Additional Costs definition

Additional Costs has the meaning given that term in Section 4.1.
Additional Costs shall have the meaning assigned such term in Section 5.01(a).
Additional Costs has the meaning specified in Section 3.01.

Examples of Additional Costs in a sentence

  • Default Rate; Late Charge.(i) Any time during an Event of Default Period (and including any period prior to and after any judgment against Borrower concerning the Loan, the Principal Amount or Additional Costs), the Principal Amount, any Additional Costs, and all past due installments of interest will, at Lender's option, bear interest at the Default Rate.(ii) In addition to all other sums due under the Loan Documents, Borrower shall pay to Lender on demand the Late Charge upon all Past Due Indebtedness.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any of the Loan Documents, Borrower shall pay to Lender all Additional Costs immediately after Lender's demand.Lenders Determinations .

  • Claims for Additional Costs: If the Contractor wishes to make a claim for an increase in the Contract Sum, he shall give the Owner written notice thereof within twenty days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to such claim.

More Definitions of Additional Costs

Additional Costs has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.01.
Additional Costs means costs which the Lender determines are attributable to its obligation to make or its making or maintaining any LIBO Rate Loan, or any reduction in any amount receivable by the Lender in respect of any such obligation or any LIBO Rate Loan, resulting from any Regulatory Change which (a) changes the basis of taxation of any amounts payable to the Lender under this Agreement or the Note in respect of any LIBO Rate Loan (other than taxes imposed on the overall net income of the Lender), (b) imposes or modifies any reserve, special deposit, minimum capital, capital rates, or similar requirements relating to any extensions of credit or other assets of, or any deposits with or other liabilities of, the Lender (including LIBO Rate Loans and Dollar deposits in the London interbank market in connection with LIBO Rate Loans), or any commitments of the Lender hereunder, (c) increases the Assessment Rate, or (d) imposes any other condition affecting this Agreement or any of such extensions of credit, liabilities, or commitments.
Additional Costs as defined in Section 2.13(a).
Additional Costs shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 2.09(b) of the Funding Agreement.
Additional Costs shall have the meaning assigned to that term in Section 6.1(a).
Additional Costs is defined in Section 3.7(b).
Additional Costs means as specified in Section 4.1(a).