Shift Schedule definition

Shift Schedule means a projection of all employees' shifts at a location with regard to days worked and days off, including shift starting and terminating times.
Shift Schedule means the arrangement of shifts over a given period of time not exceeding two (2) consecutive months and includes days of rest and designated paid holidays;
Shift Schedule is the pattern of work hours established through component negotiations to meet the hours of operation.

Examples of Shift Schedule in a sentence

  • For the purpose of determining the number of uniform members assigned to the Shift Schedule being worked effected January 1, 2001 by patrol officers, each job share participant working that schedule shall count as one member.

  • The Shift Schedule will outline days of work, time balance days of work, regular days off and vacation for the specified time period.

  • Employees working a Modified Work Week Shift Schedule or whose work is averaged over multiple weeks as described in Article 18.5 shall receive eight (8) hours pay at their regular rate in addition to overtime at the rate of one and a half times (1½ X) their regular rate of pay for all hours worked on a general holiday.

  • B:05(1) In place of the hours of work provisions of Article 18:01, the Regular Shift Schedule shall mean a Schedule established for a period of not less than three (3) consecutive weeks.

  • Shift Schedule Scheduled hours of work will be such that all hours for an FTE will be scheduled during the period of September through June of each year.

More Definitions of Shift Schedule

Shift Schedule is the pattern or work hours established pursuant to Article 13 to meet the hours of operation.
Shift Schedule means NAV CANADA’s advance posting of shifts to be worked by employees within their shift cycle.
Shift Schedule means the schedule of hours of work and days off of Members determined on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis by the Chief Constable from time to time.
Shift Schedule means a written statement setting forth the days and daily working period Employees are required to work.
Shift Schedule is the regularly scheduled hour of work for each employee which occur in any twenty-four (24) hour period and which is posted every four (4) weeks.
Shift Schedule means the posted schedule of hours regularly worked at the basic rate of pay.
Shift Schedule means the arrangement of shifts over a given period of time (horaire de quarts); **