On Duty Sample Clauses

On Duty. Employees subpoenaed for a DMV Telephonic Hearing scheduled during the employee’s working hours shall utilize a Department telephone at the appointed time.
On Duty. Personnel Subject to operational requirements, Employees will be given time off to participate in the competitions and replacements, if necessary, will be paid for this time at the applicable overtime rate of pay, or may elect to receive alternate time off. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no eligible Employee will be denied the opportunity of competing in the promotional examinations.
On Duty. All time from the time an employee begins to work or is required to be in readiness to work until the time he/she is relieved from work and all responsibility for performance of work.
On Duty. The period of time during which an employee is engaged in 15 activities which are compensable as work performed on behalf of the County, or the 16 period of time before or after work when an employee is wearing a uniform, badge, or 17 other insignia provided by the County, or operating a vehicle or equipment which 18 identifies Multnomah County.
On Duty when the employee cannot work the available shift because they are working their regular shift or working a swap for another scheduled employee. The box indicating OD on their named line will be circled and the date/hour line will be left blank.
On Duty. It is understood that any time an employee is wearing a uniform pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Delta Fire Department and is required to perform the duties of a firefighter, such employee shall be considered to be performing those duties on behalf of the Corporation of Delta.
On Duty. If an employee is disabled from performing his/her regular duties, but is released by his/her physician for light duty, the following procedures shall apply:
On Duty i. If an employee is subpoenaed as a witness in a civil case as the result of something he or she witnessed in connection with his or her departmental work, he or she will be considered as being on duty while appearing as such witness.
On Duty. The period of time during which an employee is engaged in activities which are compensable as work, performed on behalf of the District, or operating District vehicles or equipment.
On Duty. Except when authorized by the Department for special assignments, an officer shall not operate a state vehicle on duty under the following circumstances: system.