School will Sample Clauses

School will. ⮚ Encourage children to always do their best ⮚ Encourage children to respect and care for the environment ⮚ Encourage children to have an understanding of and respect for all, irrespective of race, gender, culture, class, religion or ability, Set, manage and monitor regular homework ⮚ Inform parents/carers of their children’s progress at regular meetings ⮚ Inform parents/carers of what their children are taught each term
School will. Provide a mixture of interactive lessons, pre- recorded videos and independent activities for the whole class or in smaller groups. • Respond to completed assignments through Microsoft Teams. • Differentiate learning tasks for children. • Provide appropriate tasks for children who have an EHCP. • Record all interactive lessons for children to refer back to or watch if they have missed the session for any reason. • Contact children who do not log in to interactive sessions to check in on them and their family. • Xxxx (and or comment on) all submitted learning and return to the children. Parents and Carers will … • Ensure children are following the timetable and are completing and submitting learning. • Let the school know if children have any technical issues with accessing online learning. • Follow the usual school procedures to report any absences—including COVID 19 symptoms or positive test results for their child or someone within the household. • Ensure children use Microsoft Teams solely for educational purposes and do not screen shot or record any of the sessions. • Monitor the use of devices to ensure online materials and apps are appropriate. • Ensure that the school has up to date contact details and be available to speak to school staff. • Contact school staff via appropriate channels
School will. Set appropriate learning activities regularly and value the effort put into completing them, including marking these when appropriate.
School will a) Be welcoming at all times and provide a high quality, engaging education that inspires and excites.
School will. The school will provide a caring secure environment so that all children attending Breakfast Club will feel valued and have sense of worth. The school operates a best value policy when setting realistic charges for attendance at Breakfast Club. If there is to be an increase in the fees charged, parents/carers will be given one months notice. School will provide a healthy breakfast with a choice of cereal and milk, fruit, toast and topping, fruit juice, milk and water. There will be a cooked breakfast once a week. School will provide a wide variety of activities to engage children’s interests. Parent/carer signature................................................. Date..................... Breakfast Club representative..................................... Date..................... PTO Breakfast Club Registration Form Please return to the school office Child’s Name/s Parents / Carer Name Address Contact Details Telephone (Home) Telephone (Work) Telephone (Mobile) Emergency Contact Details Name Name Name Telephone No. Telephone No. Telephone No. Mobile No. Mobile No. Mobile No. Doctors Name Telephone No. Child’s Name Age Any medical condition / Allergy to be noted Any other details Breakfast Club Supervisors should be aware of: Parent / Carer Signature Date
School will. Start classes promptly at 7.55am. • Keep an accurate record of attendance, • Share and discuss any concerns about attendance with parents,
School will.  As part of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies school will keep children safe from physical harm; ensure the building is a safe place to be, ensure adults who come into contact with children are qualified and safe to be in school; reduce risks to a minimum; maintain emotional well being; keep parents informed of policies and procedures in place to safeguard their children; keep appropriate records in an orderly, secure yet accessible manner.  Protect pupils from abuse and neglect within the guidelines set out by the Xxxxxx Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC)  Act on any concern by contacting parents and, if necessary, relevant Social Services departments.  Deliver the National Curriculum via a challenging programme of study appropriate to the children’s needs  Welcome parents into school to share information  Inform parents of children’s individual targets and their progress towards them  Let parents know of any concerns with regard to attendance, punctuality, attitudes or behaviour that might affect their child Signed Head teacher Family will –  Encourage positive attitudes to learning  Ensure children attend regularly, are punctual and are dressed in school uniform  Support the school’s policies on behaviour by encouraging children to be well mannered and mindful of the effect their behaviour might have on others  Provide a quiet, stress-free “space” at home for the children to complete their research  Read regularly with their children  Support extra-curricular activities eg music, sport etc  Attend parents meetings and take a positive interest in the life of the school as a whole  Inform school of any change of circumstances which might affect their child in any way  Encourage their child to be a friend to others, treat adults with respect and abide by the school’s code of conduct
School will. Start classes promptly at 0755 (FS2, KS1 & KS2) and 0800 for FS1 (Nursery) • Keep an accurate record of attendance, • Share and discuss any concerns about attendance with parents
School will. Help to promote new initiatives and events via our weekly newsletter to parents. Encourage pupils to take part and be involved in local initiatives and events. Continue to work closely with residents at West View to support inter- generational learning. Liaise with the local police, local community and the crime prevention office at Shropshire Council as part of the Safer Schools initiative. Parish Management Repairs and Maintenance Severnside Residents will: Report repairs to Severnside Housing on 0300 300 0059 or xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx. Allow access for Severnside Housing staff to rectify any repairs which have been reported. Maintain their property to a good standard and take responsibility for any damage caused. Notify Severnside Housing if unable to keep an appointment. Parishioners will: Contact Cllr Xxxxx Xxxxx on 01743 791002 or 07811 992349 or email Severnside Housing will: Complete repairs which have been reported in the following timescales: Emergency Repairs – Such as severe storm damage, burst water mains – we will attend within 4 hours and make safe within 24 hours Urgent Repairs – Such as a leaky roof, blocked sink – work will be completed within 7 days Routine Repairs – Such as loose floor boards – work will be completed within one calendar month Inspect or survey properties when there is a need to. Xxxxx will: Respond to any issues raised and ensure that they are reported and that action is taken where necessary.
School will. A. Provide overall supervision of services to the Students on an IEP to determine whether the IEP developed by the Special Education Department is being carried out properly