Licensure Sample Clauses

Licensure. Provider shall, throughout the duration of this Agreement, be required to maintain any and all licenses and certificates as may be required by the state in which Provider provides services.
Licensure. A. The State Highway Patrol shall set aside $960 each fiscal year for fee reimbursement for Electronic Technician(s) to obtain a license or certificate. Funding shall be limited to $960 total per fiscal year disbursed among the pool of qualified applicants in accordance with Highway Patrol policy. Preapproval is required. An employee must successfully complete the course and obtain the license or certificate required of an Electronic Technician 2 or 3. Unused balances shall not carry forward from one fiscal year to any succeeding fiscal year.
Licensure. Tenant shall execute, deliver and file all documents and statements reasonably requested by Landlord to effect the transfer of the Facility license and Government Authorizations to a replacement operator designated by Landlord (“Replacement Operator”), subject to any required approval of governmental regulatory authorities, and Tenant shall provide to Landlord all information and records required by Landlord in connection with the transfer of the license and Government Authorizations.
Licensure. EquiTrust Life will be properly licensed with each state or other jurisdiction as required in order to provide the services described in this Agreement.
Licensure. The Provider represents and warrants that it (1) duly holds all necessary licenses required by local, State, federal laws and regulations and (2) will furnish satisfactory proof of such licensure to the Buyer’s representative within ten (10) days after the execution of the Agreement. The Provider covenants that it will maintain its required licensed status with the appropriate governmental authorities and will immediately notify in writing – within five (5) days - the Buyer in the event such licensing is suspended, withdrawn or revoked. The Provider agrees that such suspension, revocation or withdrawal shall constitute grounds for the immediate termination of this Agreement. Misrepresentation of possession of such license shall constitute a breach of contract and terminate this Agreement without written notice and without financial obligation on the part of the Buyer to pay the Provider’s invoices.