Freight Charges Sample Clauses

Freight Charges. Customer or its Authorized Agent will pre-pay freight charges to return a Boeing Product to Boeing. If during the period of the applicable warranty Boeing determines the Boeing Product to be defective, Boeing will pre-pay shipping charges to return the Corrected Boeing Product. Boeing will reimburse Customer or its Authorized Agent for freight charges for Boeing Products returned to Boeing for Correction and determined to be defective.
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Freight Charges. Any reference to freight charges contained in a Quotation is an estimate. Seller is not responsible for any differences that may occur between freight estimates contained in a Quotation and actual freight charges applicable at the time of shipment, and Buyer shall incur and be responsible for all costs associated therewith.
Freight Charges the fee payable to the carrier for the delivery of cargo, i.e. for the performance of the contract of carriage.
Freight Charges. AEPC™ shall pay all domestic (USA ONLY) truck/ground freight charges (if applicable and approved in advance by AEPC™) incurred in connection with the ship- ping of an Airframe or Engine Covered Component in connection with Unscheduled Maintenance covered under this Agreement.
Freight Charges a) If required by the carrier the freight and all other lawful charges accruing on the goods shall be paid before delivery and if upon inspection it is ascertained that the goods shipped are not those described in the Bill of Lading the freight charges must be paid upon the goods actually shipped, with any additional charges lawfully payable there- on.
Freight Charges. Freight charges, unless otherwise specified on this Order shall be reimbursed at actual cost and shall be accompanied by legible copies of prepaid freight bills, express receipts, or bills of lading supporting the invoice amounts. Such invoices shall include: (1) carrier's name, (2) date of shipment, (3) number of pieces, (4) weight, and (5) freight classification.
Freight Charges. If and to the extent freight charges are included in the Product’s purchase price, Vendor represents and warrants that such charges will remain reasonable and market competitive. If freight charges are not included in the Product’s purchase price, Vendor shall invoice Purchaser only the actual amount the carrier charges Vendor to ship such Product. Under no circumstances (including Section 8.3, Third Party Freight Management Service) may Vendor charge any fees related to delivery by Vendor Personnel, any processing or minimum order fees, or any other shipping or handling charges whatsoever.
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Freight Charges. Freight charges must be paid to the Carrier before release of the cargo, unless prior arrangement to the contrary has been made with the Carrier. In the event the Merchant, Xxxxxxx, consignee or its agent refuses to pay freight and other charges, and merchandise remains undeliverable thereby, Merchant, Shipper and Consignee jointly and severally guarantee and remain liable for full payment of freight and other charges, together with any expense incurred while awaiting disposition of the cargo. RETURN TO TABLE OF CONTENT FMC ORG. NO. 020901 KBX, LLC NRA RULES TARIFF NO. 026976-001- Between (US and World) AMENDMENT NO. 0 Rule 8: Bill(s) of Lading Terms and Conditions Effective: 15FEB2018 Expire Date: NONE Published: 15FEB2018 A copy of Terms and Conditions in Xxxxxxx’x Xxxx of lading are provided below: COMBINED TRANSPORT BILL OF LADING Notwithstanding the heading “Combined Transport Bill of Lading,” the provisions set out and referred to in this document shall also apply if the transport as described on the face of the Bill of Lading is performed by one mode of transport only.
Freight Charges. When published freight charges are used, any decrease that occurs will be for the account of Buyer.
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