Attendance at Meetings Sample Clauses

Attendance at Meetings. Wherever possible, the employer will hold meetings within the employee’s ordinary hours. Any employee required by the employer to attend meetings outside the employee's ordinary hours shall be entitled to receive their base rate of pay for the actual time spent in attendance at such meetings. In lieu of receiving payment, employees may, with the agreement of the employer, be permitted to be free from duty for a period of time equivalent to the period spent in attendance at such meetings. Such time spent shall not be viewed as overtime for the purposes of this Agreement.
Attendance at Meetings. Each of the Security Holders shall attend (in person or by proxy), and vote such Security Holder’s shares of the capital stock of the Company in accordance with this Agreement at, each annual meeting of the shareholders of the Company and each special meeting of the shareholders of the Company involving the election of directors of the Company.
Attendance at Meetings. Members may participate in any general meeting by means of such telephone, electronic or other communication facilities as permit all persons participating in the meeting to communicate with each other simultaneously and instantaneously, and participation in such a meeting shall constitute presence in person at such meeting, provided, however, that no Member may participate in any general meeting while that Member (or, if any Member is an entity, its representative) is physically present in the United States.
Attendance at Meetings. Each of the Investors agrees to be present, either in person or by proxy, at all meetings of shareholders of the Company at which one or more members of the Board are to be elected, so that all shares held by such Investor may be voted for the election of the directors as set forth herein; provided, that the Company shall have given notice of such meeting to each Investor not less than 10 days prior to the date of such meeting (unless waived in writing by such person). Each Investor may abstain from voting at all such meetings with respect to any matter except for the election of directors.
Attendance at Meetings. (1) All time spent in attendance at Joint Health & Safety Committee meetings and Sub- committees or in activities relating to the function of the Joint Health & Safety Committee will be paid for at the membersregular or premium rate of pay for performing work, and the time spent is to be considered as time at work.
Attendance at Meetings. The City shall allow representatives of the Union reasonable time off from work, without loss of compensation or other benefits to represent its members in disputes which involve the interpretation or application of those rules, regulations, and resolutions which have been or may hereafter be adopted by the City Council, to govern personnel practices and working conditions, including such rules, regulations, and resolutions as may be adopted by the City Council to effect Memorandum Agreements which may result from the meeting and conferring process, and to represent its members in meeting and conferring in good faith for amendments to this Agreement in the future, subject to the conditions set forth in Sections 5.2 (Negotiations) and 5.3 (Notification). All release time shall be recorded on time sheets and time cards, with the appropriate code. Union representatives' workload will be adjusted on the basis of approved release time. Where required, a department head may request budget replacement for this workload adjustment to provide for completion of the authorized workplan.
Attendance at Meetings. Subject to other provisions, a Union representative scheduled to attend a meeting with the Hospital during his regularly scheduled working hours shall not be unreasonably denied the opportunity to attend. Time spent attending such meeting will be without loss of earnings.
Attendance at Meetings. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, it is understood and agreed that attendance of bargaining unit representatives at all meetings between the Union and the Board shall be at no cost to the Board.