Union Xxxxxxx definition

Union Xxxxxxx means the official representative of the Union on the worksite and shall be elected or appointed from the Employees covered under this Collective Agreement.
Union Xxxxxxx means a postal employee appointed or elected by the Union to act as an authorized representative of the Union. In the event that the Union xxxxxxx is unable to perform his or her function, the Union will designate or substitute another postal employee to act on his or her behalf;
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee who has been duly authorized to represent Unifor Local 5555.

Examples of Union Xxxxxxx in a sentence

  • The Bank upon notification writing from the Union will recognize one (1) employee as Union Xxxxxxx for the purposes provided for this Collective Agreement.

  • A Union Xxxxxxx shall be present at the issuing of a verbal warning, providing there is a xxxxxxx available in the plant at the time.

  • Where the Union Xxxxxxx is the employee complaining, she may, if she so desires, request the presence of another employee.

  • A Union Xxxxxxx shall suffer no loss of earnings for time spent in performing the above duties during his regular scheduled working hours.

  • The Company shall reply in writing within two (2) weeks, to all written requests for leave of absence with one (1) copy to the employee concerned and one (1) copy to the Union Xxxxxxx at the location where the employee is employed.

More Definitions of Union Xxxxxxx

Union Xxxxxxx or “Xxxxxxx” means a person who has been duly authorized, through election or appointment in accordance with the USW Constitution or USW Local 2010 By-Laws, to represent bargaining unit employees on behalf of the Union.
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee in the bargaining unit who is elected or appointed by the Employees in the bargaining unit to act on behalf of those Employees;
Union Xxxxxxx means an employee who has been elected to represent a group of employees, and whose election as such has been certified by the Union to the Employer.
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee who has been duly authorized to represent CAW-Canada Local 555.
Union Xxxxxxx means the Workplace Xxxxxxx.