PER ANNUM Sample Clauses

PER ANNUM. (b) In the event of Executive's death or permanent and total disability (within the meaning of Section 22(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended and in effect and interpreted as of the date of this Agreement) at any time within the 24-month period immediately following a Change in Control and prior to any termination of Executive's employment, Executive or Executive's Successors shall be entitled to all of the benefits of Executive provided under this Agreement as if Executive had voluntarily terminated his employment with Sensormatic (but without giving effect to Section 4 hereof or to the loss of benefits upon voluntary termination under Section 6(e)(i) hereof), including, without limitation, those set forth in Section 6(c) hereof.
PER ANNUM. Any deposits or other sums at any time credited by or due from the holder to any of the Borrowers, any endorser or guarantor hereof, may at all times be held and treated as collateral for the payment of this Note and any and all other liabilities (direct or indirect, absolute or contingent, sole, joint or several, secured or unsecured, due or to become due, now existing or hereafter arising) of any such maker to the holder. The holder may apply or set-off such deposits or other sums against such liabilities at any time in the case of any of the Borrowers but only with respect to matured liabilities in the case of endorsers and guarantors.
PER ANNUM. [If applicable, insert -The sinking fund for this series provides for the redemption on ............................ in each year beginning with the year and ending with the year .............. of [not less than] $......................... [("mandatory sinking fund") and not more than $........................] aggregate principal amount of Securities of this series. [Securities of this series acquired or redeemed by the Company otherwise than through [mandatory] sinking fund payments may be credited against subsequent [mandatory] sinking fund payments otherwise required to be made [in the [describe order] in which they become due].] [If the Security is subject to redemption, insert - In the event of redemption of this Security in part only, a new Security or Securities of this series and of like tenor for the unredeemed portion hereof will be issued in the name of the Holder hereof upon the cancellation hereof.] [If the Security is not an Original Issue Discount Security, insert - If an Event of Default with respect to Securities of this series shall occur and be continuing, the principal of the Securities of this series may be declared due and payable in the manner and with the effect provided in the Indenture.] [If the Security is an Original issue Discount Security, insert - If an Event of Default with respect to Securities of this series shall occur and be continuing, an amount of principal of the The Indenture permits, with certain exceptions as therein provided, the amendment thereof and the modification of the rights and obligations of the Company and the rights of the Holders of the Securities of each series to be affected under the Indenture at any time by the Company and the Trustee with the consent of the Holders of more than 50% in principal amount of the Securities at the time Outstanding of each series to be affected. The Indenture also contains provisions permitting the Holders of specified percentages in principal amount of the Securities of each series at the time Outstanding, on behalf of the Holders of all Securities of such series, to waive compliance by the Company with certain provisions of the Indenture and certain past defaults under the Indenture and their consequences. Any such consent or waiver by the Holder of this Security shall be conclusive and binding upon such Holder and upon all future Holders of this Security and of any Security issued upon the registration of transfer hereof or in exchange here for or in lieu hereof, wh...
PER ANNUM. Letter Ratio of Credit Fee ----- ---------------- Less than 1.00:1 0.35% 1.00:1 or greater and less than 1.50:1 0.40% 1.50:1 or greater and less than 2.00:1 0.50% 2.00:1 or greater and less than 2.50:1 0.625% 2.50:1 or greater 0.875%
PER ANNUM. To the extent interest payable on the Term Loans on any quarterly interest payment date is at a rate that exceeds 14% PER ANNUM, the Company shall have the option to pay such excess interest by capitalizing such interest as additional Term Loans. Notwithstanding the limitations set forth in this paragraph, interest will accrue on any overdue amount (whether interest or principal, including defaulted interest), to the extent lawful, at a rate PER ANNUM equal to 200 basis points over the then current interest rate, until such amount (plus all accrued and unpaid interest) is paid in full.
PER ANNUM. The variable interest rate will be raised or lowered, if there exists a variation in the LIBOR rate for six months, in at least one percentage point. In no case will this adjustment be applied retroactively.
PER ANNUM. Letter Ratio of Credit Fee ----- ---------------- Less than 1.50:1 0.45%
PER ANNUM. Escalation The per year fee escalation will be determined in accord with the provisions of section C of Attachment B, and as specified in each site specific agreement.
PER ANNUM. For the purpose of this agreement, the European Interbank Market Interest Rate (EURIBOR) is understood to mean the European interest rate for one year deposits of an amount equal or similar to the capital pending repayment to Bank by Borrower, published on the REUTERS EURIBOR 01 SCREEN AT ELEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING (11:00 A.M.) MADRID TIME, as of the date on which each successive Interest Period commences. Such rate shall be expressed as a percentage of interest per annum. Any expenses, commissions and brokerage fees charged by the intermediaries that usually take part in this type of transaction, plus the Value Added Tax that may be levied on the intermediary's participation, shall also be added to the interest rate resulting from the aforementioned transaction, together with any tax, expense, commission or brokerage fee that may be directly or indirectly levied upon, caused or replaced by or added to the preceding ones.