Faculty Members Sample Clauses

Faculty Members. Non-regular type 1 instructors who are unable to fulfil the terms of their contract(s) because of illness will, upon application, be deemed to be on Leave of Absence Without Pay for the affected portion of their contract(s). (See also Article 15.07)
Faculty Members. 16.01.01 The responsibilities of faculty members (excluding those appointed as Contract Lecturer Members) at Lakehead University shall encompass an appropriate combination of teaching, research and other scholarly and creative activities, administrative activities, and service to the profession and community.
Faculty Members. Instructors assigned to the bargaining unit shall pay dues to the Faculty in 9 accordance with its policies and procedures.
Faculty Members. 11.01 A faculty member’s professional obligations and responsibilities to the University shall encompass: (a) teaching; (b) research, scholarly or creative activity; (c) service to the University. While the pattern of these duties may vary between streams and may vary from individual to individual, they constitute the faculty member’s principal obligation during the employment year, and include, without being restricted to, responsibilities as follows:
Faculty Members. Academic ranks shall be designated and distinguished as follows for all full-time Faculty Members. In determining rank, due consideration shall be given to practical experience, the relevant merits of academic degrees and professional qualifications:
Faculty Members. 11.01 A faculty member’s professional obligations and respon- sibilities to the University shall encompass: (a) teaching;
Faculty Members. “Faculty Members” are those employed in the full-time service of Lincoln with primary responsibility for the academic job assignment. Faculty members shall also include Librarians holding Faculty Rank and Visiting Faculty Positions. Excluded from the term “Faculty Members” are: persons employed as adjunct faculty position, deans, directors of special programs who do not hold faculty rank, the Director of Co-op Education, Vice Presidents, the President, and Counselors.
Faculty Members. The Parties agree that the historical hourly rate paid to Non-regular type 1 faculty is approximately equivalent to an hourly rate derived from step 7 of the provincial salary scale. The following scale placement and progression on grid will apply effective September 1, 2020.
Faculty Members. (i) In the College of Business Administration, Engineering & Science, Health Professions, Liberal Arts & Education, and the School of Architecture the work year for a Faculty Member shall not exceed nine (9) months and shall be scheduled between August 16 and August 15 of the following year. In schools or colleges where the Employer does not operate a trimester program, a Faculty Member may be assigned to work Term I and Term II; or Term I, Summer I and Summer II; or Term II, Summer I and Summer II. Summer I and Summer II assignments can only be made with the consent of the faculty member involved. In schools or colleges where the Employer operates a trimester program, a Faculty Member may be assigned to any two trimesters.
Faculty Members. D.1 A Faculty Member shall not be obliged to engage in the commercial exploitation of professional or scholarly work or to provide commercial justification for it, except as agreed in any grant application, award or contract, or as set out in this Policy.