Subject to availability Sample Clauses

Subject to availability. If the park is rented by another group, a rehearsal is not permitted. XXXXXX agrees to pay a $25 service charge for all returned checks. Water Slides: ARE NOT PERMITTED ON ANY OF THE PARKS CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of the TOWN cancels this contract at any time, all funds received from LESSEE will be fully refunded. Acts of Nature which recommend evacuation will constitute total refund of all fees paid for reservation. Otherwise, should LESSEE cancel the contract, liquidated damages shall be paid to the TOWN. Any refunds due as a result of LESSEE cancellation under this provision shall be made in accordance with the following schedule: 1) if cancellation date is ninety (90) days or more prior to the event, 75% of all monies paid will be refunded; 2) if cancellation date is between sixty (60) and eighty nine (89) days prior to the event, 50% of all monies paid will be refunded; 3) if cancellation date is between thirty (30) and fifty nine (59) days prior to the event, 25% of all monies paid will be refunded; and 4) if cancellation date is between one (1) and twenty nine (29) days prior to the event, 0% of all monies paid will be refunded.
Subject to availability and Employer approval, the Union will hold its general membership and executive meetings at Carleton Place Terrace by Symphony. It is understood that attendance at these meetings will be on an employee's own time, and that the meetings will not interfere with the efficient administration of
Subject to availability. Parking Spaces are rented on a first come basis. This parking space contract is subject to availability of parking spaces. Landlord reserves the right to not rent to Tenant a parking space and to refund/return Tenant’s rental payment. This parking space contract is not valid until signed by Landlord.
Subject to availability. In the event of mechanical breakdown or circumstances beyond our control whereby the car of your choice is unavailable we will immediately contact the Customer and arrange to provide either a substitute vehicle for the original hire period or an alternative date for the chosen vehicle.
Subject to availability if your place of business is based in East Anglia, please contact 016385 72900 to schedule regular pick up service for collection of the Customer Material once daily by our network of couriers. This collection service will be free for those based in East Anglia.
Subject to availability. The obligation of Lessor to provide a particular item of Equipment is subject to availability. Additionally, and without limitation to the previous sentence, Lessor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to provide substitute Equipment to Lessee that Lessor determines to be equal or better to that which is specified in the cover page to this Agreement.
Subject to availability. A.I.D.’s agreement to transfer commodities is subject to the availability of appro- priations and agricultural commodities during each United States Government fiscal year to which it applies.
Subject to availability. The GRA Services are subject to the availability of the Original Materials. GRA will let the Recipient know as soon as practicable if the Original Materials are unavailable.
Subject to availability. Landlord shall provide furniture for the Premises from its existing inventory at no extra charge to Tenant. If Tenant requires additional furniture, and it is available for Tenant use from Landlords existing inventory, Landlord shall provide it at no extra cost. Landlord and Tenant shall agree on a basic set of components (see Attachment A, Furniture Inventory List) prior to installation. Tenant is responsible for any items needing to be purchased over and above current inventory, for all furniture layout, design, deliver (to and from Premises as directed by landlord), installation by a Landlord approved installer. Tenant is also responsible for any damage to the Furniture and for a day-to-day maintenance. Any furniture currently located in the Premises that is not wanted by Tenant shall be returned to Landlord's storage location as directed by Landlord and at Tenant's expense. Tenant accepts furniture in its "as is" condition and shall return it in as good a condition as received, normal wear and tear excepted.

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  • RDDS availability Refers to the ability of all the RDDS services for the TLD, to respond to queries from an Internet user with appropriate data from the relevant Registry System. If 51% or more of the RDDS testing probes see any of the RDDS services as unavailable during a given time, the RDDS will be considered unavailable.

  • Minimum Availability Borrower shall have minimum availability immediately following the initial funding in the amount set forth on the Schedule.

  • Non-Availability of Funds Every payment obligation of the State under this Charter is conditioned upon the availability of funds continuing to be appropriated or allocated for the payment of such obligations. If funds are not allocated and available for the continuance of this Charter, the Commission may terminate this Charter at the end of the period for which funds are available. No liability shall accrue to the Commission, nor the State, or any of its subdivisions, departments or divisions, in the event this provision is exercised, and neither the Commission nor the State shall be obligated or liable for any future payments or for any damages as a result of termination under this paragraph.

  • Judicial Council 's Obligation Subject to Availability of Funds A. The Judicial Council's obligation under this Agreement is subject to the availability of authorized funds. The Judicial Council may terminate the Agreement or any part of the Contract Work, without prejudice to any right or remedy of the Judicial Council, for lack of appropriation of funds. If expected or actual funding is withdrawn, reduced, or limited in any way prior to the expiration date set forth in this Agreement, or in any Amendment hereto, the Judicial Council may, upon written Notice to the Contractor, terminate this Agreement in whole or in part. Such termination shall be in addition to the Judicial Council's rights to terminate for cause or other than for cause, as set forth herein.

  • Excess Availability Borrowers shall have Excess Availability at all times of at least (i) as of any date of determination during the period from April 29, 2016 through and including June 16, 2016, $10,000,000, (ii) as of any date of determination during the period from June 17, 2016 through and including June 30, 2016, $12,500,000, (iii) as of any date of determination during the period from July 1, 2016 through and including July 7, 2016, $15,000,000, (iv) as of any date of determination during the period from July 8, 2016 through and including September 29, 2016, $17,500,000, and (v) as of any date of during the period from September 30, 2016 through and including December 31, 2016, $20,000,000.”

  • Availability of Shares (a) The Trust has granted to the Distributor exclusive authority to distribute the Trust shares and to select which Series or Classes of Trust shares shall be made available to Participating Investors. Pursuant to such authority, and subject to Article X hereof, the Distributor shall make available to the Company for purchase on behalf of the Account, shares of the Series and Classes listed on Schedule 3 to this Agreement, such purchases to be effected at net asset value in accordance with Section 2.3 of this Agreement. Such Series and Classes shall be made available to the Company in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Agreement until this Agreement is terminated pursuant to Article X or the Distributor suspends or terminates the offering of shares of such Series or Classes in the circumstances described in Article X.

  • Minimum Excess Availability Borrower shall have Excess Availability under the Revolving Credit Loans facility of not less than the amount specified in the Schedule, after giving effect to the initial advance hereunder and after giving effect to any applicable Loan Reserves against borrowing availability under the Revolving Credit Loans.

  • High Availability Registry Operator will conduct its operations using network and geographically diverse, redundant servers (including network-­‐level redundancy, end-­‐node level redundancy and the implementation of a load balancing scheme where applicable) to ensure continued operation in the case of technical failure (widespread or local), or an extraordinary occurrence or circumstance beyond the control of the Registry Operator. Registry Operator’s emergency operations department shall be available at all times to respond to extraordinary occurrences.

  • Reservation and Availability of Preferred Stock (a) The Company covenants and agrees that it will cause to be reserved and kept available out of its authorized and unissued shares of Preferred Stock or any authorized and issued shares of Preferred Stock held in its treasury, the number of shares of Preferred Stock that will be sufficient to permit the exercise in full of all outstanding and exercisable Rights. Upon the occurrence of any events resulting in an increase in the aggregate number of shares of Preferred Stock issuable upon exercise of all outstanding Rights in excess of the number then reserved, the Company shall make appropriate increases in the number of shares so reserved.

  • Certain Representations; Reservation and Availability of Shares of Common Stock or Cash (a) This Agreement has been duly authorized, executed and delivered by the Company and, assuming due authorization, execution and delivery hereof by the Warrant Agent, constitutes a valid and legally binding obligation of the Company enforceable against the Company in accordance with its terms, and the Warrants have been duly authorized, executed and issued by the Company and, assuming due authentication thereof by the Warrant Agent pursuant hereto and payment therefor by the Holders as provided in the Registration Statement, constitute valid and legally binding obligations of the Company enforceable against the Company in accordance with their terms and entitled to the benefits hereof; in each case except as enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, moratorium and other similar laws relating to or affecting creditors’ rights generally or by general equitable principles (regardless of whether such enforceability is considered in a proceeding in equity or at law).