Administration of Sample Clauses

Administration of. [In-Network] Evidence of Coverage. CareFirst BlueChoice may adopt reasonable policies, procedures, rules and interpretations to promote the orderly and efficient administration of this [In-Network] Evidence of Coverage.
Administration of. Appointments: Headteachers and Deputies Adhere to statutory requirements and the Authority’s Appointment Guidelines. The timetable will be arranged jointly with the Headteacher in consultation with the Governing Body and the Education Business Centre Leader/ Education Business Centre Officers Draw up an advertisement in collaboration with the Governing Body. Provide an advertisement to be sent electronically to the Chair (Headteacher post) or Headteacher (Deputy post). Arrange dates for: closing, drawing up a shortlist, interviews. Send application packs on behalf of the school to applicants. Circulate advertisements via e-mail to the Gwynedd schools. Receive application forms and make copies for the appointment panel. At request of school, correspond with applicants and reference providers. Send reference letters to the schools Send job offer letter to applicant as well as DBS form, details on how to register with Adhere to statutory requirements and the Authority’s Appointment Guidelines. Arrange to hold a meeting with the Governing Body in consultation with the Area Education Officer to discuss proceding to appoint or not. Complete PEN 1 – Request to advertise a post Complete PEN 2 – Job Description. Complete PEN 3 – Person Specification. Complete further information about the school or provide the school handbook. Arrange dates for: closing, drawing up a shortlist, interviews. After interviewing and the offer of appointment, the Headteacher will need to complete the Appointment Pack for a Deputy post (i.e. Appointment Form (GY1) and Appointment Panel Minutes Form) and return it to the Education Business Centre as soon as possible. Inform the Schools’ Salaries and Contracts Unit by sending GY3 Staff Termination of Employment. Core the Education Workforce Council (EWC) and BACS form. Process the DBS, EWC details, BACS and confirm applicants’ right to work in UK. Transfer appointment package to Schools’ Salaries and Contracts Unit
Administration of. The Public Service Pensions Plan • The Parliamentary Pensions Plan • The Judicial Pension Plan
Administration of. The Public Service Pensions Plan  The Parliamentary Pensions Plan  The Judicial Pension PlanThe Ex-Gratia Pensions
Administration of. Each Department in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Department of Economics in the of Business and Economics shall a Chair. For purposes of this Agreement the Associate Deans of Business shall be considered as Chairs. The Chairs shall be responsible to the University and to the members of the Department for its orderly, effective and efficient operation. When representing the Department on a committee or in an official capacity the shall present the Department's position. Each Chair shall be responsible for holding and chairing meetings of Department, and for reporting the recommendations to the Xxxx. While a Department may wish to recommend that administrative responsibilities be delegated to individual members the Department, or Departmental sub-committees, the whose membership shall be limited to Faculty Members of the Department except stipulated elsewhere this Agreement, may formulate recommendations concerning matters of interest to the Department and shall be directed to the Xxxx through the Chair. These recommendations shall include but not be limited to the following: curriculum development; appointments) tenure; promotions;
Administration of. The will be administered in a manner at least consistent with the practices and provisions applicable to the Leave-For-Illness Plan.
Administration of. BDISCIPLINE
Administration of the Software and the use by end-users of the Galleries will be the responsibility of E@H, which will also be the sole point of contact for the Gallery end-users.
Administration of. Dear For the duration of this collective agreement, the following articles shall be administered as follows: The regular work week for full-time employees will be thirty-seven and one-half hours per week comprised of five work days scheduled for no more than eight hours per day. A regular work week containing one or more eight hour shifts shall be by mutual agreement between the employee and his/her supervisor. should either party want to change the employee's regular work week back to five work days scheduled for seven and a half hours per day, a minimum of three weeks notice in writing shall be provided by either the supervisor or the employee. Employees working a minimum of seven hours a day are entitled to two rest periods of fifteen minutes each, paid at the employee's regular hourly rate. time worked by an employee in excess of eight hours per day or in excess of thirty seven and a half hours per week will be paid at a rate of one and a half times the employee's basic hourly rate. Employees who have worked nine and a half hours or more in a day will be entitled to a meal allowance. The meal allowance will be nine dollars. For the purposes of this article only, overtime shall be defined as all hours worked in excess of the employee's regularly scheduled hours for that day. (Remainder of article to remain the same) Yours truly, LETTER OF AGREEMENT Students and Term Workers will be employed under the following terms and conditions: Term Workers shall be on a temporary basis to in tasks such bridging-a hiring gap-, work backlogs, increases in business volumes and the of products and services (example: FORD Visa) ; Summer Students shall only be employed for the period April to September inclusive in any calendar year; A Term work assignment shall not exceed four calendar months unless mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the Trade Union; The employer shall not be permitted to hire Summer Students or Term Workers if any employee is on a recall list under Article Lay-Offs and Recalls; Summer Students shall be administered as temporary employees as per Article of the Collective Agreement: Article Articles Trade Union Term Workers are required to pay Union Dues in accordance with Deductions, but are only covered by and Schedules and of the Term Workers and Summer Students will not accumulate seniority in accordance with Article Seniority, nor be subject to Article Lay-Offs and Recalls; LETTER OF AGREEMENT "continued" STUDENTS WORKERS In the event Man...
Administration of. An employee called for an interview for the purpose of reprimand, disciplinary action or investigation of same shall have a Union representative present during the interview, and the interview will not proceed until the Union representative is present. A verbal will require the presence of a Union representative. Discipline is also defined as a written warning. A copy must be given to the xxxxxxx.