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Price Per. Option: USD 10.06 Total Premium: USD 521,108 Total Underlying Value: USD 3,885,000 Payment Instructions: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be transmitted by telefax to swissfirst Bank AG: Telefax Number +0000-0-000 81 81 Acknowledged by: Roche Holdings, Inc.
Price Per. SECURITY: CDN$2.20.
Price Per. Car Sold" set forth on Exhibit A.

Examples of Price Per in a sentence

  • The Conversion Price Per Share of this Note will be proportionally adjusted to reflect any stock dividend, stock split, reverse stock split, reclassification, recapitalization or other similar event affecting the number of outstanding Conversion Shares.

  • The form of this Note need not be changed because of any adjustment in the Conversion Price Per Share or in the number of Conversion Shares issuable upon its conversion.

  • Escalation Estimate Adv Payment Base Price Per A/P Advance Payment Per Aircraft (Amts.

  • In lieu of issuing fractional Conversion Shares upon conversion of all or any portion of this Note, the Company shall pay cash in an amount equal to the product of the then applicable Conversion Price Per Conversion Share and the number of fractional shares that would otherwise be issuable hereunder.

  • The Company will, at its expense, cause an authorized officer promptly to prepare a written certificate showing each adjustment or readjustment of the Conversion Price Per Share or the number of Conversion Shares or other securities issuable upon conversion of this Note and cause such certificate to be delivered to the Holder in accordance with the notice provisions of the Agreement.

  • The Amount Registered and the Proposed Maximum Offering Price Per Unit are not applicable because the securities are not issued in predetermined amounts or units.

  • Where there are matters of significant interest or disagreement then these will be referred to Cabinet for determination.

  • Illustration of Segregated Portfolio Portfolio Date31-May-19Downgrade Event Date31-May-19 Downgrade Security8.65 % C Ltd from BBB+to DValuation Marked Down75% Ms. A is holding 1000 Units of the Scheme with the NAV 10, equal to (1000*10) Rs.10000 Portfolio before the Downgrade Event Security Rating Type of the Security Qty Price Per Unit The instrument "8.65 % C Ltd" was marked down by 75% on the date of credit event.

  • Seller has agreed to sell to Buyer and Buyer has agreed to purchase from Seller the common shares set forth on the execution page of this Agreement (“Shares”) for the purchase price per share set forth therein (“Purchase Price Per Share”) and for the aggregate purchase price set forth therein (“Aggregate Purchase Price”).

  • Instead of any fractional share of Common Stock that would otherwise be issuable upon conversion of any Security or Securities (or specified portions thereof), the Company shall calculate and pay a cash adjustment in respect of such fraction (calculated to the nearest 1/100th of a share) in an amount equal to the same fraction of the Closing Price Per Share at the close of business on the day of conversion.

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Price Per. UNIT: CDN$1,000.00 per Unit.
Price Per. Trade: No per trade charges to apply Minimum Licence Fee: $1,080,000 per annum. The Minimum Licence Fee applies in the event that the total of item B1i), item B1(ii), item B1(iii) and item B1(iv) of this Appendix 2 of Schedule 1 is less than $1,080,000. Payment Terms: Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
Price Per. Option: USD 13.27 Total Premium: USD 1,245,044,48 Total Underlying Value: USD 7,036,800 Payment Instructions: your account 3671_0 at swissfirst Bank AG will be credited -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be transmitted by telefax to swissfirst Bank AG: Telefax Number +0000-0-000 81 81 Acknowledged by: Roche Holdings, Inc.
Price Per. PIN Order. PIN orders equal to or in excess of 250,000 PINs will be billed at $0.010 per PIN. All other PIN orders shall be billed at $0.020 per PIN with a minimum order of $250.00.
Price Per. UNIT: CDN$1,000.01 per Unit (including the consideration for the Warrants of $0.01 per Unit).

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  • Base Price means the price to be used as the basis for determining the Spread upon the exercise of an Appreciation Right.

  • Price means an amount of money tendered for goods or services, and includes all applicable taxes less all unconditional discounts;

  • Purchase Price has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.

  • Base Purchase Price has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.

  • Option Price means the price at which a Share may be purchased by a Participant pursuant to an Option.

  • Exercise Price means the price at which a holder of an Option may purchase the Shares issuable upon exercise of the Option.

  • Per Share Purchase Price equals $1.00, subject to adjustment for reverse and forward stock splits, stock dividends, stock combinations and other similar transactions of the Common Stock that occur after the date of this Agreement.