Suspension or Discharge Sample Clauses

Suspension or Discharge. In the event of a grievance arising from an employee's suspension or dismissal, the Employer agrees to notify the employee, in writing, setting out the grounds for the Employer's action. A copy of the notice will be sent to the Union's Area Office within five (5) calendar days. Grievances arising from suspension or dismissal, shall be filed at arbitration pursuant to Article 9.1 within fourteen (14) calendar days of the suspension or dismissal.
Suspension or Discharge. Within seven (7) calendar days after any suspension or discharge for cause, an Employer shall notify the Union in writing (by fax or email) of the suspension or discharge and the reason for this action and shall attach a copy of the disciplinary notice signed by the employee or provided to the employee. Employees who are suspended may use any accrued, paid leave during their period of suspension.
Suspension or Discharge. 10:01 An employee who has been suspended or discharged shall be advised in writing of the reasons therefor. Whether called or not, the Xxxxxxx will be advised in writing within one (1) working day (24 hours) of the fact of suspension or discharge and the reason therefor.
Suspension or Discharge. 9.01 A claim by an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period that he has been unjustly discharged or suspended shall be treated as a grievance if a written statement of such grievance is submitted by the employee at Step 2 within five (5) calendar days after the date of suspension or discharge. If a suspension is grieved, the Company in its sole discretion may elect to delay the enforcement of the suspension until the grievance is settled, abandoned or determined by an arbitrator.
Suspension or Discharge. Section 1Immediate Suspension or Discharge The following shall be causes for immediate suspension or dis- charge of an employee: drinking, or proven or admitted dishonesty. See Article 18, Section 1(a). In cases not involving the theft of money or merchandise an employee will remain on the job until a hearing is held with the business agent. Such hearing will take place within seventy-two (72) hours.
Suspension or Discharge. 13:03 If the Arbitration Board finds (or if at an earlier stage of the Grievance Procedure, it is found) that an employee has been unjustly suspended or discharged, that employee shall be reinstated by the Company without loss of pay and with all his rights, benefits and privileges which he would have enjoyed if the suspension or discharge had not taken place, AND PROVIDED THAT, the Arbitration Board, if circumstances are established before it, which in the opinion of the Arbitration Board, makes it just and equitable to do so, shall have authority to order the Employer to pay less than the full amount of wages lost, AND FURTHER PROVIDED THAT, if it is shown to the Arbitration Board that the employee has been in receipt of wages during the period between discharge or suspension and reinstatement, the amount so received shall be deducted from wages payable by the Company pursuant to this Section.
Suspension or Discharge. 6.09 If a suspended or discharged employee believes that the suspension or discharge is in violation of the provisions of this Agreement, the matter may be presented in writing as a grievance at Stage Two within seven (7) days after such suspension or discharge.
Suspension or Discharge. 1. In the event that an employee is suspended from active employment and without pay for any reason, Union representation shall be present at the time that he/she is advised of the suspension unless union representation is declined by the employee. The University further agrees to confirm such suspension in written correspondence to the employee with a copy of such correspondence to the President and Recording Secretary of Local 793 and also a copy to the C.U.P.E. National Representative.
Suspension or Discharge. (a) When an employee is to be suspended or discharged he may, if he so wishes, have his Xxxxxxx present for such meeting and the reasons for such suspension or discharge will be given. In any event, an employee who is suspended or discharged will be given an opportunity to discuss the matter with his Xxxxxxx before leaving the Company's premises. Such suspension or discharge shall be confirmed to the employee by the Company in writing and a copy of such letter will be mailed to the Union's office.
Suspension or Discharge. 9.01 The following procedure will apply when a seniority employee is to be given a written reprimand or Suspension: