To charge Sample Clauses

To charge. To charge mortgage pledge or deposit the whole or any part of the Share or any interest therein as security for any loan obligation guarantee or other liability of the person absolutely entitled thereto to any third party upon such terms as the Trustees think fit

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  • No charge The provisions of this clause 13 shall not, and shall not be construed so as to, constitute a charge or create or declare a trust by a Lender over all or any part of a sum received or recovered by it in the circumstances mentioned in clause 13.3.

  • MANAGEMENT CHARGE 16.1 In consideration of the establishment and award of this Framework Agreement and the management and administration by the Authority of the same, the Supplier agrees to pay to the Authority the Management Charge in accordance with Clause 16.2 below.

  • Service Charge No service charge shall be payable by a holder of a beneficial interest in a Global Security or by a Holder of a Definitive Security for any exchange or registration of transfer of Securities, or for any issue of new Securities in case of partial redemption of any series. The Company, however, may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge in relation thereto, other than any such taxes or other governmental charge payable upon exchange or registration of transfer pursuant to Sections 2.06, 3.03(b) and 9.04.

  • Payment of Charges (a) Subject to Section 5.2(b), each Credit Party shall pay and discharge or cause to be paid and discharged promptly all Charges payable by it, including (i) Charges imposed upon it, its income and profits, or any of its property (real, personal or mixed) and all Charges with respect to tax, social security and unemployment withholding with respect to its employees, (ii) lawful claims for labor, materials, supplies and services or otherwise, and (iii) all storage or rental charges payable to warehousemen or bailees, in each case, before any thereof shall become past due.

  • Bank Charges Borrowers shall jointly and severally pay to Agent and each applicable Lender, on demand, any and all fees, costs or expenses which Agent or such Lender pays to a bank or other similar institution arising out of or in connection with (i) the forwarding to any Borrower or any other Person on behalf of any Borrower, by Agent or any Lender, of proceeds of Loans made to any Borrower pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the depositing for collection by Agent or any Lender of any check or item of payment received or delivered to Agent or any Lender on account of the Obligations.

  • Shipping Charges Unless otherwise stated in the Bid Specifications, all deliveries shall be deemed to be freight on board (F.O.B.) destination tailgate delivery at the dock of the Authorized User. Unless otherwise agreed, items purchased at a price F.O.B. Shipping point plus transportation charges shall not relieve the Contractor from responsibility for safe and proper delivery notwithstanding the Authorized User’s payment of transportation charges. Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that the Bill of Lading states “charges prepaid” for all shipments.

  • Direct Charges To the extent Cash-based Expenses are incurred by the Contractor, the Contractor shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary actual direct costs incurred (e.g., equipment, supplies, travel and other costs directly associated with the performance of the Agreement) to the extent required in the performance of the Work and to the extent such costs are anticipated in the Budget. Travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary costs incurred. Costs shall not exceed the daily per diem rates published in the Federal Travel Regulations. Reimbursement for the use of personal vehicles shall be limited to the Internal Revenue Service business standard mileage rate in effect at the time the expense was incurred.

  • Utility Charges Tenant shall pay or cause to be paid all charges for electricity, power, gas, oil, water and other utilities used in connection with the Leased Property.

  • Rent and Charges Reserve the aggregate of (a) all past due rent and other amounts owing by an Obligor to any landlord, warehouseman, processor, repairman, mechanic, shipper, freight forwarder, broker or other Person who possesses any Collateral or could assert a Lien on any Collateral; and (b) a reserve at least equal to three months rent and other charges that could be payable to any such Person, unless it has executed a Lien Waiver.

  • Parking Charges Any parking charges or other costs levied, assessed or imposed by, or at the direction of, or resulting from statutes or regulations, or interpretations thereof, promulgated by any governmental authority or insurer in connection with the use or occupancy of the Building or the Project.