commissioner’s website at xxxxx:// protection-regulation-gdpr/ The NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice is available at xxxxx:// Caldicott requirements are available at CQC website Legislation website and xxxx://xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx/bills SCIE’s Adult safeguarding: sharing information guide is available at Specialist Advice- Stockport Local Authority In relation to Adult Safeguarding/Protection & Mental Capacity Act. In relation to Information Sharing & Data Protection Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act Service(Incorporating the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) Stockport Council-Adult Social Care General Office Number: 0000 000-0000 Fax: 0000 000 0000 Email: Stockport Council Information Governance Team General office Number: 0000-000-0000 Fax: 0000 000 0000 Email: Appendix 1 - Key Principles of GDPR Article 5 of the GDPR sets out seven key principles which lie at the heart of the general data protection regime.
Advice and Guidance. 45. The University undertakes to provide all necessary information to the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and the Student Loans Company (SLC). The University will also provide information to students through its prospectuses and other publications, through its web site and through many School visits directed at teachers, students and parents which will be undertaken by the staff in our School Recruitment and Outreach team (SRO) and by individual academics, student ambassadors, mentors, and associates. The University will also be part of the national implementation of the Key Information Set (KIS) and other information as laid out in the June 2011 Policy on the Provision of information about higher education. Outcomes and next steps13.