Summer School Sample Clauses

Summer School. The provisions of this Agreement shall be fully effective during and for any summer program falling within the term of this Agreement, unless otherwise indicated.
Summer School. Summer school is that period when schools are in session between June and September, excluding year-round schools.
Summer School. Teachers will be paid only for each day worked during summer school.
Summer School. Any Unit I member wishing to be considered for a summer school position must apply by April 15. (Unit I members applying after April 15 shall only be considered if no satisfactory, Unit I member is available for a position who applied prior to this deadline.)Summer school Unit I members shall be selected from the applicants in the following order:
Summer School. An employee who participates in programs extending beyond the regular school year, such as summer school or extended year program, shall be paid at that employee's hourly rate of pay in effect during the contract period immediately preceding the extended program, providing the employee was employed in the same job classification or classification series during the preceding contract period. Supplemental pay shall not be included in calculating the hourly rate of pay.
Summer School. Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants will receive one day of sick leave when they work eleven (11) or more days during the summer. Food service workers will receive one day of sick leave when they work eleven (11) or more days during the summer.
Summer School. The process outlined in this Section shall not be in effect for the summer session.
Summer School. Teachers on summer teaching employment (Summer School) are paid their hourly rate. The superintendent has determined, under Indiana Code § 20-28-6-7(d), that summer school salary will be bargained.