CHARGES AND PAYMENT. 6.1 The Charges for the Services shall be as set out in the Purchase Order or Award Letter, and shall be the full and exclusive remuneration of the Supplier in respect of the performance of the Services. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Customer, the Charges shall include every cost and expense of the Supplier directly or indirectly incurred in connection with the performance of the Services.
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CHARGES AND PAYMENT. 5.1 The amount charged by the Company for carrying out any Works will be as specified in the Statement of Work (or as otherwise specified from the Company to the Customer), subject to any Variation and any Additional Expenses Charges and/or any Services Delay Charge. All prices in the Statement of Work are exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.
CHARGES AND PAYMENT. 7.1. In consideration of the services provided by Sprint under this Agreement, CLEC shall pay the charges set forth in Part C subject to the provisions of Section 4 hereof. The billing and payment procedures for charges incurred by CLEC hereunder are set forth in Part K.
CHARGES AND PAYMENT. Charges & invoices
CHARGES AND PAYMENT. B8.1. Subject to any provision of this Contract to the contrary (including without limitation those relating to withholding and/or retention), in consideration for the provision of the Services in accordance with the terms of this Contract, the Authority shall pay the Provider the Charges.
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CHARGES AND PAYMENT. 7.1 You shall pay the charges as set out in Part A.
CHARGES AND PAYMENT. Insurance Company agrees to reimburse, or agrees to cause an affiliate to reimburse, 1851 for its allocable share of the expenses incurred by 1851 in connection with its provision of services under this Agreement and the distribution of the Plans at cost. The methods for allocating expenses to 1851 shall be determined in accordance with the requirements prescribed in applicable insurance laws and regulations including New York Insurance Regulation No. 33. 1851 shall deliver a monthly report of expenses within 30 days of month end, and Insurance Company shall make payment within 15 days of receipt.
CHARGES AND PAYMENT. 10.1 The price for the Goods shall be the price set out in the Service Order Form. The price of the Goods is exclusive of all costs and charges of packaging, insurance, transport of the Goods, which shall be paid by the Customer when it pays for the Goods.
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