The Xxxx Sample Clauses

The Xxxx. 33.6.1 The Xxxx shall forward a copy of her/his recommendation to the Chair of the Committee, and a copy to the candidate by November 7.
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The Xxxx. The Boonshoft School of Medicine Xxxx This individual shall make a recommendation for a Bargaining Unit Faculty Member only if the Member is a Matrix Bargaining Unit Faculty Member having a primary appointment in a Matrix Department.
The Xxxx. In the case of both favorable and unfavorable RPT recommendations by a Chair/Xxxx’x designee, the Xxxx of the college or school shall review the candidate’s dossier for RPT, unless the candidate elects to withdraw in writing his or her candidacy for second reappointment, promotion or tenure, in which case no further review shall be done. The Faculty Standards Committee (“FSC”) of the college or school shall also review the candidate for RPT, employing approved RPT criteria. Composition of the FSC is determined by the College/School/Unit and is not subject to the voting limitations outlined in Section 5.f.ii above. The FSC will assess the candidate’s record and make a written recommendation to the Xxxx on the proposed personnel action under review, which will include the numerical anonymous vote of the Committee. Following review of the FSC’s assessment and recommendation, the Xxxx will issue a written assessment and recommendation employing approved RPT criteria regarding the personnel action under review, which shall be included in the dossier. Nothing shall preclude the Xxxx from discussing the candidate's record with the faculty member herself/himself prior to her/his decision but the Xxxx shall be under no obligation to do so. The faculty member shall receive from the Xxxx a copy of the FSC’s and the Xxxx’x written assessments and may add a written rebuttal to the file within ten (10) days of the date the letter was delivered either by email or by email and hand. Except in cases where the Xxxx’x decision is the final University action, a faculty member may elect to withdraw his or her request for RPT action within fifteen days of receipt of the Xxxx’x assessment. The faculty member shall communicate his/her decision to withdraw the file in writing to the Department Chair and Xxxx.
The Xxxx. 3.1 All physical SIM Cards and eSIMs purchased by the Customer from the Company for the purposes of the Service will be the property of the Customer, except for all ownership interests in the SIM Profiles, the software installed inside the SIM Cards and eSIMs and all Intellectual Property Rights thereto which shall at all times remain with the Company or a Third Party Supplier, as the case may be.
The Xxxx x. After the committee has placed its letter of recommendation into the faculty member's file, the Xxxx shall review the faculty member for reappointment, third-year review, promotion, and/or tenure. The Xxxx shall evaluate the faculty member's work in the performance areas listed in B. above using, as appropriate, the standards set forth in Article 21, Appointment and Reappointment, Article 22, Promotion, and Article 23, Tenure. The Xxxx'x evaluation shall be incorporated into a letter of recommendation that shall be placed in the faculty member's file no later than
The Xxxx xxx Project The Project associated with this Mutual NDA is: Project Name Project Number Access to or exposure to Confidential Information conveys no right of ownership or use to any Confidential Information, and implies no current or future business relationship. The associated Project may be terminated or extended as desired by the Parties Involved. Any changes to the Project do not change the scope or duration of this Mutual NDA Agreement unless agreed upon in writing within the three (3) year duration of this Mutual NDA.
The Xxxx. 46. An applicant is required to provide a reproduction of the xxxx for which international registration is being sought, and this is the subject matter of item 7 of the form.
The Xxxx. has examined, carefully studied, and thoroughly understands the Contract Documents;
The Xxxx. Box will remain the property of the City of Lackawanna and is only loaned to residents for use at the address listed on the application form.