In consultation with definition

In consultation with means with consideration of the input of,
In consultation with means that the body that is consulted will review the decision for abuse of discretion, unless academic credit is the resulting effect of such consultation. When this term regards consultation with the Law Review Faculty Advisor (LRFA), the LRFA shall have a veto power over the decision; however, such veto power shall be for abuse of discretion except when determining academic credit.
In consultation with. - shall mean that, when required by this Agreement, the party wishing to take a certain action will give the other party reasonable notice of the same and an opportunity to provide its views regarding the contemplated action. Any action requiring consultation may be taken after receipt and due consideration of the other party.s views thereon or within fourteen (14) Days after the receipt by the other party of the notice of contemplated action, whichever is earlier.

Examples of In consultation with in a sentence

  • In consultation with the Member’s attending Contracting Physician, the Member may elect to stay less than the minimum prescribed above when appropriate.

  • In consultation with the external auditors, review with management the integrity of the Company’s financial reporting process, both internal and external.

  • In consultation with the Design Criteria Professional, the Board shall evaluate the proposals received based on evaluation criteria and procedures established prior to the solicitation of proposals, including but not limited to qualifications, availability, and past work of the firms and the partners and members thereof.

  • In consultation with the Company’s management, independent auditor and the internal audit group, review the adequacy of the Company’s internal controls, disclosure processes and its procedures designed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and any special audit steps adopted in light of material control deficiencies.

  • In consultation with the external auditors, review with management the integrity of the Company's financial reporting process, both internal and external.

More Definitions of In consultation with

In consultation with a Person, in relation to any decision or matter, means:
In consultation with means that the issue under discussion must be agreed to by the person or body being consulted.
In consultation with means with consideration of the input of, or the advice of, the mayor, governing body, chief operating officer or director, as the case may be, without regard to the form or manner of the consultation.
In consultation with means there must be documented consultation between the final decision making authority (Review Specialist) and the other described party (Decision Maker). All practicable efforts should be made to achieve an agreed decision. In the event agreement cannot be reached, the final decision rests with the decision-making au- thority and there should be clear documentation of that person’s rationale.
In consultation with means with the concurrence of the person with whom a delegate must consult before exercising a delegated or sub-delegated power;
In consultation with meansproviding information to one or more persons and obtaining their reactions, suggestions or responses;
In consultation with means ameeting of persons to discuss, decide, or plan something;