Offered for Sale definition

Offered for Sale means a vehicle that meets the following requirements:
Offered for Sale means any attempt by advertisement or other means to induce consumers to purchase consumer goods by placing the consumer goods on display in a retail establishment.
Offered for Sale means making available for purchase or suggesting availability of merchandise or services for purchase by use of any advertising or promotional materials, including brochures, handbills, or calendars, or by the displaying of merchandise, or verbal or written expressions, direct or indirect, of a willingness to furnish services or merchandise to the public for a retail price.

Examples of Offered for Sale in a sentence

  • Allowances Offered for Sale The auction of allowances from the current and previous budget years is known as the Current Auction.

  • Table 2: Current Auction Allowances Offered for Sale by VintageVintage YearNumber of Allowances201614,894,520201883,321,400Total Current Auction Budget98,215,920 Annual Auction Reserve Prices The Annual Auction Reserve Prices7 refer to the minimum prices set and released annually by each jurisdiction in accordance with Section 95911 of the California Regulation, Article 49 of the Québec Regulation, and Section 71(4) and 71(5) of the Ontario Regulation.

  • U.S. General Accounting Office, BLM Public Domain Lands: Volume of Timber Offered for Sale Has Declined Substantially since Fiscal Year 1990, GAO-03-615, June 2003.

  • Please send us photos of your products or service descriptions List/Description of Merchandise to be Offered for Sale: List all items Vendor will offer for sale; only items listed on this form may be sold in Vendor’s booth.

  • Allowances Offered for Sale Allowances offered for sale during a joint auction are issued under the California Cap- and-Trade Program and the Québec Cap-and-Trade System.

  • Obstructing Sale of Property Offered for Sale by Lawful Authority of Public Servant.Whoever intentionally obstructs any sale of property offered for sale under the lawful authority of a public servant, commits an offence, and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or with a fine not exceeding SDG10 or with both.120.

  • Table 2: Current Auction Allowances Offered for Sale by VintageVintage YearNumber of Allowances20149,301201765,094,972Total Current Auction Budget65,104,273 Annual Auction Reserve PricesThe Annual Auction Reserve Price refers to the Auction Reserve Price established and published annually by each jurisdiction.

  • This Agreement and each executed Joinder Agreement constitute the entire and only agreement between and among the Parties relating to the subject matter hereof, and all prior negotiations, representations, agreements and understandings are superseded by this Agreement.

  • Buyer shall have sixty (60) days from the date of Seller’s Notice within which to make a binding election to purchase the Property Offered for Sale at the price and upon the terms specified in Seller's Notice.

  • If Buyer commits to purchase the Property Offered for Sale, Buyer will be required to close on the purchase within ninety (90) days of Buyer’s acceptance of Seller’s Notice or on the date specified in Seller’s Notice, whichever is later.

More Definitions of Offered for Sale

Offered for Sale means that the Borrower shall have taken the following actions: (a) carrying out of: (i) an analysis of the legal, economic, financial and operational condition of said Enterprise; (ii) an audit and evaluation of the accounts of said Enterprise; and
Offered for Sale means that the Borrower shall have taken the following actions: (a) carrying out a valuation of said bank; (b) preparing a prospectus or dossier; and (c) soliciting offers directly or through advertisements in appropriate newspapers;
Offered for Sale means offered in exchange for money, a membership fee or any other valuable consideration.

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  • Other Securities refers to any stock (other than Common Stock) and other securities of the Company or any other person (corporate or otherwise) which the holder of the Warrant at any time shall be entitled to receive, or shall have received, on the exercise of the Warrant, in lieu of or in addition to Common Stock, or which at any time shall be issuable or shall have been issued in exchange for or in replacement of Common Stock or Other Securities pursuant to Section 4 or otherwise.

  • Applicable Securities Law means (i) with respect to any offering of securities in the United States of America, or any other act or omission within that jurisdiction, the securities law of the United States, including the Exchange Act and the Securities Act, and any applicable law of any State of the United States, and (ii) with respect to any offering of securities in any jurisdiction other than the United States of America, or any related act or omission in that jurisdiction, the applicable laws of that jurisdiction.

  • Securities Law means the Israeli Securities Law, 5728-1968.

  • Applicable Securities Laws means the applicable securities legislation of each relevant province and territory of Canada, as amended from time to time, the rules, regulations and forms made or promulgated under any such statute and the published national instruments, multilateral instruments, policies, bulletins and notices of the securities commission and similar regulatory authority of each province and territory of Canada.

  • transferable securities means those classes of securities which are negotiable on the capital market, with the exception of instruments of payment, such as:

  • Public purchase means a purchase by means of competitive bids of goods, services, or materials by the State or any of its political subdivisions or public agencies on whose behalf the Attorney General may bring an action pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 16750 of the Business and Professions Code.

  • Subco Shares means the common shares in the capital of Subco;

  • Federal Securities Laws means the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, any rules adopted by the Commission under any of these statutes, the Bank Secrecy Act as it applies to funds and investment advisers, and any rules adopted thereunder by the Commission or the Department of the Treasury.

  • Purchaser Securities means the Purchaser Units, the Purchaser Common Stock, the Purchaser Preferred Stock and the Purchaser Warrants, collectively.

  • Eligible In-Transit Inventory means, as of any date of determination thereof, without duplication of other Eligible Inventory, In-Transit Inventory:

  • Securities Laws means, collectively, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (“Sarbanes-Oxley”), the Act, the Exchange Act, the Rules and Regulations, the auditing principles, rules, standards and practices applicable to auditors of “issuers” (as defined in Sarbanes-Oxley) promulgated or approved by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and, as applicable, the rules of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Market (“Exchange Rules”).

  • approved securities means securities of any State Government or of the Central Government and such bonds, both the principal whereof and the interest whereon shall have been fully and unconditionally guaranteed by any such Government;

  • Securities Act of 1933 means the United States Securities Act of 1933, as from time to time amended.