The Team Sample Clauses

The Team. CEO is the original founder and CEO of the Yizoot project. An analyst by trade, he specialized in big data analytics and designed the original Whisperer platform for social measuring on Twitter. holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town and has completed a doctoral dissertation on the measuring of influence in social media. LinkedIn Xxxxx Xxxxxxx CMO LinkedIn Xxxxx is the CMO of Yizoot and founder of South Africa’s leading 3D digital content and design studio, Wicked Pixels. Spanning 21 years directing at Wicked Pixels, he is a multiple international award winner, from Cannes Gold Lions to Promax Grand Prix’s. Xxxxx is also a seasoned speaker at The Design Indaba, jury member at The Loerie Awards, and has worked with many global brands and broadcasters. He brings an immense amount of creative and strategic direction to Yizoot. Xxxx Xxxxxx CTO LinkedIn Xxxx has more than 25 years of experience in media and fintech product and platform development for international enterprises. During the last three years, he has focused on blockchain tech. He holds several relevant postgraduate degrees and technical certifications. Xxxx has also had successful exits as founder/investor in digital start-ups Syncom, Scoreline, PWM, Centre Blue and Fiduceum. Xxx Xxxxxxx COO LinkedIn Xxx is a qualified Engineer, MBA graduate and former Accenture Management Consultant. He has co-founded and successfully exited several start-ups, one of which was ultimately sold to Naspers. Xxx currently manages Yizoot operations as COO.
The Team. The specialized cardiac surgery team (“Team”) shall be considered a separate nursing unit from the main operating room. There shall be a separate work schedule for the Team.
The Team. Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC (the “Team”) fully supports this Equity Plan.
The Team. (a) The Service Provider will deploy a Team for the purposes of the Project in accordance with the relevant Agreement for Services.
The Team. Provider is the Client contact on this matter. Provider’s administrative assistant is and you may feel free to call him/her if Provider is unavailable and she may be contacting you from time to time to schedule conference calls, hearings and/or to obtain information and so forth.
The Team. This Agreement creates a purely contractual teaming relationship in which ISC and OPTICS 1 (the “Team”) shall have cooperative roles in the performance of all efforts falling within the Scope of the Agreement; such roles to be negotiated and agreed upon in good faith by the Parties. Under this Agreement, [**************] shall be referred to as the prime contractor [***********] (“Prime Contractor”). The other Party shall be referred to as the subcontractor (i.e., supplier) herein (“Supplier”) [************].
The Team. 4.1 Your main point of contact for the assignment will be Xxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Korral Partners Limited. In addition, other parties and partners will be used in the provision of these services as required.

Related to The Team

  • Project Team To accomplish Owner’s objectives, Owner intends to employ a team concept in connection with the construction of the Project. The basic roles and general responsibilities of team members are set forth in general terms below but are more fully set forth in the Design Professional Contract with respect to the Design Professional, in the Program Management Agreement with any Program Manager, and in this Contract with respect to the Contractor.

  • Project Managers The JBE’s project manager is: [Insert name]. The JBE may change its project manager at any time upon notice to Contractor without need for an amendment to this Agreement. Contractor’s project manager is: [Insert name]. Subject to written approval by the JBE, Contractor may change its project manager without need for an amendment to this Agreement.

  • Management Team Subject to any approval or consulting rights of the --------------- Joint Operations Committee, Manager shall engage or designate one or more individuals experienced in dental group management and direction, including, but not limited to, an administrator, who will be responsible for the overall administration of the Practice including day-to-day operations and strategic development activities.

  • Project Manager The term “Project Manager” refers to the employee of the State who has been assigned responsibility for overseeing and managing the proper and timely implementation of the project.

  • Project Steering Committee (a) The Recipient shall establish and maintain at all times until the completion of the Project, the Project Steering Committee with a composition, mandate and resources satisfactory to the Association.

  • Training Committee The parties to this Agreement may form a Training Committee. The Training Committee will be constituted by equal numbers of Employer nominees and ETU employee representatives and have a charter which clearly states its role and responsibilities. It shall monitor the clauses of this Agreement which relate to training and ensure all employees have equal access to training.

  • Operating Committee the Consortium’s managing body, composed of representatives of the Manager and the Contractors, pursuant to Annex XI.

  • Review Committee A Student may ask that the decision of the Housing Director or designee to deny the cancellation be reviewed. The review will be conducted by a committee consisting of University officials.

  • Working Groups From time to time, a Joint Committee may establish and delegate duties to sub-committees or directed teams (each, a “Working Group”) on an “as-needed” basis to oversee particular projects or activities (e.g., joint project team, joint finance group, or joint intellectual property group). Each such Working Group shall be constituted and shall operate as the Joint Committee determines; provided, that each Working Group shall have equal representation from each Party, unless otherwise mutually agreed. Working Groups may be established on an ad hoc basis for purposes of a specific project or on such other basis as the Joint Committee may determine. Each Working Group and its activities shall be subject to the oversight, review and approval of, and shall report to, the Joint Committee that formed said Working Group. In no event shall the authority of the Working Group exceed that specified for the Joint Committee that formed the Working Group. All decisions of a Working Group shall be by unanimous agreement. Any disagreement between the designees of AbbVie and Ablynx on a Working Group shall be referred to the Joint Committee that formed the Working Group for resolution.

  • Working Group 1. The Parties hereby establish a Working Group on Temporary Entry for Business Persons, which shall meet at least once every 3 years or on request of the Free Trade Commission to consider any matter arising under this Chapter. 2. The Working Group's functions shall include: (a) to review the implementation and operation of this Chapter; (b) to consider the development of measures to further facilitate temporary entry of business persons on a reciprocal basis; (c) the identification of measures that affect the temporary entry of business persons under this Chapter; and (d) the observance of the issues established under Article 121 (Cooperation).