Business Park Sample Clauses

Business Park. The Premises comprises one of the six ------------- ------------- buildings situated in the Business Park as of the date of this Lease. The Business Park is shown on the site plan attached hereto as Exhibit "A". All ----------- areas outside the buildings within the Business Park are herein called the "Common Areas." Lessee shall be entitled to park in its prorata share of parking spaces within the parking areas provided from time to time in the Common Areas; provided that, in all events Lessee shall be entitled to park in no less than 3.7 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of floor space within the Premises. Lessee shall also be entitled to use such exercise facilities as may exist thereon from time to time, on a nonexclusive basis with other tenants of the Business Park and their respective employees and invitees. Lessee acknowledges that there are no parking spaces specifically assigned or designated for the exclusive use of Lessee. Lessor reserves the right to designate for each tenant of the Business Park a pro rata share of parking within the Business Park, in which event Lessee shall thereafter cause its employees, agents, contractors, and other invitees to park only in the spaces so designated for Lessee's parking and shall not cause or permit such entities to park in other areas of the Business Park. In the event Lessor designates specific parking areas for each tenant of the Business Park, the location and size of the parking area designated for Lessee shall be subject to Lessee's approval, which approval shall not unreasonably be withheld or delayed.
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Business Park. The overall planned industrial development of which the Project is a part. . For purposes of this lease, the term "Business Park" as used herein; shall have the same, meaning and may be used interchangeably as "Project;" as such term is defined in Section 1.3, above.
Business Park. The Building, the Other Building and the Project Land (hereinafter defined).
Business Park. The planned industrial development of which the Project is a part. The Business Park consists of Parcel C of Minor Subdivision No. 98-11 in the City of Carlsbad, County of San Diego, State of California according to Parcel Map thereof No. 18416, filed in the Office of the County Recorder of San Diego County, on January 26, 2000 as File No. 2000-39031 of official records.

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  • Premises Parking and Common Areas 2.1 Letting Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, the Premises, for the term, at the rental, and upon all of the terms covenants and conditions set forth in this Lease. Unless otherwise provided herein, any statement of square footage set forth in this Lease, or that may have been used in calculating rental and/or Common Area Operating Expenses, is an approximation which Lessor and Lessee agree is reasonable and the rental and Lessee's Share (as defined in Paragraph 1.6(b)) based thereon is not subject to revision whether or not the actual square footage is more or less.

  • Utility Easements 2.1 Some properties may at the discretion of the Developer be subject to easements in favour of suppliers of water, power, gas, telephone, internet and wastewater utilities and services, including SaskPower for location of a transformer and SaskTel. The Property Owner acknowledges that the location of any transformer and which lots will be affected by any such easements, will not be known until such utility and service providers complete their design work and the Developer has negotiated the terms and conditions thereof. The Property Owner further specifically acknowledges and agrees that the Property may be subject to any such easement, and that the same shall not affect or result in a decrease or abatement of the purchase price of the Property.

  • Principal Business Office The principal business office of the Company shall be located at 20000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 or such other location as may hereafter be determined by the Member.

  • Building With respect to each parcel of Real Estate, all of the buildings, structures and improvements now or hereafter located thereon. Business Day. Any day on which banking institutions located in the same city and State as the Agent’s Head Office are located are open for the transaction of banking business and, in the case of LIBOR Rate Loans, which also is a LIBOR Business Day.

  • Alpine Areas The employer shall pay an Alpine disability allowance of $2.50 per hour worked on projects in alpine areas.

  • Conduct of Local Church Operations From the date of this Disaffiliation Agreement through and until the Closing, the Local Church: (a) will conduct its operations substantially in accordance with past practice and will use commercially reasonable efforts, subject to the foregoing, to maintain and preserve its operations and organization consistent with past practice and efficient and economical management, (b) will not take any action that is inconsistent with its charitable purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or that otherwise adversely affects its tax-exempt status, and (c) will not take any action that would cause its representations and warranties in this Disaffiliation Agreement not to remain true and correct as of Closing, except with the prior written consent of the Annual Conference.

  • Information Systems Acquisition Development and Maintenance Security of System Files. To protect City Information Processing Systems and system files containing information, Service Provider will ensure that access to source code is restricted to authorized users whose specific job function necessitates such access.

  • Dewatering 4.7.1 Where a part of a site is affected by surface water following a period of rain, thus rendering some areas unsafe for productive work, consistent with the Employer’s obligations under the OH&S Act, all non- trades employees shall assist in ‘dewatering’ their own work site or area if it is so affected. Such work to be paid at single time rates. Productive work will continue in areas not so affected.

  • Business Locations Set forth on Schedule 6.20(a) is a list of all Real Properties located in the United States as of the Closing Date. Set forth on Schedule 6.20(b) is a list of all locations where any tangible personal property of a Consolidated Party is located as of the Closing Date. Set forth on Schedule 6.20(c) is the chief executive office, jurisdiction of incorporation or formation and principal place of business of each Consolidated Party as of the Closing Date.

  • Security Systems The Service may not be compatible with security systems. You may be required to maintain a telephone connection through your local exchange carrier in order to use any alarm monitoring functions for any security system installed in your home or business. You are responsible for contacting the alarm monitoring company to test the compatibility of any alarm monitoring or security system with the Service.

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