Head Teacher definition

Head Teacher means the head teacher of the Academy;
Head Teacher means a teacher who is appointed as such in a high school, distance education centre or central school, and is responsible to the principal for the program of work in a designated subject or learning area and the coordination of the work of classes in that area. The head teacher also exercises supervision over and gives advice and direction, when necessary, to other teachers in the subject or learning area in addition to their teaching duties. Provided that head teachers may be appointed with specific designated responsibilities, including:
Head Teacher means the person responsible for the day to day educational portion of the child day care center or group day care home who shall be on site for sixty (60) percent of the hours the center is in operation on a weekly basis, who may also be the director;

Examples of Head Teacher in a sentence

  • In addition to the general power to use reasonable force, the Head teacher and authorised staff can use such force as is reasonable given the circumstances to conduct a search for ‘prohibited items’.

  • If a pupil refuses to hand over articles a search may be required - it should be noted that in accordance with current DfE advice: • The Head teacher and other authorised staff can search lockers etc.

  • Take possession of the drug/substance and inform the Head teacher/Senior Leadership Team member who will inform the Head teacher at the first available opportunity.

  • This will also be the case if an adult becomes threatening or aggressive.If school staff have concerns about an adult or adults supplying drugs on or near school premises, or to any of the pupils outwith school premises, the Head teacher or other member of staff will consult with the Police.

  • All staff, both teaching and support staff, will be made aware of these procedures and how they relate to them should they be called upon to deal with a drug-related incident.The site-manager regularly checks the school premises – any substances or drug paraphernalia found will be reported to the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team and dealt with in accordance with these procedures.

More Definitions of Head Teacher

Head Teacher means the person(s) who is responsible for the development and implementation of the program of activities for each infant and toddler, preschool age, and school-age program in the center.
Head Teacher means the individual having overall program responsibility for children enrolled at the facility. The head teacher may also act as director.
Head Teacher means the person responsible for the day-to-day management of the School, including anyone to whom such duties have been duly delegated;
Head Teacher means the individual having overall program responsibility for children enrolled at the nursery school.
Head Teacher means, in relation to England, a person appointed to the teaching staff of a school as head teacher, and includes a person appointed as acting head teacher to carry out the functions of a head teacher pursuant to section 35(3) or 36(3) of the Act but not a teacher who is assigned and carries out duties of a head teacher without being so appointed;
Head Teacher means all persons employed within this classification, including those referred to in subclause 9.8 of this Agreement. This definition does not cover the Head Teacher Band 3 classification.
Head Teacher means the person for the time being in charge of a school howsoever he is designated;