Evidence of Coverage Sample Clauses

Evidence of Coverage. Prior to commencement of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance certifying that coverage as required herein has been obtained. Individual endorsements executed by the insurance carrier shall accompany the certificate. In addition, a certified copy of the policy or policies shall be provided by the Contractor upon request. This verification of coverage shall be sent to the requesting County department, unless otherwise directed. The Contractor shall not receive a Notice to Proceed with the work under the Agreement until it has obtained all insurance required and such insurance has been approved by the County. This approval of insurance shall neither relieve nor decrease the liability of the Contractor.
Evidence of Coverage. Upon request by Indemnitee, the Company shall provide copies of all policies of D&O Liability Insurance obtained and maintained in accordance with Section 7.01 of this Agreement. The Company shall promptly notify Indemnitee of any changes in such insurance coverage.
Evidence of Coverage. The Contractor shall, upon request by DSHS, submit a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, policy, and additional insured endorsement for each coverage required of the Contractor under this Contract. The Certificate shall identify the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services as the Certificate Holder. A duly authorized representative of each insurer, showing compliance with the insurance requirements specified in this Contract, shall execute each Certificate of Insurance. The Contractor shall maintain copies of Certificates of Insurance, policies, and additional insured endorsements for each subcontractor as evidence that each subcontractor maintains insurance as required by the Contract.
Evidence of Coverage. Upon request by Indemnitee, the Company shall provide copies of any and all directors’ and officersliability insurance policies obtained and maintained in accordance with Section 9 of this Agreement. The Company shall promptly notify Indemnitee of any changes in the Company’s directors’ and officers’ liability insurance coverage.
Evidence of Coverage. Tenant shall deliver to Landlord certificates of insurance and true and complete copies of any and all endorsements required herein for all insurance required to be maintained by Tenant hereunder at the time of execution of this Lease by Tenant. Tenant shall, at least thirty (30) days prior to expiration of each policy, furnish Landlord with certificates of renewal thereof. Each certificate shall expressly provide that such policies shall not be cancelable or otherwise subject to modification except after thirty (30) days prior written notice to Landlord and the other parties named as additional insureds as required in this Lease (except for cancellation for nonpayment of premium, in which event cancellation shall not take effect until at least ten (10) days notice has been given to Landlord).
Evidence of Coverage. Upon request by Indemnitee, the Company shall provide evidence of the liability insurance coverage required by this Agreement. The Company shall promptly notify Indemnitee of any change in the Company’s D&O Insurance coverage.
Evidence of Coverage. A duplicate original policy or a certificate of insurance shall be deposited with Landlord at the commencement of the Term or, if earlier, upon Tenant’s taking possession of the Premises; and on renewal of the policy a certificate of insurance listing the insurance coverages required hereunder and naming the appropriate additional insureds shall be deposited with Landlord not less than seven (7) days before expiration of the policy.
Evidence of Coverage. The contractor/renter shall provide a signed original evidence of coverage form for the term of the contract or agreement (hereinafter “contract”) protecting the legal liability of the State of California, District Agricultural Associations, County Fairs, Counties in which County Fairs are located, Lessor/Sublessor if fair site is leased/subleased, Citrus Fruit Fairs, California Exposition and State Fair, or Entities (public or non-profit) operating California designated agricultural fairs, their directors, officers, agents, servants, and employees, from occurrences related to operations under the contract. This may be provided by:
Evidence of Coverage. The insurance shall be evidenced by the original policy or a true and certified copy of the original policy, or by certificates of insurance. Said certified copies, original policies or certificates shall be delivered to Lender at or prior to Closing. On or before the Closing and each stated due date thereafter, Borrower shall pay all premiums and fees for the insurance policies required hereunder. Borrower shall deliver certified copies of all policies and renewals (or certificates evidencing the same) to Lender at least thirty (30) days before the expiration of existing policies. Each such policy shall provide that such policy may not be canceled or materially changed except upon 30 days prior written notice of intention of non-renewal, cancellation or material change to Lender, and that no act or thing done by Borrower shall invalidate the policy as against Lender. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein or in any provision of law, the Proceeds of insurance policies coming into the possession of Lender and which are not to be used for the Work (as hereinafter defined) shall not be deemed trust funds and Lender shall be entitled to dispose of such Proceeds as hereinafter provided. If Lender has not received satisfactory evidence of such renewal or substitute insurance in the time frame herein specified, Lender shall have the right, but not the obligation, to purchase such insurance for Lender's interest only. Any amounts so disbursed by Lender pursuant to this Section 6.1.B shall be deemed to be a part of the Loan and shall bear interest at the Default Rate. Nothing contained in this Article 6 shall require Lender to incur any expense or take any action hereunder, and inaction by Lender shall never be deemed a waiver of any rights accruing to Lender on account of this Article 6.