Further Information Sample Clauses

Further Information. Prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall have furnished to the Representative such further information, certificates and documents as the Representative may reasonably request.
Further Information. While any of the Securities are outstanding, the Bank will deliver to you copies of all reports and financial statements furnished to any national securities exchange in the United States pursuant to requirements of, or agreements with, any such exchange and to the Commission pursuant to the Exchange Act or any rules and regulations of the Commission thereunder.
Further Information. The Client agrees to execute further documents and provide materials and information as may be reasonably requested by the Custodian to enable it to perform its duties and obligations under this Agreement.
Further Information. For further information about LPL’s sweep programs or the Account, please contact Advisor.
Further Information. Each Request for Borrowing shall be accompanied or preceded by: (i) a duly executed Borrowing Base Certificate dated the date of such Request for Borrowing; and (ii) such documents as are required to satisfy any applicable conditions precedent as provided in Section 6.2.
Further Information. For more information refer to the Public Procurement and Disposals Act 2015 and its Regulations available from the Website xxx.xxxx.xx.xx or email xxxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx.xx. You should read these documents before preparing and submitting your complaint.
Further Information. If Registrable Securities owned by a Holder are included in any registration, such Holder shall furnish the Issuer such information regarding itself as the Issuer may reasonably request and as shall be required in connection with any registration (or amendment or supplement thereto), referred to in this Agreement, and Holder shall indemnify the Issuer with respect thereto in accordance with Section 7 hereof. The Investor hereby represents and warrants to the Issuer that it has accurately and completely provided the requested information and answered the questions numbered (a) through (d) on the signature pages of this Agreement, and the Investor agrees and acknowledges that the Issuer may rely on such information as being true and correct for purposes of preparing and filing the Shelf Registration Statement at the time of filing thereof and at the time it is declared effective, unless the Investor has notified the Issuer in writing to the contrary prior to such time.
Further Information. In the event the Stock Option is exercised, pursuant to the foregoing provisions of this Section 7, by any person other than the Participant due to the death of the Participant, such notice shall also be accompanied by appropriate proof of the right of such person to exercise the Stock Option. The notice so required shall be given by personal delivery to the Secretary of the Company or by registered or certified mail, addressed to the Company at 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, and it shall be deemed to have been given when it is so personally delivered or when it is deposited in the United States mail in an envelope addressed to the Company, as aforesaid, properly stamped for delivery as a registered or certified letter.
Further Information. The Borrower shall promptly furnish to the ------------------- Administrative Agent, with a copy for each Lender, such other information and in such form as the Administrative Agent or any Lender may reasonably request from time to time.
Further Information. The Company may require each Holder of Registerable Securities to furnish to the Company in writing such information regarding the proposed distribution by such Holder of such Registerable Securities as the Company may from time to time reasonably request.