Be flexible Sample Clauses

Be flexible. The level or intensity of activity at a service site is not always predictable. Your flexibility to changing situations can assist the partnership in working smoothly and producing positive outcomes for everyone involved. Limitations: DON’T report to your internship site under the influence of drugs or alcohol. DON’T give or loan a client money or other personal belongings. DON’T make promises or commitments to a client you cannot keep. DON’T give a client or agency representative a ride in a personal vehicle. DON’T tolerate verbal exchange of a sexual nature or engage in behavior that might be perceived as sexual with a client or community partner representative. DON’T tolerate verbal exchange or engage in behavior that might be perceived as discriminating against an individual on the basis of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or ethnicity. DON’T engage in any type of business with clients during the term of your service. DON’T enter into a personal relationship with a client or community partner representative during the term of your service. *If you feel that your rights have been or may be violated, or that any of the above stated limitations have been violated, please immediately contact the Site Supervisor and Faculty Supervisor/Course Instructor.
Be flexible. What works for one family may not work for another, and that is why it is important to have open and honest conversations - to see what works and what doesn't.
Be flexible. Flexibility is needed most in the approval process. Many projects and programs that are meant to quickly support victims of a pandemic get stalled in this stage. When purchasing hotels or motels to house people who are experiencing homelessness due to a pandemic, it is critical to bypass some of the hurdles that land use approvals may present. Streamline paperwork to expedite the process.
Be flexible. agile working is all about flexibility, but it only works if all your colleagues are equally flexible and considerate to each other. Try to avoidbeach towelling” a desk or work area if you are away for a period of time (e.g. in meetings all morning). Tidy your work area and put your files away after you have finished using a workspace so others can use it. Don’t book rooms if your meeting could be done round a table in a breakout area. Make sure that if a meeting is no longer going ahead that you remove your reservation of the workspace so others can use it.
Be flexible. In the last year, we have been forced to adjust and re-evaluate our daily routines to include greater flexibility with plans and schedules for working and family time. Knowing your own work style andpreference can help you plan successfully while stillleaving room for flexibility. Research shows1 some people are “integrators”, who cope well with multitasking and switching between work and personal tasks, while “segmenters” prefer to keep things separate and have strong boundaries.
Be flexible. Be willing to do what the teacher asks of you. There may be times that you will not directly work with the children, but instead the teacher needs you to staple papers for an hour. Sometimes, a job that seems tedious to you is a big timesaver for the teacher and allows the teacher to get more effective teaching time in. Please be open and flexible about whatever the teacher asks you to do. BE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TEACHER NEEDS YOU TO DO: If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask for more clarification. NO CELL INTERRUPTIONS: Turn off your cell phone or place it on vibrate. It would be inappropriate and disruptive to make or receive phone calls during your classroom volunteer time.
Be flexible. Things don’t always go as planned. Adapt to changing conditions when necessary.
Be flexible. Because of the confusion, we must always remain flexible and convey to those we are serving that we are here to help. Our AECs attempt to have location directions and contact names for each field assignment before our ARES member goes mobile, but this isn't always possible. Sometimes our function is clearly defined and understood, other times it isn't. Remaining flexible reduces your stress level and proves to our served agencies that you are a team player.
Be flexible. A key to successful collaboration is defining a desired end from the outset of the process without knowing the means to that end. The need for flexibility is inherent in the process. In addition, influences external to the main issues can block collaboration. Flexibility can help managers get by these impediments. For example, introducing rules or charging fees which may make sense in the broader national context may be highly counterproductive to the fundamental local objective of building trusting relationships to achieve substantive outcomes. Although each national park cannot make all of its own rules, some flexibility in interpreting rules and applying fees would help collaborative efforts. In such cases, what is more important: the potential loss of fees or the potential erosion of a key relationship – which is priceless, in that it can’t be bought and its absence has unintended and unacceptable consequences?

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  • Flexible Spending Account The parties agree that the State shall have the right to use State Employee Health Plan funds to cover the administrative costs of operating the medical and dependent care flexible spending account programs.

  • Dental The Hospital agrees to contribute seventy-five percent (75%) of the billed premiums towards coverage of eligible employees in the active employ of the hospital under the Liberty Health Dental Plan #9 (or its equivalent) based on the current ODA fee schedule provided the balance of the monthly premiums are paid by the participating employees through payroll deduction. Employees will be enrolled in the existing Plan in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Plan. The Plan shall provide for recall oral examination to be covered once every nine (9) months. Orthodontic coverage will be included for participating employees on a 50/50 co-insurance basis, with a lifetime maximum of $1,500 per insured person. The Dental coverage will include complete and partial dentures at 50/50 co-insurance to $1,000 maximum per person annually, and crowns, bridge work and repairs at 50/50 co-insurance to $1,500 maximum per person annually.

  • Flexible Benefits Plan The School District of Lee County shall offer its 30 employees an IRS Section 125 qualified Flexible Benefits Plan (Flex Plan). Voluntary benefits 31 included in the Flex Plan may be purchased pre-tax through payroll deduction or with Flex Credits.

  • Vision The University shall make available vision insurance to the employees covered by this agreement to the same extent and in the same manner as is available to other University employees, such as Faculty and the Executive, Administrative and Professional Staff employees. It is the University's goal to have the same vision insurance plan(s) offered uniformly to all University groups and employees.

  • Retirement System The withdrawal of employee contributions made on or after January 1, 2014 may also be withdrawn but only on an actuarially neutral basis. The actuarial present value of the pension reduction shall be equal to the amount of accumulated member contributions withdrawn. The actuarial present value shall computed using the interest rate used in the annual actuarial valuation and the mortality table used in the annual actuarial valuation with a 50% unisex blend.

  • Retirees The Company has no obligation or commitment to provide medical, dental or life insurance benefits to or on behalf of any of its employees who may retire or any of its former employees who have retired except as may be required pursuant to the continuation of coverage provisions of Section 4980B of the Code and the applicable provisions of ERISA.