Additional Services Sample Clauses

Additional Services. In addition to, and neither in lieu nor in contravention of, the services set forth in the above paragraph, the Transfer Agent shall perform the following services:
Additional Services. In the event this Agreement is terminated in whole or in part as provided herein, City may procure, upon such terms and in such manner as it may determine appropriate, services similar to those terminated.
Additional Services. State Street may from time to time agree to make available to the Fund additional Systems that are not described in the attachments to this Addendum. In the absence of any other written agreement concerning such additional systems, the term “System” shall include, and this Addendum shall govern, the Fund’s access to and use of any additional System made available by State Street and/or accessed by the Fund.
Additional Services. The Bank shall perform the additional services for the Fund as are set forth on Appendix C hereto. Appendix C may be amended from time to time upon agreement of the parties to include further additional services to be provided by the Bank to the Fund, at which time the fees set forth in Appendix B shall be appropriately increased.
Additional Services. Should the Trust have occasion to request the Adviser or its affiliates to perform administrative or other additional services not herein contemplated or to request the Adviser or its affiliates to arrange for the services of others, the Adviser or its affiliates will act for the Trust on behalf of a Fund upon request to the best of its ability, with compensation for the services to be agreed upon with respect to each such occasion as it arises. No such agreement for additional services shall expand, reduce or otherwise alter the obligations of the Adviser, or the compensation that the Adviser is due, under this Agreement.
Additional Services. The Funds engage the Custodian to provide, and the Custodian agrees to provide those additional services (if any) set forth in Exhibit C annexed hereto.
Additional Services. Upon the request of the Board, the Adviser may perform certain accounting, shareholder servicing or other administrative services on behalf of the Series that are not required by this Agreement. Such services will be performed on behalf of the Series and the Adviser may receive from the Series such reimbursement for costs or reasonable compensation for such services as may be agreed upon between the Adviser and the Board on a finding by the Board that the provision of such services by the Adviser is in the best interests of the Series and its shareholders. Payment or assumption by the Adviser of any Series expense that the Adviser is not otherwise required to pay or assume under this Agreement shall not relieve the Adviser of any of its obligations to the Series nor obligate the Adviser to pay or assume any similar Series expense on any subsequent occasions.
Additional Services. To the extent that Fund elects to engage any entity other than Transfer Agent (“Vendor”) to provide any additional services (e.g., plans, restricted stock, corporate actions, etc.), Fund shall give Transfer Agent or its affiliates an opportunity to bid on such services upon the same terms and conditions as Vendor.
Additional Services. City shall have the right at any time during the performance of the services, without invalidating this Agreement, to order extra work beyond that specified in the Scope of Services or make changes by altering, adding to or deducting from said work. No such extra work may be undertaken unless a written order is first given by the Contract Officer to the Consultant, incorporating therein any adjustment in (i) the Contract Sum for the actual costs of the extra work, and/or (ii) the time to perform this Agreement, which said adjustments are subject to the written approval of the Consultant. Any increase in compensation of up to ten percent (10%) of the Contract Sum or $25,000, whichever is less; or, in the time to perform of up to one hundred eighty (180) days, may be approved by the Contract Officer. Any greater increases, taken either separately or cumulatively, must be approved by the City Council. It is expressly understood by Consultant that the provisions of this Section shall not apply to services specifically set forth in the Scope of Services. Consultant hereby acknowledges that it accepts the risk that the services to be provided pursuant to the Scope of Services may be more costly or time consuming than Consultant anticipates and that Consultant shall not be entitled to additional compensation therefor. City may in its sole and absolute discretion have similar work done by other Consultants. No claims for an increase in the Contract Sum or time for performance shall be valid unless the procedures established in this Section are followed.