Summer School Sample Clauses

Summer School. The Appointing Authority shall notify all supervisors of all summer school openings. A supervisor may agree to voluntarily remain on layoff in the event of a recall by requesting such action through a written waiver mutually agreed to and signed by the Appointing Authority and the supervisor. Once the supervisor elects to sign the waiver of recall, such supervisor shall not be able to exercise his/her seniority rights for recall for the duration of the summer school. The Appointing Authority agrees to provide a signed copy of any waiver of recall to both the Association and the supervisor. Any waiver of recall by a supervisor is not to be considered a refusal to return to work and shall not be considered to be a break in continuous service. This section does not, in any way, constitute a forfeiture of the Appointing Authority's right to recall laid off supervisors, whenever necessary, to carry out the functions and needs of the summer school programs. Notification of intent to return to work may be made in writing and hand delivered, provided that a written receipt of such notification is given.
Summer School. Employees working summer school shall be paid according to the 32 salary schedule in effect at the beginning of the summer school program and shall be paid 33 consistent with the payment in arrears system for employee payroll.
Summer School. Regular employees who are employed for the exclusive purpose of 25 working during the summer school session, shall earn one day (actual number of hours 26 worked per day in summer session) of sick leave for each three (3)-week term employed 27 during summer school if such employment meets the requirements of law for earning sick 28 leave. However, no more than two (2) dayssick leave with pay may be used during 29 summer school in any one summer.
Summer School. Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants will receive one day of sick leave when they work eleven (11) or more days during the summer. Food service workers will receive one day of sick leave when they work eleven (11) or more days during the summer.
Summer School. An employee who participates in programs extending beyond the regular school year, such as summer school or extended year program, shall be paid at that employee's hourly rate of pay in effect during the contract period immediately preceding the extended program, providing the employee was employed in the same job classification or classification series during the preceding contract period. Supplemental pay shall not be included in calculating the hourly rate of pay.
Summer School. A. A teacher of summer school shall be issued a supplemental service teacher’s contract and shall be paid for each hour of instruction at an hourly rate based on his/her regular teacher’s base contract salary. This hourly rate shall be computed by dividing the teacher’s base salary daily rate by six hours. This provision shall apply only to teachers who teach courses which qualify for reimbursement from the State of Indiana and/or the awarding of credit from Noblesville High School.
Summer School. Summer school is that period when schools are in session between June and September, excluding year-round schools.
Summer School. Employees who are hired to work during the summer school session shall 46 earn one day (actual number of hours worked per day in summer session) of sick leave for each 1 three (3) week term. No more than two (2) days sick leave with pay may be used during summer 2 school.