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AND JOB. EVALUATION O Every employee shall be classified according to a Job Classification and Identification on the basis of the work to which they are normally assigned. A Job Identification shall be written for each classification and shall contain a list of the functional responsibilities, duties, education and experience required. Where a classification includes jobs that have different duties and responsibilities, Job Identifications shall be written for each type of job. The Association shall be supplied with two copies of all Job Identifications. In the event that the Company establishes a new classification covered by this Agreement or revises any present classification, the Company will notify the Association and supply copies. The Association and the Company will jointly conduct a job evaluation of all new or revised jobs covered by the Collective Agreement. There shall be two Association representatives to be appointed by the Association, two Company representatives to be appointed by the Company, and an additional person who will be appointed by the Company and will serve as chairperson. Whenever a new job is written or a job identification is substantially revised, the Company will initiate an evaluation. If the Company fails to initiate such action prior to the next committee meeting the Association may bring the job to the committee.
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AND JOB vacancy for positions expected to be of more than six (6) months' duration and newly created position shall be posted on the Union notice Board. The job posting shall state the job classification, rate of pay, shift, and required qualifications of the job, An employee who wishes to apply for a positionso posted shall do so on or before the closing date as advertised on the posting. Seniority shall be the governing factor in determining promotions, demotions, order of layoff and order of recall, and filling of jobs after posting, providing that the most senior employee possesses the required qualifications and ability to the normal requirements of the job.
AND JOB. Newly hired nurses shall be considered to be on probation for a period of sixty (60) tours worked from date of last hire. If retained after the probationary period, the nurse shall be credited with seniority from date of last hire. With the written consent of the Hospital, the probationary nurse, and the President of the Local Association or her designate, such probationary period may be extended. Where the Hospital requests an extension of the probationary period, will provide notice to the Association at least fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the expected date of expiration of the initial probationary period. It is understood and agreed that any extension to the probationary period will not exceed an additional sixty (60) tours worked and, where requested, the Hospital will advise the nurse and the Association of the basis of such extension. The probationary period for a nurse who works extended tours will be pro rated, based on the number of hours worked. Seniority lists shall be established for all nurses who have completed their probationary period, based on each nurse's last day of hiring. Seniority lists will be filed with the Association semi-annually March and September. For information purposes only, seniority lists shall include the names of probationary nurses. In the event of a layoff, request, seniority list will be made available to the Association. Seniority rights and an employee's employment shall be deemed to have terminated the employee:
AND JOB. (a) When new jobs are created or where a vacancy exists, the Employer shall post such positions for a period of five (5) working days and shall state the nature of the position, normal requirements of the job, required knowledge and education, skill, ability, location and salary Band. A copy of the posting shall be immediately forwarded to the Union. Employees will be allowed one successful job posting within the same Band in a twelve 2) month period. The duration of the twelve (12) month period shall begin as of the date when the employee is advised of the appointment unless the start date is identified as a specific date in which case the twelve (12) period will start as of the date identified on the posting. ARTICLE
AND JOB. (a) In of lay-offs, the Employee within the classification or affected with the greatest seniority shall be retained, No bumping across classifications shall be permitted in the event of a lay-off. In order to minimize the effects of lay-off, the Employer will provide retraining when practicable. An Employee ceases to be a lay-off and is considered terminated is not recalled within one year from the date on which he became a lay-off. Lay-offs must the Employer informed of their current and telephone number. Before an Employee is laid off:

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  • and 5 6.2 above, and this is not explained elsewhere in the Contract Documents, insert here provisions for such reduction or limitation.)

  • and 3 6.3.2. If the two members are unable to agree on a third member of the Commission, or an alternate, then either may refer the matter of appointment to the dispute resolution process under 26.3.0, or, in the absence of that process, to the Supreme Court of the Yukon.

  • and 4 3.2 of the Agreement shall be deleted in their entirety and replaced by the following:

  • and s H.P. with each pay cheque, or as follows:  at the time vacation is taken;  on the last payday prior to December 31st;  on termination.

  • and 6 4.1(b));

  • and 2 3.2 of the Agreement shall be deleted in their entirety and replaced by the following:

  • AND SCOPE 3.01 The Board recognizes the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent of the police service hereinafter called the Bargaining Unit, and shall bargain in good faith with a Negotiating Committee of the Association.

  • and Recall (a) In the event of lay-off, the Hospital shall lay off employees in the reverse order of their seniority within their classification, providing that there remain on the job employees who then have the ability to perform the work. An employee who is subject to lay-off shall have the right to either: accept the lay-off; or displace an employee who has lesser bargaining-unit seniority and who is the least senior employee in a lower or identical paying classification in the bargaining unit if the employee originally subject to lay-off can perform the duties of the lower or identical classification without training other than orientation. Such employee so displaced shall be laid off.

  • and H 9. These requirements cover minimum-security standards for select Contractor systems, the handling of Government sensitive data and information technology, Contractor security clearances, and Homeland Security.

  • Compliance with State and Federal Law Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 3.8, a Shareholder shall also comply with all applicable requirements of state law and of the Exchange Act and the rules and regulations thereunder with respect to the matters set forth in this Section 3.8. Nothing in this Section 3.8 shall be deemed to affect any right of a Shareholder to request inclusion of a proposal in, nor the right of the Trust to omit a proposal from, the Trust’s proxy statement pursuant to Rule 14a-8 (or any successor provision) under the Exchange Act.

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