The Council Sample Clauses

The Council. 1. It shall be the responsibility of the Council
The Council. 5.1 There shall be a Council of the Company for the purposes set out below.
The Council. 1. The General Assembly shall elect the Council. It shall consist of 10 (ten) members who shall be the Heads of Tax Administrations of the Member States to this Agreement. The election of Council members shall reflect the broadest possible geographical and linguistic representation of the membership of ATAF.‌
The Council. 1. It shall be the responsibility of the Council -
The Council. The Council is the duly elected governing body of the Nation, with full power and authority to bind the Nation, to execute and deliver the Nation Agreement. The officers of the Council designated in the Council Resolution adopted on April 10, 2004 have full power and authority to execute, deliver, and perform the Nation Agreement for and on behalf of the Nation.
The Council. The activities of the Administration shall be directed by a Council, which shall be composed of a representative of the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and a representative of the Government of the Hungarian People's Republic, who shall be appointed in accordance with the Agreement force between the two States concerning the regulation of water- management questions relating to frontier waters.
The Council. ARTICLE I
The Council. 1.3.1 “The Council" of The Northern Village of Green Lake means The Council of Green Lake.
The Council a) The Council is responsible for ensuring that the annual termite maintenance and timber pest inspection is undertaken and ensuring that any action required as a result of this inspection is undertaken within a reasonable timeframe.
The Council. 1. The Council shall consist of the Heads of Government of the Participating States.