Definition of Temporary Assignment

  1. Temporary Assignment means a work assignment that the Employer reasonably expects to continue for a period that does not exceed five years. An assignment that is described in the preceding sentence at its inception may continue to be considered a Temporary Assignment for a period that extends beyond five years, if such assignment is extended by the Employer for bona fide business reasons, and the nature of the extension does not cause the Employer to consider it a permanent assignment. Every assignment to a worksite in the United States (from outside the United States) shall be deemed to be a Temporary Assignment at its inception, except in those instances in which (A) the duration of the assignment, by the express terms of the assignment at such time, is more than five years, or (B) the assignment is designated at such time by the Company's Vice President of Global Talent Management, for bona fide business reasons, as being other than a Temporary Assignment. 2.21 Key Employee: The individuals identified in accordance with principles set forth in subsection (a), as modified by the following provisions of this Section.

Examples of Temporary Assignment in a sentence

  1. Temporary Assignment and Withdrawal of Resident Customer Support Representative.
  2. For purposes of the definition of Executive under Article II of the Plan, and subject to any additional requirements that may apply under subsection (b) below, the following are the countries to which an individual may be assigned (in connection with a Temporary Assignment that is referenced in subsection (b) of the Plans definition of Executive):