The Team Sample Clauses

The Team. The specialized cardiac surgery team (“Team”) shall be considered a separate nursing unit from the main operating room. There shall be a separate work schedule for the Team.
The Team. This Agreement creates a purely contractual teaming relationship in which ISC and OPTICS 1 (the “Team”) shall have cooperative roles in the performance of all efforts falling within the Scope of the Agreement; such roles to be negotiated and agreed upon in good faith by the Parties. Under this Agreement, [**************] shall be referred to as the prime contractor [***********] (“Prime Contractor”). The other Party shall be referred to as the subcontractor (i.e., supplier) herein (“Supplier”) [************].
The Team. The team is composed as follows: Name:RankFundingfte / C.W. OosterleeUHDDUT (NA) F. van KeulenHLDUT (SOCM) F.J. VermolenUDDUT (NA) P. WesselingHLDUT (NA) J. van der LindenUDUMCR/DUT (SOCM)0.1Dr. E. ValstarUDLUMC/DUT (SOCM)0.1Ir. P. BroomansPhD (4 years)STW1.0Ir. A. Andreykivpostdoc (2 years)STW1.0 The daily supervision of the PhD student Broomans is in the hands of Oosterlee, Vermolen and van Keulen. The project is carried out as a cooperation between the Numerical Analysis group (NA) and the Structural Optimization and Computational Mechanics group (SOCM), both at the Delft University of Technology. The NA group has built up thorough knowledge of applicable mathematics and develops expertise in applying the methods and tools of mathematics to problems in science and engineering. Development of novel solution methods, and the analysis of existing numerical methods with the purpose to accelerate the convergence of iterative methods in complicated multidisciplinary applications is a major effort within the group that has received worldwide recognition. Key contributions by members of the group have been [1– 8]. Oosterlee has developed fast iterative solvers for the poroelasticity equations in a collabora- tion with Dr. F.J. Gaspar from the University of Zaragoza, Spain and Dr. R. Wienands from the University of Cologne, Germany [9, 10]. Vermolen has worked with advanced FE dis- cretizations and fast solution methods for porous media and diffusion applications for several years [11–13]. The Structural Optimization and Computational Mechanics group (SOCM) has great ex- pertise in numerical techniques for optimization methods applied to real-life engineering ap- plications. The group is part of the Department Mechantronics and Control, in which all ongoing biomedical research activities at the faculty of Design, Engineering and Production are concentrated. In the field of bone mechanics, the attention has been on models used for pre-operative numerical studies for shoulder endoprosthesis designs. In this context, the application of micro-polar continuum models was studied, including material parameter es- timation. Bone ingrowth modeling was initiated a few years ago. This research serves as the starting point for the present research proposal. Finally, a study is ongoing on the global modeling of the shoulder, which includes a unique study on material inhomogeneity and anisotropy in the glenoid of the sh...
The Team. Simulations are almost always conducted by a simulation team, not an isolated individual. Sometimes one individual plays several roles. The various roles include: • The customer’s executives and managers who “own” the problem, the decision-makers,• The customer’s engineers, staff, plant and line managers, and others who are involved in the problem, know key portions of the day-to-day op- erations and will live with implemented solutions,• In-house or outside systems designers, who are designing a new system or changes to the existing system, and• The simulation analyst.People who know and understand the actual system are a key resource for project success. Even if the system itself is new and not yet built or operational, there will be people who understand the business, the processes and the end product or service; their expertise is absolutely needed. It is quite infrequent that one person alone understands the whole system in sufficient detail to provide all the informa- tion needed; rather, a number of different people are needed, each providing a bit of expertise for one small part of the system.The project team must include all those with questions that they expect the model to address. These questions need to be identified and specified up front at project initia- tion, and not sprung upon the team at a final presentation where they will most likely go unanswered leading to mis- understanding and failure in the minds of some partici- pants.
The Team. The project Team had to be fully inclusive. Key parties to the Team would include: • The Owner’s Process Design and Construction Project Management Staff.• The Engineering and Architectural Design Staff.• The Construction Staff , including all the major contractors and sub-contractors.• The Authorities Having Jurisdiction.• Major Equipment Suppliers (Vendors of Choice)
The Team the subject CSIRT evaluating this Code of Practice is referred to as “the team”.
The Team. The project team of openANX encompasses a group of highly experienced innovators who are passionate about crypto and its future, as well as some of the industry’s brightest legal and business minds. Full details on
The Team. Our lead director (Founder) Glenn Prendergast has passionately led the club for over 30 years and fought for the club to maintain premises in Middleton that continue to be a fun and safe environment for young gymnasts. All our coaching staff have been gymnasts themselves at Middleton GC and developed themselves to be level 1, 2, 3 or 4 coaches and judges. We also have a team of very dedicated volunteers many of whom have been involved with the club since their children were gymnasts; some now have grandchildren as gymnasts. We have also created a parents committee who are dedicated to the fundraising and the development of the club. If you would like to be involved please see details of future meetings and contact details displayed around the gym, on our Facebook page or alternatively on our website at, as much or as little support are welcomed. As a not for profit company we often need to hold fundraising events/activities where parents involvement is necessary. If you can spare the time or resources to help in anyway please speak to any of our coaches or other volunteers.
The Team. Provider is the Client contact on this matter. Provider’s administrative assistant is and you may feel free to call him/her if Provider is unavailable and she may be contacting you from time to time to schedule conference calls, hearings and/or to obtain information and so forth.