AND CHARGES Sample Clauses

AND CHARGES. The following is the compensation to the Contractor for the scope of services identified herein. Invoices shall be paid on the percentage of work completed each month within each Task/Milestone, but not exceeding the total fee allocated for that component as follows: DISCIPLINE #1 - CEO RISK MANAGEMENT TASK DESCRIPTION/MILESTONE UNIT TOTAL 1 Project Initiation LS $10,020.00 2 Gather and Analyze Loss Runs and Transaction-Level Data from Workers' Compensation Claims, Liability Claims and Litigation Systems LS $8,100.00 3 Risk Management Policies/Procedures Analysis LS $8,100.00 4 Gather and Analyze Insurance and Risk Pooling Coverage Data LS $8,100.00 5 Design and Deploy Loss Exposure and Litigation Update Communication and Perceptions Survey LS $7,210.00 6 Gather and Analyze Cost Allocation Data for All Self-Insured Programs LS $8,105.00 7 Design and Deploy Safety Training Effectiveness Survey LS $5,725.00 8 Design and Deploy Safety and Loss Prevention Group LS $5,725.00 Administration Survey 9 Gather and Analyze Americans with Disability Act Compliance Data LS $8,365.00 10 Design and Deploy Workers' Compensation Program Time Use Survey LS $7,210.00 11 Prepare Draft Report and Recommendations LS $10,380.00 12 Complete Final Report LS $10,380.00 13 Travel Expenses Not to Exceed As Reported $14,000.00 TOTAL COST : $111,420.00 DISCIPLINE #2 - CEO HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES TASK DESCRIPTION UNIT TOTAL 1 Document and Categorize Initial Recommendations LS $2,520.00 2 Initial Feedback on Status, Prevalence and Relevance LS $2,835.00 3 Barriers Analysis LS $4,890.00 4 Audit of HRS Functional Components LS $12,520.00 5 Analysis of Centralized Status LS $11,110.00 6 Assessment of HR Operations Satisfaction LS $13,360.00 7 Initiate Draft Report LS $22,960.00 8 Review and Respond to Comments LS $9,540.00 9 Complete Final Report LS $10,810.00 10 Travel Expenses Not to Exceed As Reported $8,000.00 TOTAL COST: $98,545.00
AND CHARGES. We show the premiums for this benefit in the Schedule of Premiums in the contract data pages. From each premium payment, we make the deductions shown under Schedule of Deductions from Premium Payments in these pages and the balance is the invested premium amount which is added to the contract fund. The monthly charge for this benefit is deducted on each monthly date from the contract fund. The amount of that charge is included in the Schedule of Monthly Deductions from the Contract Fund in the contract data pages. Benefit premiums and monthly charges stop on the contract anniversary at the end of the term period for this benefit.

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  • Fees and Charges There are certain fees and charges for EFT services. For a current listing of all applicable fees, see our current Schedule of Fees and Charges that was provided to you at the time you applied for or requested these electronic services. From time to time, the charges may be changed. We will notify you of any changes as required by applicable law. If you use an ATM not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator and by any international, national, regional, or local network used in processing the transaction (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a funds transfer). The ATM surcharge will be debited from your account if you elect to complete the transaction or continue with the balance inquiry.

  • Costs and Charges Seller shall be responsible for paying or satisfying when due all costs or charges imposed in connection with the scheduling and delivery of Net Output up to and at the Point of Delivery, including transmission costs, Transmission Service, and transmission line losses, and any operation and maintenance charges imposed by Interconnection Provider and Transmission Provider for the Interconnection Facilities. PacifiCorp shall be responsible for all costs or charges, if any, imposed in connection with the delivery of Net Output at and from the Point of Delivery, including transmission costs and transmission line losses and imbalance charges or penalties. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Seller, in accordance with the Generation Interconnection Agreement, shall bear all costs associated with the modifications to Interconnection Facilities or the System (including system upgrades) caused by or related to (a) the interconnection of the Facility with the System and (b) any increase in generating capacity of the Facility.

  • Payment of Fees and Charges 3.1 The Participant shall pay to the Service Provider the fees and charges as long as this Agreement continues in force.

  • Interest Fees and Charges Interest shall accrue on Outstanding Advances, both before and after judgment, from the date of disbursement until receipt of Collected Payments, at the Daily Funds Rate. Upon occurrence of an Event of Default, interest on Outstanding Advances shall thereafter accrue, both before and after judgment, at the Default Rate until receipt of Collected Payments. In addition, Client shall pay Summit the Fees and Charges. The Collateral Management Fees are for monitoring of the Collateral, collection of the Accounts, and administration of this Agreement. The Collateral Management Fees are not intended to be and shall not be construed to be interest. Interest and Fees and Charges may be deducted from Advances or from Collected Payments.

  • Other Fees and Charges Additional fees (including but not limited to, property taxes, fuel surcharges, interest fees, license fees, and late payment fees except where permitted by section 215.422(3)(b), F.S.) or fees not permitted elsewhere in the Contract are prohibited. Contract Exhibit B ADDITIONAL SPECIAL CONTRACT CONDITIONS The sections of the Special Contract Conditions referenced below are replaced in their entirety or added as follows:

  • ADS Fees and Charges The following ADS fees are payable under the terms of the Deposit Agreement:

  • RENT AND CHARGES 1.2 To pay the Rent at the times and in the manner specified in The Particulars whether or not it has been formally demanded.

  • INTEREST AND CHARGES 7.1 If we do not receive your full payment of the current balance specified in the statement of account on or before the payment due date, you must pay daily interest at the rate of (i) S$3.00 per month or (ii) at the retail interest rate or cash interest rate (where applicable) as set out in the statement of account, whichever is the greater, on:-

  • Rates and Charges The rates and charges for Frontier Telecommunication Services purchased by Onvoy for resale pursuant to this Attachment shall be as provided in this Attachment and the Pricing Attachment.

  • Taxes and Charges Duly pay and discharge, or cause to be paid and discharged, before the same shall become delinquent, all federal, state or local taxes, assessments, levies and other governmental charges, imposed upon the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or their respective properties, sales and activities, or any part thereof, or upon the income or profits therefrom, as well as all claims for labor, materials, or supplies which if unpaid could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect; provided that any such tax, assessment, charge, levy or claim need not be paid if the validity or amount thereof shall currently be contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and if the Borrower shall have set aside on its books reserves (the presentation of which is segregated to the extent required by GAAP) adequate with respect thereto if reserves shall be deemed necessary by the Borrower in accordance with GAAP; and provided, further, that the Borrower will pay all such taxes, assessments, levies or other governmental charges forthwith upon the commencement of proceedings to foreclose any Lien which may have attached as security therefor (unless the same is fully bonded or otherwise effectively stayed).