To charge Sample Clauses

To charge. To charge mortgage pledge or deposit the whole or any part of the Share or any interest therein as security for any loan obligation guarantee or other liability of the person absolutely entitled thereto to any third party upon such terms as the Trustees think fit

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  • No charge The provisions of this clause 13 shall not, and shall not be construed so as to, constitute a charge by a Bank over all or any part of a sum received or recovered by it in the circumstances mentioned in clause 13.3.

  • MANAGEMENT CHARGE 16.1 In consideration of the establishment and award of this Framework Agreement and the management and administration by the Authority of the same, the Supplier agrees to pay to the Authority the Management Charge in accordance with Clause 16.2 below.

  • Service Charge The Tenant must pay the Service Charge in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 3. VAT The Tenant must pay: VAT on any consideration in respect of a VAT Supply to the Tenant by the Landlord at the same time as the consideration is paid; and on demand VAT (and interest, penalties and costs where these are incurred because of anything the Tenant does or fails to do) charged in respect of any VAT Supply to the Landlord in respect of the Premises where that VAT is not recoverable by the Landlord from HM Revenue & Customs. The Tenant must not do anything that would result in the disapplication of the option to tax in respect of the Landlord’s interest in the Estate. Interest on overdue payments The Tenant must pay interest on the Rents and on all other sums not paid on or by the due date (or, if no date is specified, not paid within 10 Business Days after the date of demand). Interest will be payable at the Interest Rate for the period starting on the due date (or date of demand) and ending on the date of payment. Reimburse costs incurred by the Landlord The Tenant must pay on demand the Landlord’s costs (including legal and surveyor’s charges and bailiff’s and enforcement agent’s fees) and disbursements in connection with: any breach of the Tenant’s obligations in this Lease, including the preparation and service of a notice under section 146 of the 1925 Act; any application by the Tenant for consent under this Lease, whether that application is withdrawn or consent is granted or lawfully refused, except in cases where the Landlord is required to act reasonably and the Landlord unreasonably refuses to give consent; [and] [carrying out works to the Premises to improve their Environmental Performance where the Tenant, in its absolute discretion, has consented to the Landlord doing so; and]44 the preparation and service of a schedule of dilapidations served no later than six months after the End Date. Third party indemnity45 The Tenant must indemnify the Landlord against all actions, claims, demands made by a third party, all costs, damages, expenses, charges and taxes payable to a third party and the Landlord’s own liabilities, costs and expenses incurred in defending or settling any action, claim or demand in respect of any personal injury or death, damage to any property and any infringement of any right, in each case arising from: the state and condition of the Premises or the Tenant’s use of them; the exercise of the Tenant’s rights; or the carrying out of any Permitted Works. In respect of any claim covered by the indemnity in clause 4.7.1, the Landlord must: give formal notice to the Tenant of the claim as soon as reasonably practicable after receiving notice of it; provide the Tenant with any information and assistance in relation to the claim that the Tenant may reasonably require and the Landlord is lawfully able to provide, subject to the Tenant paying to the Landlord all costs incurred by the Landlord in providing that information and assistance; and mitigate its loss (at the Tenant’s cost) where it is reasonable for the Landlord to do so.

  • Payment of Charges (a) Subject to Section 5.2(b), each Credit Party shall pay and discharge or cause to be paid and discharged promptly all Charges payable by it, including (i) Charges imposed upon it, its income and profits, or any of its property (real, personal or mixed) and all Charges with respect to tax, social security and unemployment withholding with respect to its employees, (ii) lawful claims for labor, materials, supplies and services or otherwise, and (iii) all storage or rental charges payable to warehousemen or bailees, in each case, before any thereof shall become past due.

  • Bank Charges Borrowers shall pay to Agent, on demand, any and all fees, costs or expenses which Agent or any Lender pays to a bank or other similar institution arising out of or in connection with (i) the forwarding to any Borrower or any other Person on behalf of any Borrower, by Agent or any Lender, of proceeds of Loans made to Borrowers pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the depositing for collection by Agent or any Lender of any check or item of payment received or delivered to Agent or any Lender on account of the Obligations.

  • CONTRACT CHARGES The Contract Charges for the Services shall be structured using any of the following pricing mechanisms (as may be agreed by the Parties and set out in an SOW); Capped Time and Materials; Price per Story; Time and Materials; Fixed Price (to be used only for Services that are ancillary to software development services); or using such other pricing mechanism or combination of pricing mechanism thereof as may be agreed by the Parties. In consideration of the Supplier’s performance of its obligations under this Contract and in consideration of the specific services that are set out in an applicable SOW, the Customer shall pay the undisputed Contract Charges in accordance with the relevant SOW for the Release and the payment provisions set out at Clause 14 (Payment and VAT). The Customer shall, in addition to the Contract Charges and following delivery by the Supplier of an Invoice, pay the Supplier a sum equal to the VAT chargeable on the value of the Services supplied in accordance with this Contract. If at any time during this Contract Period the Supplier reduces its framework Prices for any Services which are provided under the framework Agreement (whether or not such Services are offered in a catalogue (if any) which is provided under the framework Agreement) in accordance with the terms of the framework Agreement, the Supplier shall immediately reduce the Contract Charges for such Services under this Contract by the same amount. The Supplier shall in any event ensure that the Contract Charges are at all times compliant and consistent with the charging structure set out in framework Schedule 8 (Charging Structure) and do not exceed the prices set out therein. Contract Charges:

  • Shipping Charges Unless otherwise stated in the Bid Specifications, all deliveries shall be deemed to be freight on board (F.O.B.) destination tailgate delivery at the dock of the Authorized User. Unless otherwise agreed, items purchased at a price F.O.B. Shipping point plus transportation charges shall not relieve the Contractor from responsibility for safe and proper delivery notwithstanding the Authorized User’s payment of transportation charges. Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that the Xxxx of Lading states “charges prepaid” for all shipments.

  • Direct Charges To the extent Cash-based Expenses are incurred by the Contractor, the Contractor shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary actual direct costs incurred (e.g., equipment, supplies, travel and other costs directly associated with the performance of the Agreement) to the extent required in the performance of the Work and to the extent such costs are anticipated in the Budget. Travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary costs incurred. Costs shall not exceed the daily per diem rates published in the Federal Travel Regulations. Reimbursement for the use of personal vehicles shall be limited to the Internal Revenue Service business standard mileage rate in effect at the time the expense was incurred.

  • Utility Charges Tenant shall pay or cause to be paid all charges for electricity, power, gas, oil, water and other utilities used in connection with the Leased Property.

  • Costs Charged Cost shall be charged to this contract only in accordance with the County and other requirements as required by funding source(s).