Faculty Members Sample Clauses

Faculty Members. A term faculty member shall lose seniority as a term faculty member:
Faculty Members. Not EligibleFaculty members are not eligible for listing on the Registry if they have:
Faculty Members are required to report to a central location in order to be assigned their work location, their workday shall commence from the time they are required to report for assignment.
Faculty Members covered by this Agreement are eligible for listing on the Registry if they are faculty members who have received notice of layoff or have been laid off and are either:
Faculty Members in the bargaining unit who, on October 22, 1974, were members of the Union, or thereafter become members of the Union, shall, as a condition of continued employment, maintain such membership.
Faculty Members shall retain any sick leave banks accrued up to but not beyond March 31, 2002, for the purpose of Short Term Disability.