Administration and Collection Sample Clauses

Administration and Collection. OF RECEIVABLES
Administration and Collection. SECTION 6.01.
Administration and Collection. SECTION 8.01.
Administration and Collection. Section 8.1
Administration and Collection. The Council will be responsible for the imposition, administration, collection and recovery of the BID Levy.
Administration and Collection. OF POOL RECEIVABLES
Administration and Collection. 26 SECTION 6.01.
Administration and Collection. 24 Section 8.1
Administration and Collection. Section 6.1.
Administration and Collection. After termination of the contract, WaterRower will coordinate a mutually convenient pick up time to collect the Equipment. Renter shall be responsible for proper packing of the Equipment in the original shipping box, in accordance with the packing and shipping instructions. For the return of the machine and the administration during the contract period, WaterRower charges a fee of $149.95 (WA & NT $199.95) payable at the termination of the contract which, at WaterRower's option, shall be offset against the deposit. Please retain the original boxes to avoid purchasing replacement boxes. If replacement boxes are needed, purchase price is appx. $100.00.