Union Xxxxxxx definition

Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee in the bargaining unit who is elected or appointed by the Employees in the bargaining unit to act on behalf of those Employees;
Union Xxxxxxx means the official representative of the Union on the worksite and shall be elected or appointed from the Employees covered under this Collective Agreement.
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee who has been duly authorized to represent Unifor Local 5555.

Examples of Union Xxxxxxx in a sentence

  • All new employees shall be referred by the Employer to a Union Xxxxxxx or a Union Representative in order to give the Union an opportunity to describe the Union, its purpose, representation policies, and any other information relevant to such new employees.

  • If problems arise regarding Union Xxxxxxx authorized activities in representing employees, the Union agrees to discuss the problem with the Department of Administrative Services Labor Relations Unit or the Agency as the situation suggests.

  • The employee will have the opportunity to consult with a local Union Xxxxxxx or Organizer before the interview, but such designation shall not cause an undue delay.

  • Employees shall have the right, upon request, to the presence of a Union Xxxxxxx at any stage of the grievance procedure, including the complaint stage, or at any time when formal discipline is imposed.

  • Duties shall be to deal with grievances and such matters normally handled by a Union Xxxxxxx subject to the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Union Xxxxxxx

Union Xxxxxxx means a postal employee appointed or elected by the Union to act as an authorized representative of the Union. In the event that the Union xxxxxxx is unable to perform his or her function, the Union will designate or substitute another postal employee to act on his or her behalf;
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee in the bargaining unit who has completed the required AUPE courses and training necessary to be registered by the Union to provide labour relations representation to Members of the Union.
Union Xxxxxxx or "Xxxxxxx" means a person who has been duly authorized, through election or appointment in accordance with the USW Constitution or USW Local 2010 By-Laws, to represent bargaining unit employees on behalf of the Union.
Union Xxxxxxx means an employee who has been elected to represent a group of employees, and whose election as such has been certified by the Union to the Employer.
Union Xxxxxxx means an Employee who has been duly authorized to represent CAW-Canada Local 555.
Union Xxxxxxx means an employee representing the Union while employed by the Employer and who is designated in writing by the Union as such and which writing has been provided to the Employer under Article 3.1 of this Agreement.
Union Xxxxxxx means the Workplace Xxxxxxx.