A probationary Sample Clauses

A probationary educator’s reassignment at the end of a leave will depend upon his/her evaluations and previous effectiveness as an educator.
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A probationary. Unit Member retained after the first year of service shall be evaluated in the fall semester only, except where the contract category placement for the fall semester evaluation is CATEGORY B, in which case evaluation for the spring semester shall be required.
A probationary employee recalled after a layoff to the same type of Position shall be entitled to complete their probationary period in the new position.
A probationary shall seniority rights in a Trade consistent with the provisions of of the Collective Agreement.
A probationary. Registered Nurse shall have no Seniority rights but shall accrue seniority from the date of hire upon completion of the probationary period.
A probationary employee is for all purposes of this Agreement a full-time or part-time employee.
A probationary. JOURNEYPERSON is one whose ability and qualifications to carry out any work in his trade are unknown to the Company at the time of his employment. The six (6) months probationary period will allow him to train up to our Journeyperson standards, at which time he will become a Journeyperson on successful passing of the test, re-classified or terminated. The shop xxxxxxx and employee will be informed in writing if the Company employs a person with a Journeyperson Ticket in this category.
A probationary employee may lodge a grievance to the same extent as a seniority employee, except with respect to the termination of his employment.
A probationary employee shall attain seniority status and rights after they have worked one thousand fifty-six (1056) hours within any twelve (12) month period, at which time their name will be added to the seniority list. An employee shall be given seniority date back-dated one thousand fifty-six (1056) hours, including holidays. If the probationary employee has been working a twelve (12) hour shift pattern, they shall be given a seniority date back dated one thousand fifty-six (1056) hours, including holidays. In no event shall their seniority date precede their original starting date with the Company. On completion of the probationary period, employees will become eligible for all the normal benefits given to employees having seniority, including enrollment in the Group Insurance and Pension Plans.

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  • Probationary This category describes persons taken on strength on a probationary basis with the prospect, if their services are found satisfactory, of a change of category to Regular full-time or Regular part-time (Section 1.2, following).

  • Probationary Employment 4.2.1(a) An employer may initially engage a full-time or part-time employee for a period of probationary employment for the purpose of determining the employee's suitability for ongoing employment. The employee must be advised in advance that the employment is probationary and of the duration of the probation which can be up to but not exceed three months.

  • Probationary Employee An employee who was hired into probationary status and who has not successfully completed the probationary period.

  • Probationary Employees Employees with permanent status will not be separated from state service through a layoff action without first being offered positions they have the skills and abilities to perform within their current job classification within the layoff unit currently held by probationary employees. Probationary employees will be separated from employment before permanent employees.

  • Probationary Teachers Nothing contained in this Article 23 shall be interpreted as limiting the Board’s right to non-renew the teaching contract of a probationary teacher who is on family/sick leave.

  • Probationary Period A new employee will be considered on probation until he has completed forty-five (45) days of work (or 337.5 hours of work for employees whose regular hours of work are other than the standard work day), within any twelve (12) calendar months. Upon completion of the probationary period he shall be credited with seniority equal to forty-five (45) working days. With the written consent of the Hospital, the probationary employee and the President of the Local Union or designate, such probationary period may be extended. Any extensions agreed to will be in writing and will specify the length of the extension. The release or discharge of an employee during the probationary period shall not be the subject of a grievance or arbitration.

  • Probationary Periods Employees transferring to a different title will serve a six (6) calendar month probationary period. In the event the probationary period is not satisfactorily completed, the affected employee shall be returned to Job Bank assignment and the employee’s “bumping”, layoff or transfer rights under the Agreement or other applicable authority shall be restored to the same extent such rights existed prior to the employee taking the probationary position. Upon the affected employee’s first such return to the Job Bank, the employee shall be entitled to remain in the Job Bank for the greater of ten (10) business days, or the duration of the applicable Job Bank period, as determined under Article I, paragraph 2, that remained as of the date the employee began in the probationary position. The rate of compensation for the remainder of the employee’s time in the Job Bank will be the same as the rate in effect as of the employee’s last day in the probationary position. Return to the Job Bank terminates the employee’s work in the probationary assignment and, therefore, time served following the return to the Job Bank shall not be construed to count toward the completion of the probationary period.

  • Promotional Probationary Period An employee who has previously completed the requisite probationary period and who is rejected during a subsequent probationary period for a promotional appointment shall be reinstated to the former position from which the employee was appointed. If the employee was dismissed from employment during the promotional probationary period, the employee shall not be entitled to such reinstatement rights.

  • Length of Probationary Period A. For all classifications, with the exception of those specified in 1801-B, the probationary period is 1,040 compensable hours exclusive of overtime. If federal, state or local law requires a longer probationary period, such law shall prevail. The probationary period for a less than full time employee shall equal the same number of hours (1,040) that have to be served by a full-time employee.

  • Probation for Newly Hired Employees (a) The Employer may reject a probationary employee for just cause. A rejection during probation shall not be considered a dismissal for the purpose of Article 11.2