After the Meeting Sample Clauses

After the Meeting. 1. Distribute copies of the HFD Disciplinary Action Form, as noted on the form.
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After the Meeting the Group Chief Executive (or the Group Chief Executive’s nominated deputy) will write to the Executive advising of the outcome, and of any disciplinary sanction to be imposed.
After the Meeting. All board members are expected to support the board decision. Once the decision has been made, it is time to move on to the next critical issue. Efforts by board members to revisit previous decisions or secure belated public support will only distract from the future work of the district. Member may wish to state, "I didn't vote for the proposal but the decision was made and I support the work of the full board." Members may explain their position without appearing to undermine the decision of the full board. Expressing your opinion (in previous bullet) to individuals is acceptable to fellow members. However, sending information electronically to groups is a function performed by the district on behalf of the full board. Media related interviews will be handled by the board president or the superintendent at their discretion. Individual members may conduct interviews after a meeting in order to assist the media in performing their work. Throughout these interactions, members will adhere to the governance agreements of the board.
After the Meeting. ➢ Evaluation
After the Meeting. After the meeting, you will complete a survey to provide feedback on your experience as a participant in the Program. THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS, INCORPORATED. By: Title: Date: Participant Name
After the Meeting. Keep confidences. Don’t be careless in discussing what you learned from your mentor. Be careful not to betray any confidences he or she may share with you. The very last thing you want to do is to lose the trust of your mentor. Follow up and follow through. At the conclusion of each meeting, thank your mentor for his or her time. Be sure to follow up every meeting with a thank you note and a recap of the action items that were agreed to. Do everything you said you would do. Send deliverables on time. Later on, be sure to demonstrate that you have followed advice and kept commitments for action at every opportunity, even if you have modified your plan. Pointing out that you used your mentor’s help and sharing outcomes with him or her is important. Unreasonable Expectations Regarding Mentors There are some common unrealistic expectations of mentors that can cause irritation and disappointment on both sides. In general, the mentor should not be expected to • Provide the mentee with personal introductions to other people unless they’re comfortable doing so; • Spend more time on the relationship than he or she is able to give; • Take the lead in the relationship, setting up all meetings and driving the mentee’s career development; • Continue the relationship beyond the next round of the New Venture Competition.
After the Meeting. 1. Distribute copies of the NLVFD Disciplinary Action Form, as noted on the form.
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After the Meeting. Within three days after the meeting, the SC Chair returns the documentation for the applicants who have not been short-listed to the College President/appropriate Vice President, who shall inform said applicants that not been selected for interviews. The SC Chair, pursuant to Articles and of the Collective Agreement, shall confirm with the and the committee members a convenient and reasonable date and time for the interview(s), following a memo of confirmation to candidates and committee members. The SC Chair shall make applications and supporting documents available in confidence to committee members at least ten daysprior to the interview and shall give each member a copy of them at least one. day prior to the interview.
After the Meeting. After the meeting is complete, all panel members are required to:

Related to After the Meeting

  • Right to Convene Meeting The Trustee or the Corporation may at any time and from time to time, and the Trustee shall, on receipt of a Written Direction of the Corporation or a written request signed by the holders of not less than 25% of the principal amount of the Debentures then outstanding and upon receiving funding and being indemnified to its reasonable satisfaction by the Corporation or by the Debentureholders signing such request against the costs which may be incurred in connection with the calling and holding of such meeting, convene a meeting of the Debentureholders. In the event of the Trustee failing, within 30 days after receipt of any such request and such funding of indemnity, to give notice convening a meeting, the Corporation or such Debentureholders, as the case may be, may convene such meeting. Every such meeting shall be held in the City of Vancouver or at such other place as may be approved or determined by the Trustee.

  • Right to Convene Meetings The Warrant Agent may at any time and from time to time, and shall on receipt of a written request of the Corporation or of a Warrantholders’ Request and upon being indemnified and funded to its reasonable satisfaction by the Corporation or by the Warrantholders signing such Warrantholders’ Request against the costs which may be incurred in connection with the calling and holding of such meeting, convene a meeting of the Warrantholders. If the Warrant Agent fails to so call a meeting within seven days after receipt of such written request of the Corporation or such Warrantholders’ Request and the indemnity and funding given as aforesaid, the Corporation or such Warrantholders, as the case may be, may convene such meeting. Every such meeting shall be held in the City of Toronto or at such other place as may be mutually approved or determined by the Warrant Agent and the Corporation.

  • Performance Meetings During a meeting on performance, the parties will:

  • Actions Without a Meeting Notwithstanding any provision contained in this Agreement, any action of the Board of Directors may be taken by written consent without a meeting. Any such action taken by the Board of Directors without a meeting shall be effective only if the written consent or consents are in writing, set forth the action so taken, and are signed by a majority of the Board of Directors.

  • Inspectors At any election of Trustees, the Board of Trustees prior thereto may, or, if they have not so acted, the chairman of the meeting may appoint one or more inspectors of election who shall first subscribe an oath of affirmation to execute faithfully the duties of inspectors at such election with strict impartiality and according to the best of their ability, and shall after the election make a certificate of the result of the vote taken.

  • Telephone Meetings Members of a committee of the Board of Directors may participate in a meeting by means of a conference telephone or other communications equipment if all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time. Participation in a meeting by these means shall constitute presence in person at the meeting.

  • Meeting A copy of the decision shall be sent to the grievant, to the grievant’s representative and to UFF if grievant elected self-representation or representation by legal counsel.

  • Adjournment When a meeting is adjourned to another time or place, notice need not be given of the adjourned meeting and a new Record Date need not be fixed, if the time and place thereof are announced at the meeting at which the adjournment is taken, unless such adjournment shall be for more than 45 days. At the adjourned meeting, the Partnership may transact any business which might have been transacted at the original meeting. If the adjournment is for more than 45 days or if a new Record Date is fixed for the adjourned meeting, a notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given in accordance with this Article XIII.

  • Meeting of Shareholders 33 5.3 Access to Information....................................................................... 33 5.4 Confidentiality............................................................................. 34 5.5 Public Disclosure........................................................................... 34 5.6

  • Voting at Meetings Questions arising at any meeting of directors are to be decided by a majority of votes and, in the case of an equality of votes, the chair of the meeting does not have a second or casting vote.

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